Chapter 20.4: Second Upload (4)
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Gaining A Husband After a Memory Loss (BL) Chapter 20.4: Second Upload (4)

Yang Yue: “Since ancient times, marriage has been the affair of two families. There are three main traditions to follow before the wedding takes place. One, asking for the lady’s hand-in-marriage. Two, sending betrothal gifts. Three, gifting gold. It may seem insincere if the gift is too small and it will be detrimental to the groom if the gift is too big. In this round, we will be testing our groom-to-be’s sincerity through the amount of money they are willing to give their future mother-in-law as a first meeting gift.”

The mother-in-law is obviously the directing team.

It was obvious they were trying to claw back some of the amount given to the couples as starter funds.

“The points from this round will be added to the final score. The couple with the highest gift value will obtain 3 points, second place will obtain 1 point, third place will remain status quo and the last couple will have 1 point deducted with an additional punishment.”

The guests looked at each other. It had not been long since they got their starter funds. To take them away now, was that something a human would do?

If they laid down and not anything, would they save some money?

Yang Yue: “Don’t underestimate the punishment. There are not many game segments so please make use of every opportunity to earn points. I’ll give you some time to discuss amongst yourselves and decide how much you want to give as a couple. Please take your circumstances into consideration.”

The hint did not go past the first couple. Ju Zhou said, “It’s not a tradition to give betrothal gifts in my hometown. We can do without it.”

Liu Xin: “Then… 1 yuan?”

The second couple.

Huan Nalan: “Let’s give 888 yuan, it’s an auspicious number. Let’s just aim to avoid being last.”

Lu Gaojie: “Agreed.”

Discussion sounded from all around. But what they said might not be a true reflection of their actual thoughts. This was a psychological battle. Some wanted to raise the bar and reduce others’ budget for their nuptial room decorations; some wanted to lower the bar to win first place with a small sum.”

Cen Feinuo asked Zhuang Qin: “What is the tradition of our parents?”

Our parents…?

Zhuang Qin stuttered, “M-My parents will be satisfied with your mere presence.”

Shang Jing perked his ears and listened to the discussions of the other couples. He said to He Jiang in a soft yet determined voice, “We need to win this round.”

He Jiang: “Ok.”

With a smile, he threw in his first ‘punch’. “There’s no sincerity if the gift value is too low. 8888 yuan.”

Can you take this lying down? Getting angry? Want to throw a tantrum?

He Jiang was stunned.

In the live broadcast room.

“Is Shang Jing crazy? It’s just a game, why does he have to be so serious? They only have 10k yuan in total. 3k will be sufficient to guarantee first place. Is he an idiot? Does he know how much it costs to buy a set of dragon and phoenix quilt?”

“Who are you showing your superiority to? Take a look at yourself first and see whether you are worthy.”

“Fuck, he’s a pain-in-the-ass! He Jiang is done for!”

“Who still asks for a lion share as a betrothal gift in this era?! You can’t stop me from adopting the mother-in-law attitude!”

“Take this as a learning opportunity, He Jiang. Mother advises you to turn back while you still can.”

“I’m just a passer-by. I just want to say that He Jiang is so indulgent of his wife! I’ll bet a stick of cucumber on him agreeing to it.”

He Jiang: “No regrets?”

Shang Jing answered randomly, “We need to win. Besides, the betrothal amount on my side is this price.”

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He Jiang chuckled. He opened the envelope and counted out eleven pieces of 100 yuan then left the rest on the table.

Covering the microphone, he asked nonchalantly, “Does that include giving birth to a son?”

Does it include… what?!

Shang Jing was caught off guard. His ears turned red.

He could not believe what he just heard.

W-What is happening?! Hooligan!

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