Chapter 24.2: When Is Your First Kiss? (2)
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Gaining A Husband After a Memory Loss (BL) Chapter 24.2: When Is Your First Kiss? (2)

After a moment of poking at He Jiang’s abs like he was playing a piano, he cruelly commented, “The number is still lacking. There’s not even enough for me to lay all my fingers on.”

He Jiang tried his best to contain himself. “Ten-packs is really ugly.”

Something must be wrong with him for getting Shang Jing to massage him.

He Jiang flipped over to back-face Shang Jing. He was afraid he would have some undesirable reaction.

Soon, a comfortable pressure was placed on his shoulders. He Jiang let himself immerse in the soothing sensation but the force quickly disappeared.

Shang Jing: “I’m going to go borrow something.” He left the room in a hurry.

He Jiang was befuddled. Pulling a shirt over him, he chased after Shang Jing.

Is he being shy again?

Shang Jing ran down the stairs to the second floor where the other production team staff stayed and knocked on his cameraman’s door. “Big brother, do you have some red flower oil? He Jiang’s waist can’t make it.”

Earlier in the day, he had mentioned to him that it was not easy being a variety show cameraman, especially when they were paired with a celebrity who loved to run. As such, it was common for them to keep all sorts of medicines dealing with muscle ache and physical injuries.

Cameraman: “He Jiang’s waist can’t make it? That sounds serious.”

He hurriedly went back into the room to grab a bottle of red flower oil and handed it to Shang Jing. “I remember when I helped my mother harvest rice in the past, an entire day of work still did not render the need for red flower oil. You need to help him strengthen his kidney.”

He Jiang stood in the corridor silently and watched the little Puppy Shang spread rumors. He could not help letting out a sigh.

So be it. Let me enjoy Shang Jing’s service tonight first.

Shang Jing walked back to the room with the bottle of oil and drenched He Jiang’s back with it.

He Jiang: Is red flower oil free of charge?

Next, he applied pressure on He Jiang’s shoulders, massaging them. As the process continued, probably because the smell of the red flower oil was a little too strong, his face heated up. Wiping his face with his arm, he felt all the heat from He Jiang’s body rise up to his face.

What is happening?

My throat feels dry too.

“I’m done,” Shang Jing declared.

He Jiang touched his back. It was still covered in oil. “Shouldn’t you at least rub my back till the oil dries up?”

But Shang Jing was determined not to work any further. “My fingers are tired.”

He Jiang was also not ready to back down. He chided, “With those few motions of yours, the workload is even lesser than when you play 《Flight of the Bumblebee》once.”

Shang Jing: “My fingers are so precious. Didn’t you buy an additional set of insurance to insure them? Other than playing the piano, there are no other chores that are worth my effort.”

He Jiang shamelessly retorted, “My body is much more expensive than a piano.”

It’s a pity someone doesn't cherish me even with my entire fortune.

Shang Jing: “Don’t try to take advantage of me!”

“I’m just stating a fact.” He Jiang turned his head to look at Shang Jing and noticed the redness in his face. It was obvious to him what was happening.

Truth be told, before they broke up, He Jiang was not sure whether Shang Jing was holding his nose while dating him. He was also too proud to further examine the issue.

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Therefore, when Shang Jing came to him after losing his memories, he had a thousand thoughts in his mind but did not wish to take advantage of him when he was down.

But… Looking at how at ease Shang Jing was when the matter of marriage with him was brought up, and how he would blush with excessive physical touch… Even if it was not love, one could say Shang Jing has matured.

He Jiang decided to stop while he still could. Pulling out a few pieces of tissue paper, he handed them to Shang Jing. “Help me wipe the oil off. We can go to bed after that.”

Shang Jing compiled and wiped the oil off slowly then duly rolled into the protection of a black-and-white cover.

He Jiang: “I’m feeling a little cold.”

Shang Jing who was steaming hot: “...”

On the account of that 3000 yuan He Jiang earned from hard labor, I’ll just make do and share a blanket with the douchebag.

It was a sleep He Jiang did not wish to wake up from. But nothing could stop the staff members from knocking on the door at 6AM the next morning.

Shang Jing got up to open the door but was immediately pulled back into the warm embrace of He Jiang. “Ignore him.”

Shang Jing: “We have to work, get up now.”

He Jiang pretended not to hear what he said.

The staff members continued to knock. But after seeing a lack of reply, Lin Lin’s voice sounded from the other side of the door, “It’s not easy to wake He Jiang up. Shang Jing, are you awake? If you are, can you help to wake He Jiang up within half an hour?”

Shang Jing whispered, “Wake up, if you don’t, I’ll bite you.”

But He Jiang was too stubborn, he could not even get a hand out to pinch his nose.

Shang Jing panicked as he laid there in He Jiang’s arms, his face right against his shoulder blades.

It was not a solution to continue dragging their feet. How would the people waiting outside view them? Could they be thinking they were up to some non-child-friendly things?

Shang Jing: “I’ll really bite you?”

“I’ll really really bite you?”

“Sssssss.” He Jiang covered his neck in pain and opened his eyes. Puppy Shang was truly ruthless.

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