Chapter 22.3: Coy Wife Personality Comes Online (3)
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Gaining A Husband After a Memory Loss (BL) Chapter 22.3: Coy Wife Personality Comes Online (3)

The cameraman: “You will have to work till sunset to harvest that much corn. Plus, you still need to take the high speed rail back. Fans have expressed their strong opposition to you working so hard and our programme’s official website is nearly down from the heavy traffic.

Hearing that, He Jiang looked squarely into the camera filming the live broadcast and said, “I’m not tired. The grandfather on my left is already seventy years old and is still working in the fields. This year, his family planted ten acres worth of crops and all of them have to be harvested by hand due to the rainy weather. How can I, a healthy young man, complain about being tired after experiencing it for a day? I represent myself to pay tribute to all farmers in China.”

As the topic was changed back to helping the farmers, the cameraman regained all seriousness.

He Jiang chuckled before continuing, “Moreover, I’m earning money to feed my wife. What are you guys worried about?”

In the live broadcast room.

“Let’s disperse, fam. He has a wife.”

“What the, douchebag! I was touched for a second there!”

“Fine, fine, fine, we know you have a wife.”

“Everytime the cameraman asks a question, he will take the opportunity to boast about his wife.”

“When the broadcast just started, he even boasted about how well his wife slept and did not realize he left.”

“What is your wife doing now? Don’t you have to call her? I want a bite of warm and fresh romance.”

“Mother-in-law declares He Jiang to have passed the physical test. I’ll agree to your marriage.”


Shang Jing hit the pause button. The screen froze on the part when He Jiang said ‘earning money to feed my wife’.

He sat there wordlessly for a moment then got off the bed to put on his shoes. Armed with his wallet, he left the room.

The key content the director wanted to capture today was the process of the teams decorating their nuptial rooms. Therefore, the focus was put on the other three teams.

Shang Jing was allowed to take the day off.

However, seeing Shang Jing leaving his room, the director immediately got two cameramen to follow him.

Shang Jing made a beeline to the supermarket and got pork, celery, black fungus, mushroom, carrot… He could still recite 《He Jiang’s favorite dumpling recipe》Aunt He gave him.

Assuming they were to consume 2 catties of dumplings per meal and there were to have three meals in a day, with three days left of filming, they would require 18 catties of dumplings in total.

Shang Jing was able to get all the ingredients with just 400 yuan.

When he got back to the hotel, he duly washed all of them and threw them into the food processor to blend into a paste.

After which, he stood behind the large kitchen island and earnestly wrapped the dumplings, one after another.

Shang Jing could only use two fingers when he played PUBG but wrapping dumplings was like playing the piano, all ten fingers could be used and they were fast to the point there were double images.

The dumplings he wrapped were all round with fillings, covered by a thin layer of dumpling skin, just like his cheeks when they were puffed up with anger. The creases were uniform and pretty, and there was also no trace of any stain from the fillings on their surfaces.

In just less than an hour, all 18 catties of dumplings were done.

If he were to stand in front of any restaurant and perform wrapping dumplings, the restaurant would definitely not have to worry about not having any customers.

Shang Jing labeled the containers containing the dumplings and stored them into the refrigerator. When he was done, he leaned against the refrigerator and let out a huge sigh of relief.

He wiped the sweat off his face with his hands, leaving three streaks of flour on each side. If Aunt He was to see him in this state when she was having a relapse, she would definitely agree that he was her ideal He family daughter-in-law and stuff him another 20k yuan red packet.

Shang Jing furrowed his eyebrows as he striked off the items in his mental to-do list. Their nuptial room decoration was done and they also have sufficient food for the next three days.

And they were left with 2600 yuan.

He Jiang only needed to earn 400 yuan, which translated to about 200 catties of corn. He had long since finished harvesting that amount.

Shang Jing hesitated and entered the live broadcast room once again. One hour had passed since he left the room, there were even more sacks of corn stacked in the ridge.

It seemed to have also rained in the past hour. Every step He Jiang took planted him up to his calves in the soil, making walking extremely difficult. At one point, He Jiang’s rain boot even got stuck in the soil, leaving him no choice but to sit on a corn stalk to rescue his shoe. He was now covered in soil from head to toe but even that was not enough to hide the valiant spirit in his eyes. In fact, it made him seem more reliant and responsible apart from how the wet clothes stuck to his body, showing off his broad shoulders and slim waist. It was basically an explosion of hormones.

Shang Jing turned the comments function back on. A string of crying emoji floated across the screen, followed by “I think I can see the shadow of my husband when he works hard to make a living for the family”, “Envious of Shang Jing”, “The world’s best man, He Jiang”, “A moment of satisfaction from lying to your wife, and now you have to go through hell for 3000 yuan”...

Shang Jing leaned against the refrigerator and mumbled, “Film emperor.”

The douchebag is really acting the part out well. If I didn’t wake up with only a little over 500 yuan in my bank account, I would have believed these lies.

The more difficult he was, the more caring he was making He Jiang look. He had to stop this douchebag from acting as a good person in front of the entire nation.

He decided to call He Jiang. It rang five times before the call connected.

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He Jiang’s voice was low and hoarse. “Hello? Xiao Jing.”

In the live broadcast room.

“Look at this expression! The call is from his pain-in-the-ass wife!”

Shang Jing clenched his fist and summoned his coy wife personality. With a sob, he said, “Hubby… Stop working, I can’t take it anymore…”

He Jiang stopped breathing and nearly fell on his face.

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