Chapter 11.3: To Boost Your Brain Power 3)
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Gaining A Husband After a Memory Loss (BL) Chapter 11.3: To Boost Your Brain Power 3)

Shang Jing and He Silan had both hurt themselves on their forehead, one on the left and the other on the right. When they stood facing each other, it was like their wounds were copied and pasted.

Shang Jing returned her gaze guiltily, feeling like a slacker student who was dragged to the discipline master’s office for interrogation on whether he was dating the principal’s son.

He had never gotten into trouble in school before and did not know what to do.

Moreover, Aunt He was already so advanced in age. What if he said something wrong and caused her to faint from anger?


He Jiang pinched Shang Jing’s mouth shut. “Aunt…”

He Silan continued looking at Shang Jing. Massaging her temples, she lamented, as though she had been angered by her unfilial son, “Just because I have dementia, you think you can fool me. I don’t have many more days to live anyway. It’s just unfortunate I don’t get to see you get married and form a family.”

Shang Jing could not stand watching the elderlies sigh and lament. Getting married was not something that could not be announced anyway. If it could make Aunt He happy, he was willing to play the role of a married couple out of duty for another year even after their divorce.

He Jiang could never understand the insecurities and anxieties of people who hurt their heads like them, their distrust in people around them, and the worry over being cheated anytime by others.

He was the only one who could understand Aunt He.

Considering He Jiang’s hand still on his mouth, Shang Jing nodded sheepishly.

He Silan lifted her luggage. “Good.”

He Jiang raised his hands helplessly. “Prepare yourself for the consequences. I have already warned you.”

Shang Jing: “What?”

He Jiang looked at him dotingly. “Nothing, it’s just that my aunt is a little… traditional.”

He had no intention to tattle behind his aunt’s back but what could he do? Shang Jing was a little idiot.

After sending his aunt back and enjoying a cup of hot tea, He Jiang quickly excused himself, “I still have work in the afternoon. I’ll come by again tomorrow.”

Grabbing Shang Jing by the nape of his neck, he turned to leave.

“Leave Shang Jing here to chat with me,” He Silan was all smiles, looking peaceful and harmonious.

He Jiang: “He had something on in the afternoon too.”

He Silan: “I’ve asked him. He said he has nothing on.”

He Jiang sighed, “Fine, I’ll come fetch him after I’m done with work.”

Soon, lunchtime came by. The chef at the main family home was even more advanced than Auntie Huang. Shang Jing had even believed Chef Li was a direct disciple of some royal chef at some point in time.

Plus, He Silan kept urging him to eat more. Shang Jing was truly fond of the elderly.

“Thank you, Aunt He.”

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However, He Silan suddenly changed her tone. “As a son-in-law of the He Family, one can be lacking in many areas but he must be virtuous. Shang Jing, do you know how to cook?”

Shang Jing: “Ah… No.”

He Silan: “Do you know what He Jiang’s favorite food is?”

Shang Jing had a feeling he was being interviewed. Under pressure, he thought of something. “... Dumplings?”

He Silan: “Have you made wrapped dumplings for him before?”

Shang Jing: “I don’t know how to.”

He Silan shook her head in disappointment. “He Jiang can’t even enjoy some handmade dumplings prepared by his wife after coming home from a day of work.”

She pointed at an auntie standing beside them. “Go prepare the ingredients and make sure he learns how to make dumplings by the end of today.”

Ten minutes later, Shang Jing was faced with a washbasin full of dumpling fillings. His irises dilated.

Could all of these even fit in He Jiang’s double-door fridge?

He Silan: “Learn from Auntie Liu well. He Jiang loved her dumplings in the past. Wait… Bring the ingredients list over. You can memorize it while wrapping them.”

Shang Jing stared at the page-long recipe. With a purse of his lips, he started memorizing it.

What could he do? He did not dare to slack off with Aunt He staring at him. What if her temper flared up?

Twenty minutes later, He Silan came over to test the results of his memorization.

With some stutter, he barely passed the test.

The dumplings Shang Jing had wrapped were all bursting at its seams, staining his hands with the meat mixture. Wiping them off, he continued to learn from Auntie Liu.

Auntie Liu, on the other hand, speedily helped him wrap a portion of the dumplings under the pretext of teaching him.

Shang Jing looked on with gratitude and sped up. As a seasoned piano player who has agile hands, he did not lag behind Auntie Liu.

“What skillful hands you have. Aiyo, you are even wrapping them better than me.”

Under Auntie Liu’s constant praise, Shang Jing finished wrapping them in three hours and packed them one by one into food containers to bring home.

Aunt He had miscalculated.

How could I let He Jiang enjoy the dumplings I made for free? I will get to decide what I want to do with these after I get home.

Shang Jing was in a great mood.

However, this was not the end. He Silan once again asked him, “Do you know how to handle clothes?”

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