Chapter 21.3: Hubby, We Won’t Have Anything To Eat Tomorrow (3)
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Gaining A Husband After a Memory Loss (BL) Chapter 21.3: Hubby, We Won’t Have Anything To Eat Tomorrow (3)

He Jiang had already gotten off the ladder and was ready to return it back to the hotel’s utility room. Before he could do so, Shang Jing grabbed his wrist. “Take it down, quick!”

But that did not stop He Jiang. With the ladder secured under his armpit, he acknowledged calmly, “Mm, it looks pretty good.”

Shang Jing was beyond embarrassed. The poster seemed to be reminding anyone who sees it of some M18 matters. It would be bad if He Jiang generated such thoughts from that. Shang Jing shrieked, “Hurry and take it down! You can’t give birth anyway!”

He Jiang: “You can try.”

Shang Jing: “How shameless.”

He was wild with rage. With the live broadcast in mind, he decided to capitalize on the chance to bad-mouth He Jiang. He stood in front of a rolling camera. “Did everyone see that? Such an old-fashioned and male-chauvinistic man! This is how he bullies me everyday!”

By 7PM, all of the couples were back at the hotel with their spoils of ‘war’.

Amongst them were kitchen utensils, refrigerators and ingredients for tomorrow’s meals. Shang Jing looked on with envy, they were only left with 400 yuan, what were they going to eat tomorrow?

Thinking about the extravagant seafood feast they were going to have tonight, Shang Jing had half a mind to borrow some money from Zhuang Qin to buy a refrigerator to keep some of the leftovers for the days to come.

Yang Yue: “Considering the complaints we have received from all of you pertaining to the monetary gift today morning, we will be playing a game now.”

“Ju Zhou, Huan Nalan, Zhuang Qin and Shang Jing, four of you all play a match in PUBG. The person who survives the longest will get a prize. Husbands-to-be, you will be betting on their elimination sequence.”

Shang Jing's eyes immediately lit up with the mention of PUBG. This was his chance to make a killing! As expected, it was definitely easier to earn a living with one’s skills than rely on looks.

“You better bet on me surviving to the end! Go all in and we will be able to afford some pots and pans tomorrow.”

He Jiang: “Got it. Remember to turn off the sound effects.”

In the game room, all four of them were handed a handphone each and the game started.

Outside, the guests were separated into different areas. Even though they were unable to see the bets of others, they were able to analyze the potential of each player.

As a piano player, Shang Jing had much better hand reflexes than an average joe. Coupled with the level of confidence he exuded right before entering the game room, it was not hard to guess that he was a regular player of the game.

Therefore, he was expected by all to be the final winner of the game.

Thus, came the situation where, apart from He Jiang, all of the husbands-to-be betted low hundreds on their wife to be the second surviving player which seemed to be more achievable with a little luck. Even if they lost, losing a few hundred yuan was still manageable to them.

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He Jiang: “Cen, lend me 3000 yuan.”

Cen Feinuo raised his eyebrows. “You’re that confident?”

He was aware of the fact that three years ago, He Jiang had the habit of training his marksmanship in a custom server whenever he got the time. It had even gotten to the point where Lin Lin suspected he had the intention to make a career switch to become an e-games commentator.

In reality, He Jiang just wanted to show off his skills to Shang Jing.

Since Shang Jing had played with He Jiang for so long, his skills should be passable.

After all, with He Jiang’s temper, it was hard to think he could put up with playing with a noob everyday. Or rather, it was hard for a noob to tolerate the mockery from He Jiang for an extended period of time.

He Jiang: “I’m definitely confident.”

Without any hesitation, he betted on Shang Jing being eliminated first.

PUBG involves players parachuting onto an island and scavenging for weapons and equipment to kill others while avoiding getting killed themselves. The last player or team standing wins the round.

Each area on the island has different amounts of resources. The more resources there are, the more people there usually are.

The four players were given instruction by the director to land in highly populated spots. Coupled with the high level account provided by the production team, the place was overrun by seasoned players the moment they landed. The difficulty level was way higher than the bot matches Shang Jing was used to.

Plus, with Shang Jing’s slow reaction, there was no chance of him winning the race to grab those available resources. Needless to say, lady luck was also not on his side, there was no resource in the room he entered.

His brows creased together as his thumbs slid around on the screen, moving his player around in the game.

Twenty seconds later, he picked up a rifle.

Ten seconds later, he stood by a window to check for prey in the opposite building.

One second later, his health bar was depleted to zero by a headshot.

Final rank: 99100.

Shang Jing put down the phone in embarrassment. He was beyond shocked.

What happened? Could it be… Am I actually just an average player?

Zhuang Qin: “You can’t stand next to a window for too long. You’ll be scoped out. Sorry, I was too far away from you and can’t save you.”

Shang Jing: “It’s alright, it’s just a game.”

But the memory of him telling He Jiang to bet all their remaining funds on his victory haunted him.

I am done for. Just two games and I have spent the full 10k yuan. He Jiang is definitely going to make fun of me and forbid me from playing games.

I have to think of something to make He Jiang forgive me.

Shang Jing trudged out of the game room dejectedly to see He Jiang leaning on the door frame, waiting for him.

Taking a moment to rearrange his emotions, he leaned his forehead against He Jiang’s shoulder. He choked, “Hubby, we won’t have anything to eat tomorrow.”

He Jiang circled his arms around Shang Jing who was crying out of guilt. The 3000 yuan he earned from betraying his wife burned in his pocket but how could he admit what he did after seeing Shang Jing’s reaction?

“It’s alright, Cen Feinuo insisted on lending us 3000 yuan.”

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