Chapter 20.3: Second Upload (3)
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Gaining A Husband After a Memory Loss (BL) Chapter 20.3: Second Upload (3)

Shang Jing: “Oh, sure.”

Since he was still assuming the coy wife personality, he was especially cooperative and followed every command given to him during the shoot.

He smiled at Zhuang Qin. “Hello, I’m Shang Jing. I’ll be counting on your care.”

Even though Zhuang Qin took the place of ‘Cen Feinuo’s secret girlfriend’s’ position in the show, it was unfair to put the blame on him as promoting the drama he was in was also part of his duty.

“Hello, I’m Zhuang Qin.”

They were about the same height.

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Lin Lin looked on with crossed arms.

If Shang Jing decided to make his debut in the industry, Zhuang Qin would be his greatest competitor looking at how similar the both of them were. Lin Lin was worried Zhuang Qin might develop animosity towards Shang Jing because of that.

Ten minutes later, Lin Lin watched Shang Jing take out He Jiang’s large thermo flask and pour out two cups of red dates and wolfberries tea, one for Zhuang Qin and the other for himself.

The two of them sat there and went through one cup after another, then ran to the toilet together.

Lin Lin: “...” Fine, I’m overthinking things again. 

While they were drinking tea, Shang Jing used the opportunity to get to know Zhuang Qin better.

In the show, he was a trainee couple with Cen Feinuo, acting as the junior and senior like they were in real life.

From Zhuang Qin’s tone whenever he mentioned Cen Feinuo, Shang Jing could tell Zhuang Qin had a lot of respect for the latter.

Zhuang Qin: “Both He Jiang and Cen Feinuo have large fan bases. It will be better for us to work harmoniously with them.”

“Of course,” Shang Jing replied. However, deep down he had already regarded Zhuang Qin as a benchmark.

Whatever Zhuang Qin did, he would do the opposite.

The filming of the variety show commenced on schedule.

The four couples and host were sent to a luxurious hotel with each couple being assigned a room. The rooms were stripped bare of any soft furnishings, leaving four white walls and a bed.

Yang Yue: “Marriage is a solemn affair. Before signing the pages, there are many preparations that must be made. And in the process, there are bound to be conflicts. Some couples separate while others seek to understand each other and allow their relationship to progress.”

“This show will bring you through the process of these pre-marital preparations. You will need to complete the tasks of decorating the nuptial room, meeting each other's parents, proposing and many more as a couple. Based on the level of completeness, you will be rewarded with different amounts of points.”

“Decorating the nuptial room is a major segment that will reward you with a large amount of points and the judging will happen at the very end. Every couple will get 10k yuan as their starter fund.”

10k yuan was a generous sum for decorating a nuptial room. The guests who were initially worried the scriptwriters would be as perverted as to allow them to sleep on a bare bed frame tonight let out a sigh of relief.

“In between, there will be five game segments. The winners will be rewarded with the corresponding amount of points and the couple with the most points at the end will receive a mysterious prize from our sponsors!”

A team member walked forward to hand out envelopes containing the starter funds to the couples. Under the watchful eye of the cameras, all the male guests expressed their wish to hand over the financial reins of their family to their female counterparts.

Zhuang Qin shook his head. “I’m not good at handling money.”

Cen Feinuo: “As a trainee couple, shouldn’t we learn to be like others? Take it.”

Shang Jing looked at his benchmarked couple and received the envelope with ease. He sneaked a peek at the contents. The envelope was not filled with real cash but vouchers of different values designed by the programme team and added up to form a thick stack.

It was satisfying to hold.

The filming was slated to only last for three to four days. With this 10k yuan, things would be a breeze.

Yang Yue watched the couples with a smile while they counted their assets then continued, “We will now proceed with the first game segment, meeting parents. Cameraman, let’s go live now.”

Ever since the notice of the live broadcast was released, numerous people have been waiting in the live broadcast room. Comments flooded the entire screen, leaving a black sea behind.

When the live broadcast started, the couples could be seen seated in small compartments. They were separated by privacy screens that limited their view of the other couples, resembling an examination hall.

Knowing what the audience wanted to see, the director gave each couple a close-up shot, starting from Liu Xin and Ju Zhou, and ending with He Jiang and Shang Jing, letting the attention rest on the latter couple for a few seconds longer.

Shang Jing greeted the audience with a big smile, immediately capturing the audience’s heart with his ragdoll cat-like looks.

“I’m dead. I’m so satisfied! I agree to this marriage!”

“So handsome! He Jiang never disappoints his fans!”

“Obedient, innocent and handsome! He Jiang, may I know where I can find someone like that too?”

“Mama, get the Civil Affairs Bureau here now to authorize this marriage now!”

There were still some sane mother-in-law fans around. “Let’s take a look at his personality first.”

“What personality? His looks are more than enough. Plus, why would he show his true self to you?”

“It will still be easy to tell whether he’s virtuous or not. Based on cooking, doing the laundry and what not.”

“You’re really treating yourself as his mother-in-law? From today onwards, Shang Jing is my son.”

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