Chapter 15.1: What Kind Of Coy Wife Are You? (1)
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Gaining A Husband After a Memory Loss (BL) Chapter 15.1: What Kind Of Coy Wife Are You? (1)

He Jiang: “Tsk, there are 7 full pages in the proposal.”

Shang Jing covered his mouth in a flying rage. “Shut up!”

He Jiang was sure if he really recited the proposal out loud, Shang Jing would jump into the lake to escape the teasing. “Fine, let’s change the topic. What do you mean by ‘what it takes to become the most popular couple’?”

Shang Jing stuffed his face between his knees and mumbled something.

Unable to hear him, He Jiang said, “I am seriously considering this proposal. If you don’t cooperate…”

Shang Jing turned his head and stared at him with reddened eyes. Throwing out all his shame, he shouted, “How can you not even know this?! Of course it’s the most classical aloof president and his coy wife scenario. To think you have acted in so many films over the years…”

“I don’t take on idol dramas…” He Jiang rebuked. In all incredulousness, he asked, “And what kind of coy wife are you? Based on your recent behavior, I suppose you can only be considered a pain in the ass?”

Shang Jing hammered his knee. “It’s a preset personality, you get it? I have done my research, all reality stars have a fixed preset personality. Let’s set ours as that, or are you telling me your acting skills are not to par?”

Shang Jing had considered using his pain-in-the-ass personality on the show before. After all, he did not want to show any good colors to He Jiang even on a variety show. However… He Jiang had way too many fans. There was a high chance being a pain-in-the-ass could draw hate from them. He still wanted to live a peaceful life after their divorce.

He Jiang swallowed his laughter and let out a light cough. “My acting skills are definitely up to par. I just need to indulge you, right?”


Shang Jing's face burned with shame and anger. However, as the seconds go past, it eventually became the butterflies-in-his-stomach kind of redness. He quickly squashed the butterflies.

This douchebag is really gifted in acting. Is that how he got an honest, inexperienced, young boy like me to marry him?

He Jiang stared at Shang Jing’s reddish side profile. He suddenly had the urge to take a bite of his cheek and grinded his teeth…

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His Adam apple bounced up and down a few times. Trying to hide what he was thinking, he looked at this watch pretentiously. “Are you going to continue looking at the lake?”

Shang Jing put up a hard front to hide his flustered heart. “I’m looking at ducks.”

He Jiang followed his line of sight towards the pair of mandarin ducks playing in the water. He was not sure whether they were wild mandarin ducks migrated from the South or were kept by the garden.

Recently, he had been thinking about the reason behind Shang Jing’s mind-boggling actions.

Why would someone willingly live with their ex-boyfriend, especially when their break up was less than amicable? There were only two reasons, either they were struggling financially or wanted to get back together.

In Shang Jing’s case, on one hand, it should not be hard for him to seek a comfortable living as a fine arts instructor or piano tutor with his music major background. On the other hand, he was not someone who would forgo his pride to stay with him to save money.

Then… there was only one possibility left.

He Jiang’s eyes softened. He had assumed Shang Jing was only trying to take advantage of him after his car accident. However, with the emergence of the new possibility, his mind unhesitatingly subscribed to the new.

Shang Jing might have resorted to the pity act as a medium to conceal his embarrassment of wanting to get back together with him. Since he had only given him cold reactions to his intermittent flirting, he might have felt like his self-esteem was damaged and wanted to get back at him by finding faults with him from time to time.

Or rather, those annoying antics of his could even be a test to see whether he still harbored any feelings towards him.

With this, everything seemed to fall into place.

He Jiang was deep in thought. It had been a tug of war in his mind ever since Shang Jing reappeared in his life. Everytime he thought he was opening up to him, he would always resort to some crazy antics to frustrate and bring him back to reality.

He was also limited by his ex-boyfriend status and could also not ask Shang Jing for a straight answer. Moveover, the last time he asked the rascal whether he loved him, he had received a negative answer.

But when he saw the proposal on his table last night, an indescribable emotion welled up in him. From how it was phrased, it was clearly written by Shang Jing himself, needless to say the way he kept pressing him to work.

Wanting to operate with him in public as a married couple? That was not something they could easily undo if they changed their minds. Shang Jing should know that, right?

Plus, Shang Jing was not a foolish person. To pen out an entire proposal, he would be blind to not get his hint.

But whether or not Shang Jing wanted to reconcile our relationship… 

He Jiang stared at the mandarin ducks in the lake. To tolerate the situation till now, he was already gentlemanly enough.

Plus, Shang Jing had long since recovered from his injuries and also earned a substantial amount of money. To still stick around him… It was time for him to make his move and drive the subsequent development, right?

This was truly a refreshing autumn day. The sun was shining even brighter than any day in spring. The Community Garden was only a short drive from his villa but he had rarely had the opportunity to visit.

As compared to their chaotic cohabitation life, the current atmosphere was practically heaven. To make the situation more romantic, He Jiang said, “That is a pair of mandarin ducks.”

Shang Jing frowned. “The lake water must be cold. What a pair of pitiful mandarin ducks.”

He Jiang: “...”

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