Chapter 25.1: Who’s The One Experiencing Social Death? (1)
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Gaining A Husband After a Memory Loss (BL) Chapter 25.1: Who’s The One Experiencing Social Death? (1)

Yang Yue: “Hahaha… En, a baby can stabilize a marriage of different sex and can also allow same sex couples to realize how precious your time together is, hahaha, inducing a happier marriage…”

Shang Jing trudged back to his spot and leaned his head against He Jiang’s back.

Why is this happening? I don’t understand.

He Jiang’s back shivered slightly. It was obvious he was trying to contain his laughter.

What are you laughing at? How can you laugh at me like the others?

Shang Jing asked with a sullen face, “Did you really remind me just now?”

He Jiang: “Yes.”

Shang Jing puckered his lips. This was all because He Jiang did not remind him enough times. “Are you really the investor of the show? Why does the director keep bullying the both of us?”

He Jiang was sent to work in the fields while he was tasked to take care of a baby. What kind of eighties sweet lifestyle is this?

Wouldn’t the period drama expert, Cen Feinuo, be a better choice for such a script?

He Jiang held his tongue. Who can he blame for his boyfriend’s bad luck?

Shortly after, Yang Yue pushed a stroller towards them. In it was a sleeping baby with exquisite features. He was dressed in a chinese traditional vest and a tiger hat.

“His nickname is Nan Nan and he is almost a year old. He is an extroverted child and loves to be carried by others. He just had milk and is sleeping now. The time limit for the babysitting experience is four hours.”

Shang Jing squatted beside the stroller and switched off his microphone. In a soft whisper, he said, “Can you sleep through the whole four hours?”

Yang Yue: “There’s no such record of it happening in the day but there’s no problem at night.”

Shang Jing: “What are the other teams going to do while we take care of the baby?”

Yang Yue: “You will be taking care of the baby alone. He Jiang will be following the rest of us to visit the Traditional Wedding Cultural Center.”

Shang Jing’s eyes widened.

It’s a single mother babysitting experience?

He Jiang piped up, “I’m not going.”

Yang Yue warned, “After the visit, there will be a quiz segment to test your knowledge of wedding cultures. If you absent yourself, you will be automatically put in the last place and have a point deducted from your total.”

He Jiang: “Video call me during the quiz segment. The matter is settled.”

Director: Why don’t you take over as the director?

The corners of Shang Jing’s lips lifted into a tiny smile. He looked at the baby and thought…

Your temporary Father He still has some conscience left in him.

He took over the baby stroller from Yang Yue and looked at Nan Nan who was waking up from his slumber. Rolling around in the stroller, he sat himself up and grabbed the edge of the stroller with his chubby hands. He looked at Shang Jing curiously.

Shang Jing stared back at him. After three seconds, Nan Nan started searching the area for his milk bottle then shook it furiously in front of Shang Jing.

It’s empty, there was no more milk left.

Shang Jing: “...” Didn’t he just fall asleep after having a bottle of milk?

Having just been fed milk was a lie and him just falling asleep was also a lie.

The mother of the baby watched the live broadcast from another room. In an apologetic tone, she said into the microphone that was connected to Shang Jing’s earpiece, “Nan Nan is a big eater…”

Production team: “Milk powder, diapers and any necessities required in these four hours will have to be prepared by the both of you.”

Nan Nan threw away the empty milk bottle and stretched out his hands towards Shang Jing. “Hug!”

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Shang Jing looked at the baby with a bag of nerves. Grabbing He Jiang’s sleeve, he stammered, “H-Help look after the baby for a while.”

Then, like a gust of wind, he ran back to his room to remove his makeup and change into a soft and buttonless hoodie.

Even though Shang Jing’s skin condition was good and has sharp features, the filters applied in variety shows were strong. Without a suitable amount of makeup, his features might be blurred by them.

But it was just some light makeup that could be easily removed.

Shortly later, he walked out of the room in a clean and relieved state, sure that he would not transfer any of his makeup onto the baby.

He Jiang stared at his over-scrubbed reddish skin and his watery black eyes, and could not help pinching his cheek.

Shang Jing: “Why did you pinch me?”

He Jiang: “The baby’s cheeks are too cute, too bad I can’t pinch them.”

Shang Jing: “Am I a substitute?”

He Jiang straightened himself and replied in a serious tone, “You are of course my one and only main course.”

Shang Jing’s face heated up without reason. Pushing He Jiang away, he demanded, “Go buy some milk powder and diapers.”

After which, he followed the mother’s instructions to carry Nan Nan out of the stroller then… Then he could not put him down anymore.

The little thing was a big eater and together with all the thick layers of winter clothing, he was far from being a light-weight. Plus, he was a huge fan of being carried around and would pucker his lips and cry whenever he was put down.

Shang Jing had tried to settle him down on their nuptial bed but within three seconds, the waterworks started.

“He will be fine once he gets some milk in him. Just let him cry all he wants now, it’s ok.”

Even though the biological mother said to leave him alone, Shang Jing, as a first-time babysitter, was unable to stand seeing a baby cry. To him, it was a matter of life and death.

Moreover, this little rascal would smile when he carried him and call him ‘Big brother’. As such, Shang Jing decided to bring the kid on a tour around the hotel.

But it did not take long before his arms became sore beyond words. He slid his phone out of his pocket to call He Jiang. “Why are you not back yet?”

He Jiang: “I’m sorry, there was a traffic jam… I can’t find the brand of milk powder he’s used to… I just saw it, I’ll be back soon, hang in there.”

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