Chapter 22.1: Coy Wife Personality Comes Online (1)
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Gaining A Husband After a Memory Loss (BL) Chapter 22.1: Coy Wife Personality Comes Online (1)

The part containing He Jiang and Shang Jing got cut off here in the live broadcast of the game.

“《Cen Feinuo insisted on lending us money》by He Jiang.”

“Please type [Film Emperor He Jiang] in the comments!”

“‘How to earn money from betraying your wife to feed her.’”

“Let’s push this up to the top searched keyword for Shang Jing to see!”

“Fuck. The pretty wife is crying over not having any food to eat tomorrow. If I’m He Jiang, I’ll resort to begging if I have to to feed her!”

“Luckily you’re not He Jiang. If not, Shang Jing will have to live on grass.”

“Do you dare to let your wife know how the 3000 yuan came about?!”

“Cen Feinuo: I am not, I did not, I also need to feed my wife.”

“I’m in tears. My son is being cheated by a liar. But mama can only sit helplessly in front of her screen.”

“What is my son, Shang Jing’s, Weibo handle? I want to send this clip to him.”

“He Jiang has the power to hide anything he wants in the show. After filming ends, it would already be too late.”

In the comments section, Shang Jing’s mother-fans were visibly increasing. The comments ranged from “How can you tolerate this” to “I respect that. All the best.” to “Xiao Jing can go anything he wants”, and even “My son, Shang Jing’s, confidence in winning the match is so cute. There’s no mistake, his IQ takes after me.”

There was also a quarrel between the mother-fans and mother-in-law fans while the couple-fans got caught in between, enjoying the sweetness.

“Did anyone notice the candy here? Why was Shang Jing so confident in winning? This could only mean He Jiang was used to praising him on a regular basis!”

“Am I the only one who thinks Shang Jing was faking it to flirt with He Jiang? His expression before he got to the door and after he got the door was totally different!”

“Hurry up and get married. Singletons like us can’t stand the sweetness of this level.”

“A scheming pain-in-the-ass, I’m in love!”

“Seems like they have not skimped out on trading acting skills in bed to be able to switch expressions at will.”

“The user above, please share your analysis. I can not short of this little bit of attention.”

“If you can tell, don’t you think He Jiang can do so too?”

Of course He Jiang knew Shang Jing would not cry over such a small matter. Even if he was really scared, it could only be because they did not have any food for tomorrow.

But treating one’s wife’s flirting with seriousness and respect was an attitude a matured man should possess.

Regardless of whether it was real or fake, as long as Shang Jing dropped a single tear, he was halfway ready to give in.

Shang Jing looked up at He Jiang. “Does the director allow the borrowing of money?”

He Jiang: “Your husband is the main investor. The production team has no say in it.”

Production team: “...” Even though they were boiling in anger inside, they could not say anything.

Is this something a human should say?! If we knew this would happen, we would cut the live broadcast two seconds later and show the netizens your true colors!

Search Hosted Novel for the original.

Shang Jing: “How are we going to pay the money back?”

He Jiang swallowed the words ‘Cen Feinuo insisted on lending us money and refused any payment’ back into his stomach.

In front of his sobbing wife who lost all their assets, he could only be an honest man. “The production team has offered us an opportunity to work for money. I’ll go tomorrow.”

He had seen the programme just now, the work opportunity was pure hard labor. There was no shortcut available.

But for his wife, there was no other way.

The other wives were still not done with the match but He Jiang was in a rush to get his wife out of this place that was full of sadness. Before he left, he glanced at Cen Feinuo.

Cen Feinuo caught his drift and nodded his head.

After the couple left the room, Yang Yue took the opportunity to announce, “To ensure the harmony between each couple, please keep the bets made by each husband a secret.”

Director: “...” Damn you, there is no such thing written in the script.

In the end, Ju Zhou from the first team successfully made it into the finals and was the last to be eliminated. The production team rewarded her team with a television provided by a sponsor.

Those who correctly guessed their wife’s elimination sequence got 1 point and those who did not did not get any. The other three teams had betted on their wife getting second and Cen Feinuo was the one who emerged victorious. He Jiang also got 1 point from correctly betting on Shang Jing being eliminated first. With the points gained from the last round, He Jiang’s team was now leading with 4 points and the idol team was in last place with -1 points.

While coaxing Shang Jing back into the room, He Jiang took the opportunity to sneak a peek at the hot searches online.

Top searched keyword: He Jiang betrays his wife.

Second top searched keyword: Shang Jing hurry up and look at the top searched keyword.

He promptly took Shang Jing’s phone out of his hands without a change in expression. “You’ve just played a match so don’t look at your phone tonight. Get into bed early to accumulate some sleepiness.”

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