Chapter 23.4: A Modest Man, He Jiang (4)
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Gaining A Husband After a Memory Loss (BL) Chapter 23.4: A Modest Man, He Jiang (4)

Looking for something to say, he typed: 【@Cen Feinuo’s secret girlfriend, Cei Feinuo is a pretty nice guy.】

The Sauerkraut Fish he made was delicious and went well with rice, such that he had two bowls of rice for lunch.

After a few heartbeats, Cen Feinuo’s secret girlfriend came online and replied: 【Yes! Cen Feinuo is an awesome person! He’s so good to his friends too!】

Shang Jing: 【Seems like it.】

Cen Feinuo’s secret girlfriend: 【But… There’s one thing he did I do not approve. Ah, I am not sure how I should put it. Have you watched the live broadcast? He Jiang borrowed money from him to bet on his wife coming in last. He and Yang Yue helped to cover it up. H-How could they gang up to lie to such a good wife!】

Shang Jing frowned. Memories of comments he saw in the live broadcast of He Jiang harvesting corn today saying ‘A moment of satisfaction from lying to your wife’ came back to him. Suspicion filled his head. He launched the internet browser to investigate the matter.

A minute later, his face darkened.

He Jiang knew he was bad at the game and simply watched him say those bold words without reminding him! He must have done it on purpose to make him lose face then betted 3000 yuan to show the audience everything was under control!

Horrible! Stabbing his own wife in the back and letting his wife become a laughing stock on the internet.

To make things worse, he and his two friends even tried to hide the matter from him. Luckily, he has 【Alliance Of The Desperate Coy Wives】. Considering his alliance was in the shadows while He Jiang’s group of friends were out in the open, he had an advantage.

Shang Jing stared at the dumplings in the boiling water. Tightening his grip on the spatula, he toyed with the idea of breaking all of them and leaving He Jiang to survive on an empty stomach.

Forget it, there’s no reason to take it out on the dumplings I made.

He Jiang had yet to have dinner and was craving Shang Jing’s dumplings that were made with love.

He sprinted towards their room as fast as he could and was greeted by a plate of steaming hot dumplings with a small plate of vinegar. In front of it was Shang Jing with his head propped up with one hand, stuck in a daze. Together with the warm lighting, the scene was beyond heartwarming.

He Jiang walked into the room calmly and sat down beside Shang Jing. Picking up a pair of chopsticks, he commented, “Smells delicious.”

A sniff and he could tell it was made with his aunt’s recipe. Shang Jing was quick talented if he put his heart into something.

Just then, Shang Jing’s mind returned back to the present from his deliberation over ‘How to get the 2500 yuan back from Cen Feinuo without making things ugly’ to see He Jiang enjoying the dumplings. In an attempt to make things difficult for him, he challenged, “Didn’t you say the food I make is not even fit for dogs?”

He Jiang was stunned. The comment was made when Shang Jing first made a meal for him.

Tsk. Now that the food was gone, there was no way for him to argue his way out. Moreover, with Shang Jing’s dumplings being this delicious, it was even harder for him to prove his point.

He Jiang: “It was my fault that time.”

Shang Jing: “Are you finally admitting to picking on me on purpose?”

How bad could my boiled beef-flavored foie gras be? Dumplings are cooked in plain water too.

He Jiang: “ The dumplings are good, but…”

Shang Jing: “Thank you, I don’t need you to comment on it. Cen Feinuo said they were good.”

He Jiang asked pettily, “You gave Cen Feinuo some of our dumplings?”

Shang Jing decided to hide the fact he had cooked the dumplings too early and said, “Cen Feinuo treated me to lunch today. What’s wrong with me cooking supper for him?”

He Jiang clenched his teeth. “There’s nothing wrong with it.”

It was just that he was not the first one to taste Shang Jing’s dumplings and felt choked.

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Shang Jing continued to blabber, “Even a professional like him said it’s good, unlike you who bully your wife daily. Cen Feinuo can cook and even asked Zhuang Jing what his favorite food is, do you do that? A man can only be considered good if he is good in the kitchen! I am so envious of his girlfriend.”

Basic skill of a pain-in-the-ass: Comparing your boyfriend’s weakness with another man’s strength.

The veins on He Jiang’s temples pulsed. He did not even need to dip his dumplings in vinegar, especially since every word of Shang Jing had the same effect of pouring an entire vat of vinegar over his head.

“How is Cen Feinuo a good person? He cheated you of 2500 yuan today!”

How infuriating! Why is this rascal behaving so differently from how he was on the phone? He’s like a cheat who lures the elderly to work in coal mines, sounding all sweet and nice on the phone then immediately changing his demeanor when the call ends.

What happened to hugging a warm and fuzzy wife after harvesting a field of corn?

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