Chapter 25.4: Who’s The One Experiencing Social Death? (4)
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Gaining A Husband After a Memory Loss (BL) Chapter 25.4: Who’s The One Experiencing Social Death? (4)

The previous kiss had happened during their break up. It was after he had flown across the ocean in a panicked state to get a basin of cold water dumped on him. With the mindset of recovering the full value of his airplane ticket, he had held Shang Jing down and kissed him to his heart’s content.

That was both his and Shang Jing’s first kiss.

He handed a rattle drum to Nan Nan to play with while he concluded his new-found knowledge.

Sometimes, anger is the most effective thing to move things along. A gentleman can forget about kissing his wife and starve to death.

Shang Jing ran to the rooftop to cool his heated face but there was already someone there with a similar reddened face.

Shang Jing: ??

Zhuang Qin: “...”

The two of them squatted down, head-to-head. Shang Jing asked, “Why is your face so red?”

Zhuang Qin stammered, “Cen Feinuo was showering and I accidentally…”

Shang Jing automatically completed Zhuang Qin’s sentence in his mind but was still baffled by his reaction.

Isn’t it just seeing Cen Feinuo naked? They are both men, what’s the big deal?

He stared at Zhuang Qin intently.

Suddenly, his heart skipped a beat. Checking their surroundings to ensure they were the only ones there, he asked in a suppressed voice, “Could it be that you have fallen for Cen Feinuo?”

You should not like him, Cen Feinuo has a secret girlfriend.

Zhuang Qin did not react immediately. Instead, he scratched at the railing paint absentmindedly. After a few moments, he answered, “Just a little, I’m not too deeply in love.”

Shang Jing sucked in a breath of air.

He doesn’t look like he’s only fallen for him a little. I should caution him.

Zhuang Qin: “You’re the only one I’m telling this to. All these years, I’ve no idea who I should share this piece of news with. Anyway, that’s it, I don’t have any other thoughts. Cen Feinuo is such an established artist, he wouldn’t fall for an idol like me.”

Even though Shang Jing was not sure why Zhuang Qin trusted him so much, he was touched by it. But…

“What I am about to say next may hurt you, but as your friend, I feel it’s something you should know. Cen Feinuo, he… has a girlfriend he has been seeing for a long time.”

Shang Jing: Brother, we are not even compatible gender-wise. Just forget about it.

Zhuang Qin: Shang Jing is He Jiang’s wife and He Jiang is Cen Feinuo’s sworn brother. What he said must be true.

Zhuang Qin looked at Shang Jing in shock as a tear rolled down his face. He quickly wiped it off with the back of his hand. “I understand. After filming for this variety show ends, I’ll not work with him again.”

Shang Jing pulled out some tissue paper from his pocket and helped Zhuang Qin wipe off his tears. “Don’t cry, there are so many trees in the forest and there is no lack of handsome men in the entertainment scene.”

Trying to hold back his sadness, Zhuang Qin replied in a light tone, “Where are the handsome men? Those handsome ones are already taken.”

Shang Jing: “There will definitely be. Just look at how handsome He Jiang is. After some time, he will become single again.”

Thinking he was just joking, Zhuang Qin sniffed back his tears and pushed all negative emotions back into his chest.

“Thank you for letting me know the truth and not let me make a fool of myself.”

But there was still guilt in Shang Jing’s heart, he could not help thinking he was the one who made Zhuang Qin cry. Patting his back lightly, he said, “I’ll introduce them to you next time. There are still many handsome men outside the entertainment scene, like neurologists and psychiatrists…”

Zhuang Qin: “Why are they all doctors?”

Shang Jing: “These are the two industries I’ve been in contact with more often recently.”

As the timer hit zero, He Jiang stood up to look for Shang Jing. He had mentally allocated half an hour for the latter to cool down, no more, no less.

Following the direction the crew pointed out to him, he opened the door and bumped into Cen Feinuo who was also emerging from his room.

Cen Feinuo was neatly dressed, as though he was about to attend a business meeting.

He Jiang scanned his friend from head to toe with his eyes and a sense of dissatisfaction rose in him.

Why are you dressed like this at this time of the day?

What about him? After taking care of Nan Nan the entire day, his clothes were stained with the kid’s saliva. No wonder Shang Jing constantly compared the both of them.

And to his surprise, the both of them were going the same way.

As they collected their respective boyfriends from the rooftop, He Jiang looked at Shang Jing. “It’s understandable for you to blush but why are your eyes red?”

A kiss from me and he is in tears?

That’s not something good.

Shang Jing: “It’s nothing.”

Cen Feinuo looked at Zhuang Qin whose eyes were even redder than Shang Jing’s. Not knowing what to do, he asked, “Did something happen?”

Zhuang Qin: “It’s nothing.”

He Jiang and Cen Feinuo looked at each other.

From how things were, it looked like the both of them had a quarrel and rendered each other down to tears.

Shang Jing was still immersed in Zhuang Qin’s predicament. As he and He Jiang made their way back to their room, he decided to disregard his pride and ask He Jiang, “Are there anymore single men in the entertainment scene who are like Cen Feinuo… Hmmm, an established artist or someone experienced?”

He had not been following the news in the entertainment scene and had limited knowledge of celebrities.

He Jiang: “Is Cen Feinuo really that good?”

Just one Sauerkraut Fish was enough to make you fall for him? 

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Will you fall for me if I learn how to cook?

Shang Jing was baffled by He Jiang’s reaction. “Why are you reacting so strongly? I’m just asking you a question.”

He Jiang: “Why are you asking this?”

Shang Jing: “I have a friend who prefers a guy like him.”

He Jiang: “Is that friend you are talking about yourself?!”

Shang Jing: “...”

“No! It’s really for a friend! Forget it if you don’t want to introduce anyone.”

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