Chapter 13.1: Unchartered Territories (1)
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Gaining A Husband After a Memory Loss (BL) Chapter 13.1: Unchartered Territories (1)

Why would an adult male living under the eyes of the public get married in secret? Other than to keep his girlfriend-fans hopes alive, the only reason was to legally satisfy his biological needs.

Shang Jing remained calm. He slowly analyzed the situation. Before he got into the car accident, both of them were already living separately and He Jiang had not expressed such interest ever since he moved in. There could only be two reasons. One, He Jiang was already sick of this relationship. Two, He Jiang could not get it up.

Looking at the current situation, Shang Jing suspected He Jiang merely wanted to keep an eye on him for fear he would be up to something bad in the night while he was asleep.

In that case, this was definitely not the time to turn him down nor show any form of worry, just in case he reminded him of his rights to legally do the deed.

Moreover, it was already 12AM, everyone would like to go to sleep… right? Plus, He Jiang had mentioned they had a platonic landlord-tenant relationship.

Shang Jing struggled to keep his peace. “Won’t that affect your sleep quality? You need to wake up early tomorrow.”

He Jiang did not answer his question. Instead, he pushed him to the bathroom and ordered, “Wash yourself well.”

Shang Jing: “...”

His heart instantly jumped into his throat.

With a bag of nerves, he took a shower in record time, got dressed, making sure to button his pajama top all the way up to the topmost button, and stuck his ear to the glass door to check for any sign of activity outside.

He Jiang was no longer in his room.

Maybe he went back to his room to shower.

Ignoring his dripping wet hair, Shang Jing tiptoed to the storeroom and pulled out a large drawer to reveal a toolbox in there.

All these only took thirty seconds.

It was fortunate he knew the house, except for He Jiang’s room, like the back of his hand.

Taking out a wrench from the box, he quickly hid it under his bed then pulled out a separate set of blanket and pillow from the cupboard for He Jiang.

By the time He Jiang came back, he was already tightly tucked into his side of the bed, his sea blue silk blanket pulled all the way up to his chin. He watched He Jiang’s every action with wide eyes.

Like a beautiful doll.

He Jiang had never seen Shang Jing in such a docile state ever since they reunited at the hospital.

It’s possible he was really traumatized by the car accident today evening.

“Let’s go to bed.”

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He Jiang pulled the covers open and laid down on the bed. After switching off the bedside lamp, he pulled out his phone from his pocket and texted one of his friends who was a practicing psychiatrist: 【When are you coming back to the country? I have a patient here who requires your care. Please hurry.】

The psychiatrist: 【Symptoms?】

He Jiang: 【He got into a car accident half a month ago and has demonstrated some post-traumatic symptoms.】

The psychiatrist: 【Be more specific.】

He Jiang: 【We nearly got into a car accident today and he is losing sleep over it.】

The psychiatrist: 【Insomnia? It’s only 1AM in Beijing now and cannot be considered late. Can you check whether he has any other symptoms like heart palpitations, cold sweat…】

He Jiang sat up in bed and felt Shang Jing’s forehead. He was not sweating.

Next, he held his breath to catch the sounds of his breathing.

Steady and shallow…

Did this rascal fall asleep…?

He Jiang was speechless.

He Jiang: 【He has fallen asleep beside me.】

There was a moment of silence on the other end. Soon, another text popped up in his inbox: 【May I enquire what time both of you went to bed?】

He Jiang: 【... 12.30AM】

Seeing his reply, the psychiatrist was speechless. He sent over three dots. Along with it was an invoice for the consultation.

888 yuan for five minutes.

The psychiatrist:【Do you know I have patients here who have not caught a wink in ten days? You don’t know, you just want to brag about your relationship.】

He Jiang was not narcissistic enough to think that Shang Jing overcame his insomnia just by sleeping next to him. It was obvious he had been tricked by the little rascal.

Using insomnia to scare me?

Very well.

He Jiang put his phone to sleep and kicked Shang Jing’s bottoms through the blankets. With a dark face, he settled back down in bed.

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