Chapter 10.2: Shang Jing! You Did This On Purpose? (2)
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Gaining A Husband After a Memory Loss (BL) Chapter 10.2: Shang Jing! You Did This On Purpose? (2)

Getting rid of evidence that benefits him himself had never happened to He Jiang before. He tried to recall Shang Jing’s cooking process to let him realize the butt of the problem.

“I’m not trying to make things hard for it. It’s just that the food really tasted weird.”

Hearing that, Shang Jing let go of his wrist and shouted, “How weird can it be?! I did not poison it nor add anything weird to it. It’s just a normal piece of boiled beef! How disgusting can it be?!”

He Jiang was not deterred. He continued his questioning calmly, “How did you make it? What’s the process?”

Shang Jing laughed coldly, his eyes were still red with anger. “I had followed normal procedures! I boiled the water, added the meat in, and then salted it. Isn’t that how people usually handle premium ingredients? At the very least, that’s what the professionals said! Where did I go wrong? Or is it because your ingredients are not premium enough?!”

He Jiang slowly said, “Yes, you can do that with hairy crabs.”

As for other ingredients, additional processes were still required.

Suddenly, He Jiang realized something. He asked, “Why didn’t you cook the crabs?”

If he did so, then there would at least be one dish he could praise.

The surface of Shang Jing’s tearful gaze suddenly froze up. His heart fell to his stomach. In a tiny voice, he murmured, “I couldn’t bring myself to catch them…” while running into the kitchen.

On the kitchen floor, the drawer was still there but there was not even a single hairy crab in it.

Shang Jing squatted beside the drawer and panicked. Guilt filled him.

Ahhh… Is that why I kept hearing those weird scuttling sounds behind me while cooking?

He Jiang wiped the saliva off his wrist. The teeth marks on it were obvious and deep. But it was not bleeding, which meant Shang Jing had shown some form of restraint.

He Jiang trailed behind Shang Jing into the kitchen and looked at the empty drawer. He carefully asked, “Are the crabs in the pot?”

Shang Jing pressed his head closer to the floor. “T-they escaped.”


He Jiang subconsciously glanced at room doors in the house and felt the blood drain from his face.

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All of the doors were ajar.

Three times is a curse. He had already made Shang Jing cry twice today and had no courage to put any blame on him now.

He took out his phone and called Auntie Huang. “How many hairy crabs did you buy?”

Auntie Huang: “Eight! An auspicious number! Their crab roes are at their best now! Remember to eat them in time.”

He Jiang: “Ok, thank you auntie.”

After he disconnected the call, he ruffled Shang Jing’s head and said in a gentle voice, “Let’s go look for them.”

Luckily the bottom of the kitchen cabinets was sealed. Equipped with gloves and a torchlight, He Jiang found two of them under the refrigerator.

This meant the other six were hiding in the kitchen and rooms.

Beneath the sofa and television console, behind the flower pots, He Jiang had carried and shifted every single piece of furniture in the house that was touching the ground, just to look for those missing crabs.

Shang Jing, on the other hand, followed behind He Jiang with a small yellow pail. Watching He Jiang crouch on the floor and use a broom to chase a crab out in such a sorry manner, his anger from before dissipated.

He Jiang mocked while dumping a crab into the pail, “Are you happy seeing me suffer?”

Shang Jing immediately adjusted his expression into one of extreme sadness.

He looked at him and sighed internally. How would he dare to instruct him to do anything? “Move your legs.”

Shang Jing: “Orh.”

Shang Jing thought about it and placed the pail on the floor. He walked to the washroom and took a mop out from there. “Since you have already moved the furniture, let’s mop the floor.”

He Jiang: “...” His biggest mistake was putting Shang Jing in charge of cooking and mopping the floor.

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