Chapter 21.1: Hubby, We Won’t Have Anything To Eat Tomorrow (1)
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Gaining A Husband After a Memory Loss (BL) Chapter 21.1: Hubby, We Won’t Have Anything To Eat Tomorrow (1)

“His ears are red. Fuck, even his face is red.”

“To be able to see him blush, he should have only applied a thin layer of foundation. His skin condition must be very good! I don’t know whether I should be jealous of Shang Jing or He Jiang.”

“I’m so jelly. If I have such a pretty wife, I’m willing to pay 88000 yuan!”

“Can anyone decipher what He Jiang said? Why do I feel that something’s not right there?”

“If you dare to tease your wife on a live broadcast, why not let us hear what you said?”

“Fam! After replaying that scene seventeen times and maxing out the volume, I’ve finally managed to decipher what he said! But I don’t have the courage to repeat what he said.”

“Hurry and spill the beans! Don’t force me to beg you.”

“Your idol asked Shang Jing whether the amount includes the son-bearing fees.”

“Putting myself in Shang Jing’s shoes… Ah, I’m dead.”

“Included! It includes a pigeon pair!”

“He really knows what he’s doing! My heart is racing!”

“Can I watch the process of them giving birth? Mainly for biology research.”

“I’ve reinstated my position as a supporter of this marriage!”

“My son, that’s a separate fee. Don’t be taken in by that old hooligan!”

Shang Jing scrambled to cover He’s Jiang microphone but quickly calmed down when he found out He Jiang already did. Since his own microphone was a distance away from He Jiang, what He Jiang said was most probably not recorded, especially since he had said it in a suppressed voice.


He gripped the edge of the table tightly.

Who would have thought the one being forced to control his anger was him.

Am I really going to accuse He Jiang of being an old-fashioned fucktard in front of the entire nation?

He Jiang will definitely not admit to it on his own so do I have to repeat his words myself…? 

In the end, he could only pretend he did not hear what he said. As an excuse for his reddened face, he said, “It’s warm in here.”

He Jiang contained his laughter and turned away from him. He was afraid he might say something else that would ignite Shang Jing further.

Shang Jing glared at him an

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