Chapter 14.3: When Will The Wedding Ceremony Be? (3)
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Gaining A Husband After a Memory Loss (BL) Chapter 14.3: When Will The Wedding Ceremony Be? (3)

The next day, He Jiang was already out of the house when Shang Jing woke up, leaving behind a message on WeChat to inform him he was out for work.

Shang Jing instantly slipped into the study room to check on the results. But was stunned by what he found.

The two piles of documents on the study table were in the exact same position as the day before.

He stared at his untouched proposal with a ball of anger. He was sure He Jiang was one of those kids who would lie to their parents about doing their homework in the study but was actually a hopeless student who spent all his time reading manga.

He swallowed his saliva unimpressed.

His throat was a little sore and his voice sounded a little nasally.

He Jiang that jinx, he had really caught a cold.

Shang Jing duly called each and every parent of the kids he was tutoring to inform them of his cold and intention to take a day off for fear of passing on the virus to the kids. The loss of the day’s wages was practically a huge blow to his impoverished state.

His face creased together as he swallowed some flu medicine. In his peripheral vision, he saw the bag of brain supplements he had gotten from Aunt He and felt a lightbulb light up in his head.

All of these belong to me. If I cannot finish them, am I allowed to sell them?

Each of these boxes was worth hundreds, thousands, and even ten thousands. Even if he sold them at a discounted price, he would still benefit from it.

Without a moment of hesitation, Shang Jing pulled out a large table cloth, folded and packed it into his backpack. With it and the bag of health supplements, he walked out of the house.

“Somewhere the elderly frequent…” Passing by the security guard room, he stopped to ask the security guard on duty, “Where do the elderly gather at this time of the day?”

The security guard still remembered him from before. “The Community Garden, take bus 11 from the bus stop right outside the gate. You will arrive in two stops. It’s a popular morning exercise spot for retirees.”

Shang Jing: “Thank you, I’ll treat you to a meal when I’m back.”

Remembering He Jiang’s request, the chief security guard casually asked, “What are you up to?”

Shang Jing: “I have so many spare health supplements. I’m thinking of selling them.”

“Oh, it’s good to save some money.” The chief security guard waved to him and reminded him in a loud voice, “The peak hour lasts till 10AM, do hurry.”

Shang Jing: “Ok!”

However, twenty minutes later, the chief security guard and the security guard on duty looked at each other with confusion. Something did not feel right to them. “Can health supplements be sold on the street?”

Security guard on duty: “I’ve not seen that before.”

Chief security guard: “Do you have Mr. Shang’s number?”


The chief security guard immediately pulled out the contact information of the house owner and dialed He Jiang’s number. The call only connected on the third try.

“Mr. He. I am calling from the security guard's office. Mr. Shang was seen leaving the premises with a bag of health supplements claiming they were spares and wanted to sell them at The Community Garden. I suppose he does not have a necessary permit to do so?”

“He left half an hour ago.”

“Yes, The Community Garden.”

He Jiang was about to explode from worry and Shang Jing not picking up his phone did not make it better. He had appointed someone to check for any arrests today due to sales of medicine without permit. He had a feeling that if he delayed any longer, he would have to visit Shang Jing at the police station instead.

“The meeting is canceled, follow me to The Community Garden now to look for Shang Jing. Lin Lin and I will start our search from the East entrance and the both of you will start from the West entrance.”

He Jiang parked his car at the garden’s carpark and ran into the garden. Due to his identity, he could not even shout Shang Jing’s name out loud.

The garden was filled with the elderlies in the morning. However, the more elderlies there were, the more anxious He Jiang became. He was worried Shang Jing had already sold off all of his stock; many of his aunt’s imported supplements did not have local distribution rights.

After ten minutes of running along the cobblestone pathway, he finally saw the familiar figure by the lake. Shang Jing was sitting on a large rock. Beside him on the ground was a bag of items of the same size as before. It was possible he had not started selling them yet.

He Jiang’s heart finally settled down but his anger remained. With a low voice, he chided, “Can you stop your antics for a moment? Use your brain, will you?”

Search Hosted Novel for the original.

Shang Jing was looking at the pair of ducks in the lake when he was shouted at. Taking a moment to register the situation, he retorted, “I am not stupid. Of course I checked on Baidu on whether they could be sold.”

When he got to the garden earlier in the day, the sight of those fit and healthy uncles and aunties had scared him, instantly cooling down his urge to make money from the sales. Moreover, he was reminded of Aunt He’s words, ‘don’t rely on them too much’, and had never actually seen a street vendor selling medicine, so he decided to check whether he was allowed to do so.

Search results: The security brigade are on their way.

To make things worse, his handphone ran out of battery the moment he completed his online search. Having too many things on his mind last night, he had forgotten to ensure the charger was properly plugged in before he went to bed.

Shang Jing sighed heavily. Even though the majority of the products he had brought were health tonics, he had decided to stay on the safe side and not sell them.

He Jiang sent a message to the group who came down with him to update them on the situation and disperse them, and sat down beside Shang Jing. He asked amusingly, “Looking to earn some cash?”

Shang Jing: “Mm.”

Are you feeling proud because your wife is poor?

He Jiang: “The proposal you left on my table…”

Shang Jing’s face turned a reddish color. He stuttered, “What proposal? I don’t know anything about that. Don’t accuse me!”

He Jiang calmly recited, “‘Shang Jing is smart, handsome, skillful on the piano, a good singer and knows how to wrap dumplings. He can make delicious meals, behaves politely and decently when greeting guests, and is the perfect match for He Jiang. After careful analysis, they have what it takes to become the most popular couple.’ Isn’t that written by you? Hm?”

Shang Jing: “...” Why did you memorize it?

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