Chapter 24.3: When Is Your First Kiss? (3)
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Gaining A Husband After a Memory Loss (BL) Chapter 24.3: When Is Your First Kiss? (3)

The voice of a staff member sounded from the other side, “He Jiang, are you ready? We are filming the waking up scene today.”

Afraid of letting them wait any longer, Shang Jing immediately went to get the door. They were boys, not girls, and could face the cameras right after putting on a shirt.

Ten cameras pointed at them the moment the door opened.

He Jiang covered his collarbone with his hand and said, “Hurry and shoot what you need.”

Cameraman, “He Jiang, is your throat not feeling well?”

Shang Jing: “He’s fine.”

Last night, He Jiang had made a bold declaration that if they shared a blanket, he would definitely not catch a cold.

Plus, he did not notice any signs of a cold today morning, especially since he had hugged him with such force.

If the douchebag wants to pretend to be sick in front of the nation to gain some pity points, I’ll definitely uphold my principles and expose him.

He Jiang: “...”

He put his hand down. “It’s true, I’m not down with a cold.”

I’m covering the teeth marks, you little idiot.

Shang Jing was sure there was a shift in all ten camera lenses pointing at He Jiang, hinting at them taking a closed-up shot.

He stuttered for a moment and his brain short-circuited. “I’m not the one who bit him.”

He Jiang: “Right, there’s a dog in this room.”

After sending away the cameramen who were trying their best to hold in their laughter, Shang Jing searched for a turtleneck to dress He Jiang in. His face was still burning with shame.

How can I bite He Jiang in such an obvious spot?!

I’m such an idiot!

After breakfast, the production team gathered all four teams together.

Yang Yue: “We will play a game to test your teamwork. Like the previous round, the couple with the strongest teamwork will gain 3 points, second place will gain 1 point, third place will remain in status quo and the last couple will have 1 point deducted from their total score.”

It was a simple game. Yang Yue would ask the questions and the guests would write their answers on a small whiteboard. If the answers given by both parties are the same, they would

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