Chapter 11.4: To Boost Your Brain Power (4)
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Gaining A Husband After a Memory Loss (BL) Chapter 11.4: To Boost Your Brain Power (4)

Many of He Jiang’s clothes required professional maintenance and could not withstand even a single little wrinkle on them. The higher class the piece of clothing was, the more troublesome it was to maintain it.

He Silan: “Even though he has assistants to help him, there will be a day when both of you are out together and there is a wrinkle on his collar. With no assistant around, you will have to know how to handle it, right?”

Shang Jing: “...”

“Aunt He, may I go to the restroom?”

“Go ahead.”

Shang Jing darted into the washroom and sent He Jiang a text: 【When are you coming to fetch me [crying emoji]?”】

There was no reply.


He Jiang was at a magazine cover shoot and only saw Shang Jing messages after finishing a set.

From the earliest message to the latest…

【When are you coming to fetch me?”】

【I don’t want to work anymore.】

【Come fetch me, I’m begging you.】

【Hubby (づ ̄3 ̄)づ╭??~】

【Now! Immediately! If you don’t come, you’ll have to face the consequences!】

【I’m warning you. I’ll count to three!】

He Jiang burst out in laughter.

The messages were sent at three different points in time. It was a wonder how many times Shang Jing had visited the toilet to pee in that short period of time.

At the house, Shang Jing had mastered making dumplings, ironing clothes, arranging a tie, arranging flowers, making a peacock-shaped fruit platter, and was currently working towards learning how to carve an exquisite flower out of a carrot.

As He Silan walked into the living room after her afternoon nap, the view of a young lad munching on a carrot stunned her.

Seeing the demon lord awaken, Shang Jing quickly spit the carrot out, picked up the carving knife, and pretended to be hard at work.

He Silan: “What are you doing? Are you hungry?”

“Ah?” Shang Jing looked at his multi-talented teacher of the day, Auntie Liu, in a daze.

Auntie Liu obviously had experience in this. Walking towards He Silan, she quickly updated her on what she had done throughout the day in a whisper.

He Silan laughed sheepishly. “My apologies, I can’t control myself sometimes.”

She was after all a person of the last generation and had a traditional mindset. However, after receiving modern education and rounds of advice from her children, she rarely demonstrated this side of her.

But Alzheimer’s disease had caused some changes to her personality, making her more close-minded and stubborn in the past year, making it futile to reason with her when she was having a relapse. The only thing one could do was to go along with her whims.

He Silan took the carving knife out of Shang Jing hands and apologized profusely.

Shang Jing would of course not blame her, especially since she had not done it intentionally, just like how he had not wanted to lose his memories but still did. He could understand her difficulties and respected them. “It’s alright Aunt He, I’ve learned a lot today! Dumplings and fruit platters are my favorites too!”

He Silan asked, “Where is He Jiang? Why is he not here to fetch his wife? Auntie Liu, give him a call now.”

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Auntie Liu: “Ok. Take your medicine first, I’ll make the call now.”

The He Family had engaged many doctors for He Silan over the years. Whether it oriental or western, they had left no stone unturned. As a result, there was an endless supply of medicine and healthcare products in the house.

He Silan complained to Shang Jing, “I don’t want to take my medicine, they are so hard to swallow.”

Pulling him into a storeroom at one side, she pointed at the hoards of medicine in it. “They had even cleared out a room to specially store my medicine. Isn’t that going overboard? Hmph. When they come over tomorrow, they will definitely each bring a bag of medicines with them. That’s so annoying.”

“You are a good kid. Help me throw them out.”

He Silan’s complaints tickled Shang Jing. They were like complaints of a petulant child who refused to take her medicine. However, when he looked in the direction she pointed in, he could not help swallowing his saliva in shock.

The storeroom was bigger than the pharmacy of some smaller-scale hospital.

Auntie Liu was back from making the phone call. She said softly to Shang Jing, “The He Family has many offspring. Some of them are clueless about medicine and simply bought any healthcare products they see that are beneficial to the brain, regardless of the price tag. Even though the old madam said to throw them away, they were after all the good intentions of the younger generation and could not bear to throw them.”

Shang Jing scanned the collection and spotted the medicines Dr. Bo had prescribed him.

There was a huge variety of ganglioside and brain booster supplements…

He Silan: “Do you fancy these?”

Shang Jing shook his head. “No, no.”

How could he steal these from an old lady?

But He Silan was feeling guilty from what she put him through earlier in the day. With the knowledge she had gained from all the doctor consultations, she confidently picked out some brain supplements from the shelves while looking at Shang Jing.

Every time she took one off the shelf, she took a look at him, like an experienced pharmacist.

Shang Jing pushed his head lower and lower as his ears burned with intensity. With difficulty, he tried to stop Aunt He. “Aunt He, I really don’t need…”

He Silan: “There’s nothing wrong with wanting to become smarter but don’t rely on them too much.”

Shang Jing: “...” Thank you, money for buying medicine… saved.

Shang Jing held the large bag of health supplements in front of his chest and waited for He Jiang at the door. He wanted to find some hole to burrow into.

His exquisite suit was now wrinkly and his white shirt sleeves were stained with dragon fruit juice.

T-tomorrow during the He Family reunion, the He family would definitely notice the empty shelves in Aunt He’s treasure trove.

With some asking around… Oh, they were taken by He Jiang’s wife.

Shang Jing did not know whether that would be more embarrassing for him or for He Jiang.

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