Chapter 10.3: Shang Jing! You Did This On Purpose? (3)
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Gaining A Husband After a Memory Loss (BL) Chapter 10.3: Shang Jing! You Did This On Purpose? (3)

Shang Jing should just be like those hipsters and just water the plants everyday.

Luckily, the plants in his house were still quite durable.

The searching and mopping carried on even after sunset.

They were still missing out on a crab.

He Jiang had even suspected Shang Jing of consuming the last crab and not telling him about it. He specially checked the trash can for any remnants of that.

Ever since he purchased the villa, he had always engaged external cleaners to clean it and had never done it himself.

Thanks to Shang Jing, he had discovered the water to disinfectant proportions for floor cleaners.

Meanwhile, Shang Jing had dozed off on the sofa after being tired out from crying. After covering him with a blanket, He Jiang tirelessly continued his search for the final crab.

Finally, one hour later, he found it beneath his red sports car. It was already breathing its last. He let out a huge sigh of relief.

He ordered take-out and went back to his room for a shower. By the time he had dried his hair and stepped out of his room, Shang Jing was already awake and the food was sitting happily on the table.

Out of the eight crabs, only six of them were still edible. With the four dishes and a soup ordered from a hotel, it could be considered a sumptuous meal.

Having labored non-stop for six hours today, He Jiang was already hungry beyond words. As they made their meals, the harmonious atmosphere had He Jiang lament… I should have gotten take-out this afternoon. We would have saved ourselves so much trouble and unhappiness.

He must not have thought things through to get Shang Jing, who had grown up in a US boarding school, to make Chinese dishes.

“Clear the take-out boxes. I’m going to take a nap.” He Jiang was already tired out from everything that happened today. But he quickly added, worried that something else might go wrong, “If you’re not willing to do so, just leave them there.”

In the afternoon, Shang Jing had prepared a meal for He Jiang on an empty stomach and the latter had even dissed his dishes. That really triggered him. But now that he filled his stomach, he was still a reasonable person.

He stored all the good-condition leftovers in the refrigerator and grabbed a large trash bag. Little by little, he cleared away the takeout boxes on the table.

With these and the trash from this afternoon, the trash bin was already filled.

Shang Jing knotted the rubbish bags and took them out.

The sky was dark and it was slightly drizzling. Shang Jing looked at the two big trash bags in his hands and decided not to dump them in the common rubbish bin in front of the villa’s entrance. Instead, he made his way towards the big green rubbish bin at the road junction.

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As he threw the bags into the big, the black plastic bag beside the bin moved.

Shang Jing jumped back from shock. After calming his racing heart, he took a closer look. The bag moved again. This time, he could clearly see the silhouette of a creature inside the bag. It was palm-sized, weak, and pitiful. It did not even cry out. With the black bag covering it, it had almost fully camouflaged into the darkness of night.

Shang Jing was aptly reminded of some cat owners who refused to spay their cats. When their cats gave birth, they would heartlessly throw these kittens away. Even though this was a premium estate, there was no guarantee there wasn’t someone like that living in the area.

Plus, Shang Jing was almost kicked out of the house earlier today and could strongly feel for the poor little thing.

He wanted to care for it at home.

But He Jiang and he were now landlord and tenant. His landlord may not allow him to keep pets in the house.

Shang Jing stared at the kitten for a little longer. With a clench of his teeth, he ran home.

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