Chapter 14.2: When Will The Wedding Ceremony Be? (2)
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Gaining A Husband After a Memory Loss (BL) Chapter 14.2: When Will The Wedding Ceremony Be? (2)

He Jiang’s cousin looked at his handphone in a daze and mumbled under his breath unhappily, “Can you not contradict your own words? He’s not even your wife so what has your money got to do with him?”

Another youngster patted him on the shoulder. “Told you not to mention it to He Jiang, he would never agree. Think about it, if He Jiang really has no interest in Shang Jing, how would Shang Jing get the opportunity to speak nonsense in front of aunt? Who do you think He Jiang is?”

He Jiang’s cousin: “I only decided to try my luck to employ Shang Jing since he kept insisting there was nothing between them.”

And that was some next level protection.

The mouth of a film emperor can never be trusted. They had better start preparing gift money for their wedding earlier.

After a day of tutoring, Shang Jing’s throat was beyond sore. He downed a cup of honey citron tea and rushed back into his room. If he wanted to change his current predicament, he had to do up his proposal in a way that would entice He Jiang.

He made his way to He Jiang’s study room and pulled out one of He Jiang’s documents, especially one with a logo of the studio on top. After memorizing the format of it, he went back to his room to imitate it on his proposal, in hopes of making them similar.

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“That’s impressive.” Grabbing the empty cup beside him, he walked out the room to get a refill, coincidentally bumping into He Jiang entering the house.

“Did anyone bring up the issue of the missing brain supplements?” Shang Jing asked.

“Relax, the topic didn’t come up.” He Jiang took a step forward and touched Shang Jing’s vocal cords area. “What happened to your voice? Did you come down with the flu?”

Shang Jing: “I’ve spoken too much today.”

Interacting with little kids required him to speak constantly with exaggerated emotions to keep their attention. If not, they would simply wander away in boredom.

It was extremely exhausting.

He Jiang: “Pay more attention to that. How will you continue to sing if you hurt your vocal cords?”

Shang Jing closed his mouth slowly. Does that mean he knew how to sing? No wonder hitting high and low notes in the shower was a walk in the park for him.

“Got it.”

After further thought, He Jiang still felt that something was wrong. Shang Jing was trained in voice projection. Even though it was not an easy task to handle those kids, it was also unlikely for his voice to become that coarse after a day. He might have caught a cold after walking in this cold weather and not realize it.

He felt Shang Jing’s forehead. “Did you really not catch a cold?”

Shang Jing jumped around self-consciously. “Nope! I still have something on, you will cook the dumplings today.”

He Jiang was speechless. Dumplings were the only thing they had every meal as long as they were both at home. The only difference was whether to go with tomato sauce or vinegar.

Even though the dumplings Shang Jing made were delicious, they should still have a change of flavor sometimes.

Plus, he was feeling soft-hearted after seeing Shang Jing’s tired look after a day of slogging. Stroking the car key in his hand, he said, “Why don’t we go for…”

It’s cold outside. Should we go out for hotpot or have some private home cuisine?

But Shang Jing was having none of it, he had something he had to do that night. “I’m not free, let’s have dumplings!”

Trying to get me to cook? Stop dreaming.

He ran back into his room and started working, only leaving midway to get a bowl of dumplings to eat while editing.

At 10PM, Shang Jing was finally done with the proposal. After printing it out in the study room sneakily, he placed it on He Jiang’s table.

On the left side was a pile of documents He Jiang had yet to see and on the right were documents he had already gone through. Shang Jing slotted the proposal right below the topmost document on the left pile.

“Perfect.” He applauded himself. Feeling thirsty, he headed to the kitchen for a glass of water. Coincidentally, He Jiang was also there for a cup of milk. He was dressed in a bathrobe after a shower.

Shang Jing frowned. “Are you going to bed so early?”

He Jiang: “What’s up?”

Shang Jing: “You are so popular and have even opened your own studio. Shouldn’t you have neverending things you have to do? There are still so many documents in your study, shouldn’t you go take a look at them?”

He Jiang: “I’m on leave now.”

Shang Jing blinked at him blankly.

How am I going to earn money to buy the house when you’re on leave?

“Don’t you have any motivation to work harder? Are you going to disappoint your career fans?”

He Jiang: “Do you know what you sound like now?”

Shang Jing: “What?”

He Jiang: “A young wife feeling disgruntled over her unambitious husband.”

Shang Jing grumbled beneath his breath, “You’re unambitious and don’t allow others to say so?”

Men can never tolerate being called unambitious. He Jiang raised his hand in defeat and handed the cup of milk to Shang Jing. “Okok, I’ll get to work now.”

Shang Jing watched He Jiang’s back as he disappeared into the study. He sipped on the milk nervously.

Would He Jiang see my proposal tonight?

He was beyond curious but knew to not overwork things. Any further prompting from him would raise He Jiang’s suspicions and cause things to fall through.

Therefore, after finishing the glass of milk, he forced himself to go to bed.

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