Chapter 22.2: Coy Wife Personality Comes Online (2)
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Gaining A Husband After a Memory Loss (BL) Chapter 22.2: Coy Wife Personality Comes Online (2)

Shang Jing was still capable of demonstrating some virtuousness at the appropriate time. This was called giving someone a piece of candy after hitting him. It would double the effect.


The bed was fitted with bright red bed sheets and two pillows. In the center of the headboard, there was a large ‘double happiness’ cutout.

After his shower, Shang Jing dressed himself in matching silk pajamas, immediately got into bed and wrapped himself up in the red comforter. With a thin crack in the blanket that exposed some of his pale and milky skin, he looked like a well-nourished peanut.

Only an experienced farmer like He Jiang could grow such an innocent and sweet peanut.

He Jiang shifted his gaze from him with difficulty and spread the white-and-black bed sheets on the floor. He would guard his field of peanut dutifully and not sneak a bite before it was ripe.

Shang Jing watched He Jiang set up the area. He leaned his chin on his hands at the edge of the bed and asked, “Am I really a noob in the game?”

He Jiang: “How many fingers do you need to play the piano?”

Shang Jing: “Ten.” With the use of pedals.

He Jiang: “How many fingers do you need to play the game?”

Shang Jing: “Two.” Thumbs.

He Jiang: “Then can’t you transfer two from what you use to play the piano to play the game? Let’s not talk about playing with four fingers, even three is better than two?

Shooting, moving, shifting the camera angle, three fingers was the minimum to do all those at once.

Shang Jing’s eyes widened with disbelief. “No, I can’t transfer them.”

He Jiang: “That’s what you said three years ago.”

Shang Jing: “There is definitely a way to succeed with two fingers. Hmph, I am sure I’ve won many matches in the past.”

He Jiang: “...”

Why wouldn’t he?

Every round, he would choose a remote area in the suburbs to land with Shang Jing and start collecting resources little by little. Whenever another player came into view, he would act as a human shield to distract the opponent while letting Shang Jing shoot from behind. This bodyguard playing style lasted till the very end.

But it was also unfair to say that there were no positive points in playing with Shang Jing. At the very least, he was obedient and did everything that was asked of him. He was also a sweet-talker and would often call him ‘Big brother’, and would not get angry regardless of how badly he scolded him.

Of course, He Jiang later found out that Shang Jing’s sweet-talk and gentle temper were not motiveless.

Shang Jing closed his eyes and thought…

There must be a god who was guiding and protecting me in the game. What a kind person. It’s such a pity I cannot remember who it is but it definitely cannot be He Jiang.


The next day, He Jiang was nowhere to be seen when Shang Jing woke up. Only after asking the production team did he find out He Jiang was sweeped off in the wee hours of morning to work.

He had boarded the high speed rail at 3AM and was now at some farm, harvesting corn.

Since it had been raining in the Northern region for days on end, the irrigation channels in the fields were clogged. As a result, the fields were flooded which made using a corn harvester impossible and left the farmers no choice but to pluck them by hand.

The show decided to include a segment to help these farmers out as a way to promote charity work. But since the other teams were not lacking in funds, He Jiang became the only ambassador to actualize the activity.

Before he left, he left a note to remind Shang Jing not to watch the live broadcast, to spend the 3000 yuan on the table on whatever he deemed fit, and not to worry about the debt.

Shang Jing looked at the 3000 yuan beside the bed and fell into a daze. Before the filming commenced, he had an agreement with He Jiang not to look at netizens’ comments before the filming ended.

He Jiang’s explanation was that these comments would affect the mood of someone who was not seasoned to them, and leave them feeling limited in their actions. He had advised him to be himself and not care about what those netizens said.

All four couples were situated on the same level. Outside, Shang Jing could hear the ramblings of the construction work done by the other three teams, pasting wallpaper, changing the door, repainting the walls… One could afford to be wilful when they are rich.

Shang Jing’s team was the only one done with their decorations. The room looked like it came out from a photo of their parent’s generation.

“Let’s keep this area bare. We will hang our wedding photo here.”

“Who hangs their wedding photo on the wall nowadays? That’s so out of style.”

Shang Jing looked up at the sea of red pull-flowers on their ceiling. Crossing his legs on the bed, he switched on his phone.

The production team told him there was a live broadcast of He Jiang harvesting those corn.

When he got in, an onslaught of comments hit him. Fans were spamming comments about how handsome He Jiang was etc. He turned off the comments function and saw a large field of withered yellow corn stalks. In the middle of it, there was a man in a pair of rainboots. His back was arched as he tirelessly plucked the corn out from the Earth.

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Beside him, there were a few sacks of corn piled up in a ridge. There was approximately 120 pounds worth of corn there.

Shang Jing stared at the scene. A few minutes later, He Jiang walked towards the camera with a large sack of corn on his back. Every step he took, his foot sank into the soil up to his ankles. He had to pluck them out with difficulty before he could take the next.

As he got closer, the scene zoomed in to reveal the bloody cuts on his hands that were sustained from the sharp corn leaves. There were also mud splatters on his face. It was a far cry from his usual glamorous look of a star.

“How long are you planning to do this?” The cameraman asked.

“The production team offered 2 yuan for 1 catty of corn.” He Jiang folded his arms and took a breather. “I’ll try my best to harvest 1500 catties.”

The cameraman joked, “Is it to return Cen Feinuo that 3000 yuan?”

He Jiang’s eyebrow twitched. “What do you think?”

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