Chapter 25.5: Who’s The One Experiencing Social Death? (5)
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Gaining A Husband After a Memory Loss (BL) Chapter 25.5: Who’s The One Experiencing Social Death? (5)

Shang Jing squatted in front of Nan Nan and flashed a smile. After much consideration, he decided to invite Zhuang Qin over to play with the kid and also help him take his mind off things.

And Zhuang Qin was more than willing to do so. Like his bottom was on fire, he rushed out of Cen Feinuo’s sight the moment he saw the message.

Pushing He Jiang out the door, Shang Jing announced, “You are off duty for now, go look for something else to entertain yourself. I will take care of Nan Nan with Zhuang Qin.”

He Jiang: “...”

With a glum expression he trudged towards Cen Feinuo who was preparing dinner.

Regret, he was full of regrets. Only a limited handful knew about Cen Feinuo’s cooking ability before today.

If he knew this would happen, he would have settled for take-outs for Shang Jing.

Cen Feinuo: “What are you doing here?”

He Jiang: “I’m here to see how your Sauerkraut Fish was made.”

Cen Feinuo: “With how sour you are right now, the acidity in it will be perfect.”

He Jiang: “...”

Cen Feinuo: “Both of them seem out of it after returning from the rooftop. Did you manage to get anything out of Shang Jing on what happened?”

He Jiang smirked, “You seem to care about him alot. If the great Cen Feinuo can’t even get Zhuang Qin to spill the beans, how can you expect me to get something out of Shang Jing?”

After all, Shang Jing’s temper was way bigger than Zhuang Qin’s.

Zhuang Qin and Shang Jing cared for the child till the four hours was up then reluctantly returned him to his mother, together with all the necessities He Jiang bought earlier in the day.

In addition, as a first meeting gift, Zhuang Qin and him each prepared a red packet for the child.

“I hope we will still get to meet again in the future.”

“Text me whenever you miss Nan Nan.” The young mother held up Nan Nan’s hand and waved it at them. “Come, say bye bye to them.”

“Bye bye.” The kid was nestled comfortably in his mother’s arms. With a yawn, he waved at Shang Jing.

Shang Jing watched with a heavy heart as Nan Nan was brought further and further away from him. He sighed, “What a good kid. He did not cry even once.”

Even though he did fake some tears numerous times.

But… It was normal for a little kid to develop some acting talent under the influence of a film emperor.

After which, the four of them sat down to have dinner together. It was a quiet dinner with each party immersed in their own thoughts.

He Jiang watched Shang Jing intently. Noticing Shang Jing’s lack of interest in Cen Feinuo and constant peeks at Zhuang Qin throughout the meal, his heart slightly relaxed.

Hmm… No, the worry seemed to have intensified.

By the time they cleaned up the kitchen and returned to their rooms to record their thoughts for the day, it was already 10PM.

Still mindful about the kiss, Shang Jing could not help feeling a slight burning feeling in his lip. To avoid He Jiang’s questioning gaze, he pretended to play with his phone.

But there was nothing interesting on his phone.

He swiped aimlessly through his apps and was ready to pull the covers over him and play dead when a notification suddenly appeared. It was from the 【Alliance Of The Desperate Coy Wives】group chat.

He quickly pulled the covers over his head and tapped on the message.

Cen Feinuo’s secret girlfriend: 【1551 I’ve broken up with Cen Feinuo.】

Shang Jing blinked at the message blankly.

What is happening? I’ve just advised Zhuang Qin to give up so why is the secret girlfriend going through a break up?

Shang Jing questioned: 【What happened?】

Cen Feinuo’s secret girlfriend: 【It was all my wishful thinking from the start. I’ve finally understood the distance between both of us. Since it’s impossible, I should just stop here.】

Yang Yue’s fiance: 【Are you quitting his fanbase?】

Cen Feinuo’s secret girlfriend: 【No! I am still Cen Feinuo’s loyal fan!】

It was common for couples in the entertainment scene to break up due to being apart too often.

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Shang Jing sent a few messages to console Cen Feinuo’s secret girlfriend. However, his heart was torn. He could not help feeling like a despicable double spy.

Should I tell Zhuang Qin the news?

But what if the secret girlfriend decides to get back together with Cen Feinuo?

This level of complicated thinking was beyond Shang Jing. He emerged from the covers hesitantly and asked He Jiang, “Why did Cen Feinuo break up with his girlfriend?”

Shang Jing: Aren’t they filming a variety show? Where did Cen Feinuo get the time to break up with his girlfriend?

Is it because his secret girlfriend saw him making Sauerkraut Fish for Zhuang Qin during the live broadcast? Or is it because Cen Feinuo is also a douchebag who has never made Sauerkraut Fish for his secret girlfriend before?

He Jiang was stumped by Shang Jing’s question. He asked, “When did Cen Feinuo get a girlfriend?”

Shang Jing looked at him with pity in his eyes.

Looks like the relationship between you and your so-called brothers is not as good as you think. You have announced your married status while they are still hiding theirs.

He Jiang could not be counted on.

But if he did not get a conclusion tonight, he would still have to face a heartbroken Xiao Zhuang tomorrow and watch the pain manifest.

After much deliberation, he got out of bed, put on his shoes and ran over to knock on Cen Feinuo’s door.

It’s better to ask the person in question and find out what his thoughts are with regards to his secret girlfriend.

If there were still feelings between them, Zhuang Qin should just give up.

Zhuang Qin can also take the opportunity to find out whether Cen Feinuo is really a douchebag. 

Therefore, when Cen Feinuo came to get the door, Shang Jing did not avoid Zhuang Qin and asked Cen Feinuo without any form of concealment, “Did you break up with your girlfriend? Why is it so sudden? Are there really no more feelings left between the two of you?”

Cen Feinuo looked at He Jiang who was trailing behind, questioning him with his eyes.

Did you spread some rumors about me in front of Shang Jing out of jealousy?

It’s ok if you spread rumors about me, I can still cover your back. But now that he has brought it out in front of Zhuang Qin, I will need to maintain my innocence. 

He Jiang shook his head to express his confusion.

Cen Feinuo: “Is there some misunderstanding here? I do not have a girlfriend.”

Shang Jing: “What do you mean you don’t have a girlfriend? Don’t you have a generous girlfriend called…”

What’s her name again?

Everyone used a code name in the group.

“Give me a second, I’ll ask her.”

Shang Jing @Cen Feinuo’s secret girlfriend and asked: 【What’s your surname?】

Ding Dong!

Zhuang Qin’s handphone chimed.

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