Chapter 12.3: Why Don’t You Hug Me To Sleep? (3)
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Gaining A Husband After a Memory Loss (BL) Chapter 12.3: Why Don’t You Hug Me To Sleep? (3)

Shang Jing scratched his face and walked towards He Jiang. Lifting his cap off his face, Shang Jing leaned closer towards his face and said awkwardly, “You are not allowed to sleep. Help me catch the monkey.”

A glint of mocking smile flashed across in those deep-set eyes, as though he had already anticipated this development.

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Shang Jing’s face turned red. He was now feeling the shame of his previous declaration of wanting to catch the plushie himself.

In contrast, He Jiang was still calm and collected. “It would mean nothing if you didn't catch it with your own hands.”

Shang Jing was beyond frustrated. He was already sick of the claw machine but had still yet to even catch a glimpse of the monkey’s fur. The inconsiderate vendor must have set the winning probability of this machine to 0.001.

“I will not go home before catching this monkey,” Shang Jing declared his determination once again.

“Fine.” He Jiang took out a pair of sunglasses from his pocket and put them on. He was even suaver than the male advertisement model of the clothing store opposite them.

“Which one?” He Jiang looked at the pile of soft toys in the machine and frowned. “Where’s the monkey?”

Shang Jing sheepishly pointed at the pile of stuffed toys. “It got buried underneath these toys.”

Every time he managed to lift one of the other plushies, they would always land directly on the monkey on their way to the exit, pushing it further and further downwards.

He Jiang lifted his eyebrow. “Why am I not surprised?”

Shang Jing ears perked up. From this comment of He Jiang, could he have an unlucky hand whenever he played those card picking games?

He Jiang grabbed a handful of tokens and started working on the whale plushie on top.

The first time, he missed.


Shang Jing purposely yawned to mock He Jiang.

Seeing his little action, He Jiang was reminded of the times he carried Shang Jing in games.

Every time he missed his target, this little rascal would always shout ‘Big brother, you are so impressive!’. Could he have internally mocked him like this those times too?

Luckily, he was not someone who would give Shang Jing a second opportunity to mock him.

He Jiang walked around the claw machine and identifying the angle and location, he kicked the machine.


Instantly, the plushies in the machine fell to the side and revealed the monkey beneath them.

“What are you doing?!” Shang Jing was shocked beyond words. A public figure kicking a claw machine at a mall… He looked around nervously, fearing they would be approached by a security guard anytime. He had already made mental preparations to grab He Jiang and run at any flurry of motion.

However, He Jiang continued to insert a token into the machine emotionlessly. As he operated the claw, he said, “I forgot to tell you, I’ve already bought the claw machine.”

Which meant he could resort to any method he wanted to retrieve any plushie he wanted from within.

He Jiang had thought of everything. It was impossible for Shang Jing to leave the mall empty-handed. If he wanted, he could even bring the entire claw machine home and play with it everyday.

Shang Jing: “...”

Tsk. Why does he seem so experienced in this? Could he have kept someone outside who would also make things difficult for him like this?

I had been so coy previously. These actions of He Jiang were definitely not my work.

In a blink of an eye, He Jiang had already lowered the claw and hooked onto the tiger-striped skirt of the monkey plushie. The claw steadily brought the monkey to the exit.


The monkey king fell into the hole.

Shang Jing instantly forgot about all those fleeting thoughts in his mind. He was as joyous as the moment monkey king, Sun Wukong, was released from his prison under Mount Five Fingers after five hundred years. He hugged He Jiang’s arm in excitement and exclaimed, “Wow! You really caught it! You are so awesome!”

Shang Jing’s eyes shone like the night sky and his dimples were like a little hurricane that twisted the stars and shot them straight into He Jiang’s heart.

He Jiang suppressed his urge to ruffle Shang Jing’s hair and replied coldly, “Can we go home now?”

He should not be too lenient with Shang Jing just in case he got too far ahead of himself and started to tour the mall to no end.

Shang Jing regained his composure. He should not show his happiness so explicitly. In a nonchalant tone, he said, “So be it.”

With the monkey plushie in hand, he was feeling a little hungry but since he had already completed his mission today in creating inconveniences for He Jiang, he decided to let it go. “Let’s go back.”

When they were back at home, He Jiang pulled on the nape of Shang Jing’s neck and asked, “Can you fall asleep now?”

Shang Jing thought the question was part of He Jiang's mockery so he leaned against the door frame and answered, “No, I can’t.”

They had merely caught a stuffed toy. He Jiang had left him with his aunt for the entire day and even called him stupid. He must not let him think he could get away with his actions so easily.

He looked at his beloved money plushie and decided to pick faults with it. “Is this monkey eighteen centimeters tall? And can its golden cudgel increase in size? How am I supposed to hug it to sleep?”

He Jiang’s temple throbbed. He should not have asked that question. Shang Jing had chosen that plushie himself and was now complaining about it. Where would he find a plushie that was 1.8m tall?

“Fine, then try hugging the 1.88m one.”

Shang Jing took a moment to understand what he meant.

Help! I have sent myself to the grave!

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