Chapter 24.1: When Is Your First Kiss? (1)
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Gaining A Husband After a Memory Loss (BL) Chapter 24.1: When Is Your First Kiss? (1)

Shang Jing regarded He Jiang in his peripheral vision. In a freezing tone, he said, “Are you admitting to the unorthodox way the 3000 yuan was earned?”

He Jiang choked on a dumpling.

Unorthodox way?

Yes, it was unorthodox. One must definitely stay away from gambling, it could really tear a family apart!

He Jiang: “If I were to tell you that you were a noob at the game before you went in, would you have believed me?”

Shang Jing: “...” He rolled his eyes. How could he attack him like this?

Even though he was usually ultra confident of himself, it was still too much to say that he was incapable of listening to others.

“The important thing is that you didn’t tell me. You watched me make a fool of myself with the others.”

It was even the ‘lend me some money to bet on him getting last place’ kind of mocking. There was not a sliver of confidence he had in him. What made him so sure he would rank 99100?

What the netizens said was right. This was a betrayal.

He Jiang lowered his volume. “I wasn’t mocking you. I just wanted to earn more money to feed you.”

Shang Jing’s cheeks puffed up. “If you are not feeling guilty over what you did, why didn’t you tell me about it? I already returned the money to Cen Feinuo.”

Zhuang Qin is my friend, how could I demand the money back from them?

Without a second thought, He Jiang bad-mouthed Cen Feinuo, “Cen Feinuo is such a bad person. I’ll go get the money back from him right this instant.”

Finishing the rest of the dumplings in three mouthfuls, he stood up and walked out the door.

Shang Jing pulled him back. “Forget it. We don’t have anything to spend on anyway. We can do without that sum.”

Hearing that, He Jiang stopped in his tracks and pulled out 3000 yuan from his pocket. “This is what I earned today. Let’s not be angry anymore, ok?”

It was truly satisfying to hand the money earned with his own two hands to his wife.

Shang Jing looked at the brand new cash vouchers and was immediately brought back to the scene when he saw He Jiang working hard to harvest those cobs of corn. They suddenly felt like hot coals and did not dare to receive them.

“You keep it. I-I will not spend a single cent from now on.” Shang Jing looked down at his fluffy bedroom slippers. The weather was so cold today and He Jiang still went to harvest those submerged cobs of corn.

He Jiang noticed Puppy Shang had reverted back to the mood he was in on the phone. With a light heart, he continued to play the victim. “I earned the money for you. Can I rest now?”

The word he used was ‘rest’. He did not dare to mention getting on the bed.

“Oh, oh. S-Sleep…” Shang Jing ran towards the side of the bed in his fluffy slippers, patted the pillow and pulled the red blanket open. “You will sleep here tonight.”

He Jiang looked at Shang Jing and the red nuptial bed, thinking that his wife was so easily coaxed and how good it felt to hand him the money he made.

It would be perfect if Shang Jing was truly his wife. He was willing to give him all his money to spend as he wished.

Shang Jing promptly went to lay the bedding on the floor but was stopped by He Jiang. “The bed is so big. Let’s sleep in it together, it’s not like we haven’t done it before.”

Shang Jing did not mind sleeping together but they were filming a variety show. Even though the filming stopped when He Jiang dug into the dumplings, he still felt insecure.

He could not help feeling the entire nation was watching him share a bed with He Jiang. Since he was planning to divorce him, this was especially inappropriate. It could give those broken couples some wrong ideas.

He Jiang bent down and picked up the entire bundle, consisting of the bedding and Shang Jing, and placed them on the bed. “I’m still feeling cold from being soaked in water all day. Let me get some warmth from you. Plus, my back and waist are sore, can you give me a massage?”

Feeling sore but can still lift your wife up so easily.

Shang Jing flipped over and crawled out from the bedding. Even though He Jiang was horrible, their relationship was still not in a bad state. It was only right to look after each other in times of sickness.

“Where?” Shang Jing pinched He Jiang’s abs.

That tickled He Jiang. He laughed, “It hurts everywhere.”

“Give me a massage.”

What kind of life is this? Working at the crack of dawn and resting when the sun goes down. I even get to hug my nice-smelling wife to sleep at night.

He Jiang felt the urge to retire from the entertainment industry and go back to his hometown to grow from peanuts.

Shang Jing had secretly seen He Jiang’s fan-base. Not to say that it was done secretly since he was just scrolling through the public accounts on his phone.

There were those who admired his acting, those who admired his looks, those who admired his figure… No matter what they admired, the commonality between the fans was that they wanted to circle their arms around He Jiang’s waist and hug him, saying that he exuded a strong sense of boyfriend power and an impending explosion of hormones.

For example, waking up in the morning to see He Jiang already dressed in his shirtsleeves, tucked neatly into his suit pants, while you were still lazing in bed. When he approaches you to wake you up, you latch onto his waist and act like a spoiled child…

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Anyway, the way they described it was pretty graphic, like they could ascend to heaven from a single hug.

Shang Jing snorted at the idea. He Jiang harbored a temper whenever he woke up and it was basically impossible for him to wake up before him.

Shang Jing stared at the thing He Jiang’s fans dreamed of day and night but the only thought that went through his mind was that it was nothing special.

Isn’t it just abs and mermaid lines?

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