Chapter 26.1: Escape Earth (1)
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Gaining A Husband After a Memory Loss (BL) Chapter 26.1: Escape Earth (1)

Nobody paid any attention to the notification ringtone.

And nobody knew who Shang Jing was texting.

The confrontation happened in the middle of the night and He Jiang wanted to get his boyfriend who was suffering from amnesia back to bed. He asked, “Who are you asking?”

“I’m asking someone who knows the truth. Cen Feinuo, I know who your secret girlfriend is. You can’t fool me.”

Shang Jing: Don’t think you can trick Xiao Zhuang with your experienced ways right after breaking up with your girlfriend.

Zhuang Qin: S-Secret girlfriend?

Zhuang Qin’s eyes glazed over as realization hit him. Slowly taking two steps back, he whipped out his phone and took a look at his messages.

【What’s your surname?】

Zhuang Qin’s mind turned blank. At that moment, he could not even remember his own name.

Shang Jing turned his body slightly to prevent He Jiang from peeking at his phone. They had an agreement to keep the existence of their chat a secret, especially their group chat name. How humiliating it was.

But there was no reply from Cen Feinuo’s secret girlfriend. Shang Jing became a little flustered.

What happened? She was still online a moment ago.

He decided to send her another message: 【I need your quick reply. I’m helping you seek justice.】

Ding Dong! Zhuang Qin’s phone chimed once again.

The first time could be a coincidence but when it rang the second time, all eyes were on Zhuang Qin.

He Jiang: Shang Jing is asking Zhuang Qin? That’s plausible, Shang Jing has lost his memories and barely knows anyone. The only people he knows that’s related to Cen Feinuo are just me, Zhuang Qin and Yang Yue.

After eliminating the impossible answers, the only option left must be the right one.

Does that mean Zhuang Qin was the one who told Shang Jing Cen Feinuo has a secret girlfriend? Why would he do that?

Cen Feinuo looked at Zhuang Qin incredulously. He asked, “Is Shang Jing texting you?”

Zhuang Qin's eyes exuded desperation. His face had turned a bright red and his fingers were white from the tight grip on his phone. With tears brimming in his eyes, he squeezed out the words, “I-I…”

Shang Jing: “Of course not!”

He Jiang looked at Shang Jing with a complicated emotion. He had not expected Shang Jing’s acting to be this good. His partner-in-crime, Zhuang Qin, was already ready to admit to everything and he could still deny everything with such conviction.

Cen Feinuo took a step towards Zhuang Qin. Bending down slightly to meet his downcast eyes, he gently asked, “Why do you look so pale?”

Zhuang Qin stumbled backwards when he saw the shadow approach. In his flustered state, he dropped his phone.


The phone landed face up, showing an active chat.

He Jiang’s wife: 【@Cen Feinuo’s secret girlfriend, What’s your surname?】

He Jiang’s wife: 【I need your quick reply. I’m helping you seek justice.】

The moment Shang Jing saw it, the dots in his mind connected.

Zhuang Qin is the secret girlfriend he had been interacting with in the group chat!

But Zhuang Qin was definitely not Cen Feinuo’s girlfriend. Which goes to say that Zhuang Qin had pretended to be Cen Feinuo’s secret girlfriend to join their Coy Wife group.

And he had accidentally exposed him in front of the man of his dreams.

Shang Jing’s face turned sheet white. He quickly turned off his screen.

But He Jiang had seen Shang Jing’s handle during the commotion.

And there was even Yang Yue’s fiance in the group chat.

“I’m sorry, Cen Feinuo, I-I’m not a pervert…” Zhuang Qin picked up his phone at the speed of light and ran out of the room.

Without thinking, Shang Jing ran after him.

Cen Feinuo, too, chased after them, and was able to catch Zhuang Qin before he got too far away. “Zhuang Qin!”

Zhuang Qin struggled out of Cen Feinuo’s grip. He was on the brink of tears. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry… I don’t want to explain things now, I beg of you…”

Hearing that, Cen Feinuo loosened his grip and watched Zhuang Qin disappear into the stairwell. Following closely behind him was Shang Jing.

He Jiang looked at the empty corridor with a headache. He asked, “Do you know what happened just now?”

Cen Feinuo massaged his temples. “I don’t know.”

As a rich and famous idol, Zhuang Qin had a sports car parked in the hotel’s carpark. It was there on the insistence of his manager as a backup in case an emergency came up and Zhuang Qin had not touched it since the filming of the variety show commenced.

He pulled open the car door while Shang Jing followed suit and hopped into the passenger seat. With a step on the accelerator, the sports car shot out of the hotel and brought them to a small neighborhood an hour later.

Shang Jing weighed his options and decided to pop the question, “The 8888 yuan red packet was sent by you? You’re awesome.”

Zhuang Qin’s face was as red as a tomato. He stuck his face on the steering wheel to cool it down and only replied some time later. “I’m sorry, I thought the people in the group chat were all role-playing fans. I didn’t expect you to really be He Jiang’s wife. I only sent the red packet on the day He Jiang announced his relationship to console you.”

No wonder Shang Jing said it was congratulatory money.

Turns out, I am the only fake one.

Shang Jing was speechless.

Does that mean before he lost his memories, he had not only married He Jiang in secret but could also not stand the loneliness and joined a group chat under the name of ‘He Jiang’s wife’ to chat with other netizens?

And that was where he met Zhuang Qin who has a one-sided crush on Cen Feinuo and was role playing as his secret girlfriend to calm the itch?

… How could there be such a coincidence?

Zhuang Qin rubbed his eyes and leaned on the steering wheel once again. In a lifeless voice, he asked, “Is Yang Yue’s fiance real too?”

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If she was real… He could no longer face He Jiang, Yang Yue and Cen Feinuo again.

They were in the midst of some team bonding and not only did he join them as a fake, he was even exposed in front of them.

And even if he could overlook the exposure, what about the fact he was operating under the guise of a female?

And even if he could overlook that, he had allowed Shang Jing to mistake Cen Feinuo as a douchebag and question him about the breakup.

Shang Jing replied honestly, “I don’t know.”

Zhuang Qin: “Ah?”

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