Chapter 25.2: Who’s The One Experiencing Social Death? (2)
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Gaining A Husband After a Memory Loss (BL) Chapter 25.2: Who’s The One Experiencing Social Death? (2)

When He Jiang got back, Shang Jing was in the hotel lobby, teaching the baby how to walk. It was a trying time as the adult had to support the child with a bent back for extended periods of time.

Shang Jing was ecstatic to see He Jiang, his savior finally arrived. “Go get changed and take him out of my hands.”

Three minutes later, He Jiang came back in a set of casual wear and carefully picked up the child. Shifting the baby’s weight to one side, he freed a hand out to rub Shang Jing’s waist, “Is it very tiring?”

In the arms of the tall and muscular He Jiang, the weight of the one year old seemed insignificant, like he could carry Nan Nan all day with a single hand.

Shang Jing: “Why are you so experienced in this?”

He Jiang: “I’ve carried my cousin’s child before. He was also another troublemaker… Let’s not dwell on it. Can you help me open the can of milk powder?”

Shang Jing followed the instructions on the can to mix the milk powder and water, keeping to the measurements strictly like he was conducting a science experiment, then fed it to the baby.

When it was all done, Shang Jing collapsed in hunger. “I’m going to cook some dumplings, do you want some?”

He Jiang: “I’ll have some.”

Shang Jing took out two catties of dumplings from the refrigerator. In an attempt to avoid taking care of the baby, he decided to make some gyozas instead.

Mimicking the methods shown in an online tutorial, he heated up some oil and arranged the dumplings on the pan. When a sizzling sound appeared, he added in water till the dumplings were half-submerged. Now all he had to do was wait for the moisture to evaporate and he would have crispy and fragrant gyozas.

And true enough, the evaporation did take place but the dumplings were also charred.

To make things worse, when he tried to scrape them off the pan with a spatula, not only did the dumplings not move, the large motion tore the skin off cruelly, revealing the filling within.

“What’s so good about dumpling skin? The filling is the true essence.”

Shang Jing took out a plate and piled the meat fillings on it.

How fragrant.

Next, he filled a pot with water and dutily boiled another batch of dumplings.

Shang Jing was now sure his talent in cooking lies in ‘boiling’.

Soon, a plate of boiled dumplings and a plate of meat fillings was served. He Jiang took a look at both plates and decided not to ask Shang Jing about the missing dumpling skin.

Balancing the baby on his lap, he picked up a pair of chopsticks to tuck in.

However, he was stopped by a sudden wet sensation on his index finger. Looking down, he noticed the baby staring at the dumplings on the table with drool dripping from his mouth.

Shang Jing’s eyes curved into a smile. “Look at that. Even a baby has better taste than you!”

He Jiang: “... Better taste than me?”

Shang Jing: “En, he’s complimenting my dumplings unlike a certain someone who only knew how to throw them into the trash bin.”

He Jiang could no longer take it and decided to dampen Shang Jing’s confidence. “Did I lie about you having terrible luck in games? Why can’t you just believe the foie gras you made previously was really bad?”

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Shang Jing pointed at the plate of meat fillings on the table and exclaimed, “Because it was boiled! If it was stir-fried, I would have believed you.”

He Jiang: “I should have just finished them while watching your game replays.”

After going through the 《Pain-in-the-ass Manual》, Shang Jing was well-apt in bringing up old scores. “Are you saying my game replays are suitable for watching with a meal? Does that mean you’ve kept a copy of the match I was last place in to mock me? You must have done that on purpose that time to embarrass me in front of the crowd.”

While the adults were talking, Little Nan Nan secretly sneaked a dumpling off the plate with his chubby little hands.

But before he could stuff it into his mouth, he was stopped by He Jiang who duly confiscated it.

He Jiang: “Can he eat this?”

Shang Jing: “I’m not sure. Let me ask.”

Having added Nan Nan’s mother on WeChat, he was able to receive a reply quickly.

“He can. We just have to watch him while he eats it and make sure he takes small bites.”

“Ok.” He Jiang returned the dumpling back to Nan Nan and dragged the baby highchair he bought earlier in the day over with his foot. He eased Nan Nan into the chair and watched the little boy savor the dumpling.

Shang Jing looked at the chair as well as the pile of items in the corner of the room. He asked, “How much did you spend today?”

He Jiang: “Slightly over 2000 yuan.”

Shang Jing lamented, “Raising a kid is so expensive.”

Looking at his luck, he must have been a spendthrift in his previous life. It was truly a blessing he did not have to give birth to a child with He Jiang in this life.

“Our child is almost one years old. Shouldn’t Uncle Cen who lives in the room opposite ours give some congratulatory money?” He Jiang stated in an outright manner, “The 2000 plus yuan bill will be on him.”

Shang Jing's eyes brightened up. “I’ve not thought of that! You’re so sharp!”

Together with the 8000 plus yuan congratulatory money given by Cen Feinuo’s secret girlfriend, Shang Jing’s impression of the couple immediately went up another level.

Of course, Zhuang Qin was a great guy too.

He Jiang accepted Shang Jing’s praise with grace.

He wiped down Nan Nan’s hands and mouth while Shang Jing continuously stuffed dumplings into his mouth. That was an automatic response and system they had developed for taking care of a child. One person would eat first while the other looked after the child and when the first parent was done, they would switch.

Shang Jing already had ten dumplings in his stomach by the time Nan Nan was done with one. It was He Jiang’s turn to eat.

“Brother! Hug!”

Shang Jing: Of course he wants to be carried right after eating.

He stretched out his arms towards Nan Nan to carry him.

“Wait,” He Jiang stopped him. “Aren’t your arms sore after carrying the child?”

Shang Jing nodded in agreement. “He’s so heavy.”

A glint flashed across He Jiang’s eyes but it had gone unnoticed by Shang Jing. “I bought an aid for you.”

Shang Jing: “What is it?”

He Jiang stood up and walked towards the pile of items lying in the corner. After rustling through the bags, he produced a baby waist stool. The material was light and could be attached to the waist of the adult where the baby could stand or sit on, effectively reducing the strain on the adult’s arms.

He immediately helped Shang Jing into it, wrapping the straps around his slim waist.

He Jiang’s eyes darkened, even a baby waist seat looked like a newly-released luxury brand item on Shang Jing, but he did not dare to be careless about it and properly fastened everything in place. After which, he picked up Nan Nan and handed him to Shang Jing.

“Does it feel less tiring?”

Shang Jing nodded. “It does feel a little easier.”

“Then carry him for a while, I’ll try to eat faster.”

Shang Jing walked along the edge of the bed with the child. But when he was on the second round, he noticed an abnormality. Turning to face He Jiang, he asked, “Since you have this, why didn’t you use it just now?”

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