Chapter 24.4: When Is Your First Kiss? (4)
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Gaining A Husband After a Memory Loss (BL) Chapter 24.4: When Is Your First Kiss? (4)

In the live broadcast room.

“That’s so sweet! I’m dying!”

“I knew it! I noticed some dating symptoms in He Jiang three years ago!”

“That’s right, it’s impossible to hide the signs of a budding romance! His acting improved after that. I totally could not tell he had such a beautiful wife.”

“Cen Feinuo and Zhuang Qin are both ‘none’! Ahhhhh, they were both single from birth. Ahh, that’s so sweet!”

“Hahaha, Cen Feinuo has still yet to have his first on-screen kiss too!”

“Haha, why is there a need for kiss scenes in war films?”

“Maybe I can expect a first kiss in this variety show?”

Yang Yue decided to change his target and looked at Shang Jing. In a gossipy tone, he asked, “Is that true?”

Shang Jing’s face turned plum red. He had the feeling he was being played by He Jiang as his mind turned blank in all sorts of ways.

He stammered, “I think so.”

For the rest of the game, regardless of the question, as long as it had to do with time, he would uniformly write down ‘Three years ago’. Little did he expect, they were all correct.

In the end, He Jiang and him eased into third place.

With someone with amnesia in the team, they were already very lucky to not have a point deducted from them.

Yang Yue: “You’ve worked hard in the game. To reward all of you for all the hard work in decorating your nuptial rooms yesterday, the production team has prepared some props that will help elevate your marriage life.”

“We will follow the sequence of the game’s result. Liu Xin and Ju Zhou, you get to pick first.”

As a professional skier who was not used to the tricks of the entertainment scene, she efficiently pulled out a piece of paper from the lucky draw box.

“A dishwasher.”

Yang Yue congratulated her and recited a long string of sponsor names. “A dishwasher will help couples eliminate any need to quarrel about who is to wash the dishes after their meal. It’s a good deal, every family should get one.”

Huan Nalan was the second to pick their prize. To maximize her screen time, she fished around in the box for a long time before pulling out a paper that said ‘Organic Latex Mattress’.

Yang Yue: “A good sleep is the key to the start of a happy day…”

Shang Jing was raring to go. He loves lucky draws!

He Jiang tugged his hand. “After answering so many questions just now? Did it jot your memory?”

Shang Jing: “No.”

He Jiang raised his eyebrow. It was as he expected. He was initially hesitating on whether he should write down when they had their first kiss, especially since Shang Jing had lost his memories. In the end, he decided to write down the answer honestly. When he heard the host announce Shang Jing’s answer, his heart skipped a beat.

But as the game progressed, he noticed Shang Jing’s answer was always ‘Three years ago’. That was when he realized it was a mere coincidence.

Shang Jing: “Can I be the one to pick the prize?”

He Jiang had learnt his lesson. “I’ll warn you beforehand. Your luck at such lucky draws is really bad. If you draw something bad, don’t come and blame me.”

Before they started playing PUBG, they had tried many other games which included drawing cards but they did not last due to Shang Jing’s bad luck.

Shang Jing: “They are all given out for free, at most it will be a blank card! They are all sponsored items. The production team will lose out on advertising fee if they missed out on one item. I’m sure the team is smart enough to realize that.”

He Jiang: “That’s not guaranteed.”

Shang Jing had an idea. “Why don’t we let Zhuang Qin choose first?”

Zhuang Qin: “Thank you, Xiao Jing. I’ll go ahead first then.”

He was lucky and got a home theater.

Yang Yue: “A private home theater that’s suitable for couples in the entertainment scene…”

Shang Jing grabbed He Jiang’s wrist. With a burst of emotions, he exclaimed, “Look at that! I think the worst I can do is a robot vacuum cleaner!”

He Jiang grabbed his hand and lightly squeezed it. “Mm, go ahead.”

Shang Jing walked up to the box confidently and stuck his hand in.

There were still four cards in there.

Before he made his choice, he was suddenly reminded of something. He asked the director, “Regarding this lucky draw, is there anything that will be inappropriate for broadcast?”

Is there any sex advertisement?

If there is, he would let He Jiang make the pick.

The director answered confidently, “No.”

Shang Jing’s heart calmed down, he could pick the prize without any worry now.

But the moment he pulled the paper out from the box, his face turned a shade of green.

Search Hosted Novel for the original.

… Babysitting experience voucher (Effective upon opening).

Laughter erupted from all around.

The live broadcast was crazy with laughter.

“The 8888 yuan really included having a son!”

“What a kind production team! What a kind mother-in-law!”

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