Chapter 25.3: Who’s The One Experiencing Social Death? (3)
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Gaining A Husband After a Memory Loss (BL) Chapter 25.3: Who’s The One Experiencing Social Death? (3)

He Jiang: “I am strong, I don’t need it.”

“I am strong too. It wouldn’t be a problem for me to carry Nan Nan while you eat.” Shang Jing frowned.

As he turned his head, the poster with the twin babies above their headboard appeared in his peripheral vision. He was sure he had fallen into a trap since the 8888 yuan incident.

They were only tasked with taking care of Nan Nan for four hours. And how could He Jiang have known the little one’s need for constant carrying when he was at the supermarket? It was obvious he had bought the waist stool to make fun of him.

Does he think this will make him look virtuous? Does he think it will make him stand out as the head of the family?

Something clicked in Shang Jing’s head. Recently, he had been straying from his plan and was behaving less and less like a pain-in-the-ass.

He even added child-rearing to his list of simp behavior which was previously only limited to washing clothes, cooking and working part time.

It was definitely time to do something to make He Jiang’s life difficult. If not, the latter would think he was a person he could mess with.

Shang Jing’s eyebrows scrunched together as he contemplated his options. As his eyes swept across the room, the lightbulb in his head lit up.

“Aren’t you sick of dumplings after eating them everyday?”

He Jiang praised sincerely, “The dumplings you made are the best I’ve ever tasted.”

Shang Jing smirked.

It’s too late to butter me up now.

“I miss the Sauerkraut Fish Cen Feinuo made today. It was so delicious. Why is he so talented in everything?”

He Jiang was in the midst of dipping a dumpling into vinegar. “...”

That’s perfect, it’s sour enough.

Shang Jing decided to go a step further. He babbled on, “Why can’t you bring your partner some good luck like Cen Feinuo? Is it because Cen Feinuo is born with the halo of a male first lead?”

Seems like He Jiang hates being compared with Cen Feinuo.

With some simple analysis, Shang Jing figured out the reason.

Both of them must have known each other from a young age. He Jiang must be the struggling student while Cen Feinuo was the popular bright kid. 

He Jiang’s face darkened, the dumpling in his hand had lost its appeal.

Shang Jing continued to dish out his final attack, “I want to be on the same team as Cen Feinuo the next time we participate in such variety shows.”

The vein on He Jiang’s temples throbbed. He was not sure if Shang Jing was doing this on purpose but that did not stop his anger from bubbling.

Next time?

Such variety shows? What kind of variety show?

Variety shows promoting romance and marriage?

And he wants to be on the same team as Cen Feinuo?

What wishful thinking.

He put down the dumpling and stood up with a grim face.

Shang Jing took a step backwards with Nan Nan. Regret washed over him. He had a child with him. What if He Jiang lost it and hurt the child by mistake?

He swallowed nervously and said, “C-Calm down.”

He Jiang took a big stride towards them. With one hand, he protected the child and with the other, he encircled Shang Jing’s waist and pulled him in. Without any hesitation, he bent down and bit the latter’s lip.

Peanut butter was definitely the better dipping sauce for dumplings as compared to vinegar.

Strictly speaking, this was not a direct kiss.

But it was enough to stir up a storm in Shang Jing’s life that had been blank for the past twenty over years. If not for He Jiang supporting his waist and holding up the kid, he was sure he would collapse onto the ground.

Blood crept up into his cheeks as a searing heat spread through him like wildfire, starting from his lip and making its way to his heart, goading it to pump faster and faster.

The little baby looked at Shang Jing then at He Jiang. In an attempt to imitate them, he encircled his arms around Shang Jing’s neck and positioned himself to plant a kiss on his other cheek.

But his chubby face was blocked by He Jiang who looked at him with the same jealousy he had previously. “He’s my wife, you can’t kiss him.”

Unoffended, Nan Nan chewed on his finger and let out a pearl of laughter, thinking He Jiang was initiating a game with him.

Not only was he a big eater, his laughter was loud too.

Shang Jing’s cheeks burnt an even brighter red.

If He Jiang was the only one there, he was ready to let things go after the heat in his face went down. After all, this was not their first kiss and he had no doubt they had done even more shameful things than this in the past.

Plus, he was a mature adult and should be able to react to a kiss with ease.

But the issue was… He was mocked by a little kid!

Even though he knew little Nan Nan was not mocking him, he could not help the feeling of embarrassment and craved for a hole to open up somewhere for him to hide in.

Pushing the kid to He Jiang, he stammered, “D-Done with your meal? Take care of the kid yourself.”

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He quickly undid the waist stool with flustered hands and threw it onto the bed. As he ran out of the room, he shouted, “I’m going to check whether the other teams are back.”

He Jiang stood there motionlessly with Nan Nan with pressed lips. He was not as calm and collected as he seemed on the surface.

After all… Including this time, he had only kissed Shang Jing twice.

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