Chapter 12.1: Why Don’t You Hug Me To Sleep? (1)
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Gaining A Husband After a Memory Loss (BL) Chapter 12.1: Why Don’t You Hug Me To Sleep? (1)

After He Jiang’s work ended, he immediately rushed towards the He Family home to fetch Shang Jing. However, when he saw the condition he was in, he could not help bending over with laughter in the car. Only when he was done did he alight from his car to get Shang Jing.

Shang Jing’s eyes glimmered with hope the moment he saw He Jiang’s car. He ran over at the speed of light and darted into the car, placing the dumplings Auntie Liu had packed for him in the car boot.

He Jiang: “What is that in your hands?”

Shang Jing: “... Why didn’t you fetch me earlier?”

He Jiang: “I couldn’t get away from work.”

Shang Jing: “Hmph.”

He Jiang rearranged Shang Jing’s messed-up hair. “Do you only have a bad temper at home?”

Shang Jing reasoned, “The only reason why I listen to Aunt He is because she’s old!”

He Jiang: “So I deserve to be pissed off just because I’m young?”

He pulled on the bag in Shang Jing’s hands. “What kind of door gift is this? There’s an entire sack of it.”

In the past, whenever his siblings had brought their other half to meet Aunt He, those with good luck would have a harmonious good time and those with bad luck would be forced to learn all sorts of things like Shang Jing. But when they left, they would usually be showered with gifts Aunt He specially prepared.

Shang Jing’s face turned red again. “It’s nothing, just some tidbits.”

He Jiang started the car. “That precious to you? Don’t worry, you have earned them yourself, I’ll not take them from you.”

Shang Jing covered the supplements fully. He was about to divorce He Jiang and would never meet the He Jiang family again. Whether it was embarrassing or not, it was all He Jiang’s problem and has got nothing to do with him.

He stroked the bag endearingly. Suddenly, he felt a roll of something that did not resemble medicine packaging. Turning away from He Jiang, he opened a small corner of the bag and stuck a hand in to feel around.

After which, using the sack as a shield between him and He Jiang, he looked at the roll of paper he had felt. It was a thick stack of red packets.

Each red packet contained 100,000 yuan and there were twenty-one red packets in the stack, representing his age.

Who said Aunt He was sick? She was definitely playing the fool when she had already seen through everything. Providing him with food, money, medicine, and life skills, she had correctly pinpointed each and every one of his difficulties and provided help on that. She was truly an angel.

But the twenty-one red packets were too much. It was inappropriate to take money from the elderly. To He Jiang, he said, “Aunt He gave me 210,000 yuan worth of red packets. That’s too much! And to think I did not bring anything with me when I visited her. Can you help me return…”

He Jiang replied emotionlessly: “Keep it.”

It was then did Shang Jing realize He Jiang had known He Silan would give him red packets. That was why he said ‘I’ll not take them from you’.

Shang Jing blushed. “Can I ask for a favor from you?”

He Jiang: “Let’s hear it first.”

Shang Jing: “Aren’t you going back to the main family home tomorrow? Can you go there earlier with some health supplements and help me replenish Aunt He’s medicine storeroom?”

Aunt He would most likely not blab about what she gifted Shang Jing so as long as he replenished the storeroom, others would never find out what happened.

He Jiang slowly turned the steering wheel. He asked incredulously, “So this bag of items are…?”

He could not believe his ears. “What did you do to make Aunt think you need brain supplements?”

Based on his understanding of Shang Jing, shouldn’t he be exceptionally respectful and obedient to the elderly? He also had looks the older generation liked and would even find him smart and mature?

Shang Jing’s face fell. Those were words he did not like to wear. He retorted in a suppressed voice, “I didn’t do anything!”

I only took a second look at those supplements.

He Jiang decided to stop at this. It would do him no good to continue provoking the little porcupine. “Fine, I’ll see what I can do.”

Shang Jing: “Don’t say I did not remind you.”

He Jiang chuckled. “Don’t worry. I’ll be embarrassed if others treat you as a fool.”

Right at this time, the cars in front got into an accident. The sound of brakes and horns echoed in the air.

He Jiang slammed his foot on the brake and they stopped just centimeters away from the car in front.

Shang Jing was thrown forward with the force of the sudden stop and was quickly caught by his seat belt. He closed his eyes in a daze.

There was blinding light in front of him as some images appeared in his mind. He was not sure what those images were about but he saw himself with headphones on, playing a game. The person in the game was talking to him.

It’s He Jiang’s voice.

What is he saying?

He’s scolding me stupid.

Darn it!

And it was not just once too!

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Shang Jing opened his eyes and stared at He Jiang angrily. He gritted his teeth. The first thing he remembered after losing his memories must be something that was very important to him. And it was the moment He Jiang was calling him stupid?!

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