Chapter 10.1: Shang Jing! You Did This On Purpose? (1)
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Gaining A Husband After a Memory Loss (BL) Chapter 10.1: Shang Jing! You Did This On Purpose? (1)

He Jiang took another gulp of mineral water.

What did he expect? Why did he believe Shang Jing would make a meal for him obediently? It was already a blessing he did not poison the food.

Moreover, didn’t he tell himself he was satisfied Shang Jing did not blow the kitchen up?

With a series of positive mental reinforcement to manage his expectations, he eventually managed to quell his rising anger.

His anger was quelled but Shang Jing was about to explode!

To humiliate his food was the same as humiliating him! He had worked so hard to make this meal! He did not do anything weird, did not poison the food, decorated the dish nicely, and provided before and after meal service. In exchange, all he got was such a comment?

“What do you mean by 'even dogs would not eat it’?”

“Are you looking down on the food made by us commoners? Then don’t eat at home!” Steam was rising from the top of his head. He sat himself down at the table and snatched the set of fork and knife over from He Jiang’s hands. “If you don’t want to eat it, I will. We are from different worlds, it will be better for us to dine separately in the future!”

Shang Jing had long since lost his appetite from all the anger. He sliced the beef into smaller pieces with rough motions while shooting beams out of his eyes, as though the meat he was slicing into was He Jiang’s heart.

He had enjoyed those overcooked dumplings of his previously. Now that I am the one doing the cooking, he’s reacting this way?

Finding all sorts of ways to chase me away?

Shang Jing stared at the mashed-up foie gras on the plate. They were like his torn-up ego, being spit into the trash like a piece of valueless trash.

“Heaven will bring great wealth to the people, but they must first suffer in their minds and work their bodies.” Shang Jing recited a Buddhist scripture under his breath to calm himself.

He Jiang wants him to move out, he will never move out! He Jiang said his food was unappetizing even to dogs, he will finish them all!

Noticing Shang Jing’s determination to finish the table of disgusting f

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