Chapter 12.2: Why Don’t You Hug Me To Sleep? (2)
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Gaining A Husband After a Memory Loss (BL) Chapter 12.2: Why Don’t You Hug Me To Sleep? (2)

How infuriating!

That douchebag who could see no one other than himself?!

The diary had barely covered 0.01% of the terrible things He Jiang had done to me.

Noticing Shang Jing’s spiraling emotions, He Jiang asked him while observing the situation in front of them, “Have you been traumatized by car accidents?”

Shang Jing pursed his lips. “Mm.”

I’m traumatized by you calling me stupid.

He had to get him back for what happened today. How else would he fall asleep tonight?

Shang Jing turned to He Jiang with wide innocent eyes. “I can’t sleep at night. I want a soft toy to cuddle with.”

Shang Jing was sure there were no soft toys in He Jiang’s house.

But what he had not noticed was that the moment he mentioned he could not sleep, He Jiang would always assume a more compromising attitude.

“What kind of soft toy do you want? How big do you want it to be?” He Jiang started scanning the area for souvenir shops.

Shang Jing: “I don’t want a store-bought soft toy. I want to catch one myself at the arcade.”

He Jiang: “...”

He Jiang was instantly reminded of the tantrum Shang Jing had thrown to get to the supermarket.

Humans were marvelous creatures who could learn from their past mistakes.

Without a second word, he gave up trying to talk Shang Jing out of it.

It was now 11PM on a workday. The mall should not be crowded. If they were careful, there should not be any problem.

Instead of going to a mall that was in the heart of the city, He Jiang chose an older mall in the area. He was sure Shang Jing would like it more there.

On the corridor of the second floor, there was a row of last generation claw machines that did not support QR code scanning. One would need to go to the service counter to exchange tokens for the machine.

Shang Jing looked through the transparent glass of the claw machines and selected a monkey king soft toy that was hidden beneath a few whale plushies. “I want that one.”

One of the top eighteen things to do to piss your partner off: Do not leave the arcade before you get the plushie you had your eyes on when you visit the arcade with your other half.

He had specially picked one that was hard to get. When He Jiang came to get him later and say something along the lines of ‘I’ll buy you one’, he would then smirk and insist he only wanted the one he had caught with his own hands.

If luck was not on his side and the tokens were deplenished before he got the plushie, it was also satisfying to watch He Jiang walk multiple trips to the service counter to exchange tokens for him.

He Jiang looked at the buried monkey and said, “Ok.”

Shang Jing whistled with happiness. He would really like to see He Jiang running errands for him.

Ten minutes later, He Jiang made his way back slowly.

Shang Jing took the opportunity to chastise him, “What took you so long…”

He stopped mid-sentence after seeing the tokens He Jiang brought back.

That was not how the story went in the accounts he read online.

Nobody told him He Jiang would get two thousand tokens in one go.

“What are you looking at? Here, take this.” He Jiang kindly placed the carton of tokens beside the machine then stood up and gestured for Shang Jing to proceed as he made his way to the massage chair beside and ordered a two hour service.

Pulling his cap lower to hide his face, He Jiang was just like a self-satisfied father who played with his handphone at the entrance after sending his kid into a bouncing castle.

Shang Jing: “...”

What is this?

Insert token, position claw, drop claw.

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The shiny claws grabbed the bottom of one of the whale plushies and before the plushie could be lifted, it slipped out from the grip of the claws.

After repeating the action for more than fifty times, Shang Jing secretly glanced at He Jiang, for fear he would mock him.

However, he was still in his original position and had not moved a single inch.

Shang Jing frowned. He Jiang’s lack of attention had made him dissatisfied. But he could not pinpoint the exact cause of his displeasure.

The next fifty tokens went down the drain. He had still not gotten anything. He was starting to feel like a foolish donkey who had been put to work on the claw machine with two thousand tokens by He Jiang.

That was two thousand tokens! He would never be able to finish all of them within a single night. Even a donkey on the production line would not be able to do so.

Just then, a young couple passed by hand in hand and stopped beside one of the other claw machines. Under a cheery atmosphere, one of them inserted the token and the other operated the machine. With just three tokens, they had caught a cute little sika deer plushie.

As they were leaving, the girl noticed the carton of tokens by Shang Jing’s feet. Her mouth widened into an ‘o’ shape and left while turning back multiple times to look at him.

Shang Jing felt she was trying to tell him he was ‘a fool with too much money on hand’.

Shang Jing stood there awkwardly for another moment as his gaze floated towards He Jiang for the nth time. He suddenly realized the crux of the issue.

The case study he should be referring to now was not ‘I must catch the plushie I had my eyes on’ but ‘my boyfriend was inattentive on our date’.

How did netizens handle the issue?

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