Chapter 10.4: Shang Jing! You Did This On Purpose? (4)
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Gaining A Husband After a Memory Loss (BL) Chapter 10.4: Shang Jing! You Did This On Purpose? (4)

He Jiang must have been very exhausted, he did not even lock his door.

Shang Jing rushed to his bedside and pushed the sleeping He Jiang, shouting, “Landlord! Landlord!”

He Jiang did not move.

Shang Jing crouched beside his ear and whispered, “He Jiang, I want to keep a kitten.”

He Jiang’s eyes crack open a line to look at Shang Jing. He stretched out a hand and rustled his hair. In a seemingly ordering yet gentle and tired tone, he croaked, “Hush.”

And flipped his body over, burying his head in the sheets.

Shang Jing was not deterred. He ran to the other side of the bed and repeatedly pushed him. “Landlord, He Jiang!”

Thunder was rolling outside. Seeing as He Jiang was not waking up and he was in a rush, he slapped his waist and shouted, “Hubby!”

Shang Jing finally understood why He Jiang did not want him calling him ‘Hubby’. Because everytime he did that, he would have an intriguing expression on his face.

That’s a good finding. I should use this more often in critical moments.

He Jiang: “...”

He sat up in his bed, a little annoyed from being woken up but ultimately did not dare to express his dissatisfaction. “What is it?”

Shang Jing raised his eyebrows. It seemed calling him ‘Hubby’ was still very effective. In a very sincere tone, he said, “I want to keep a kitten.”

He Jiang: “Can you first take good care of yourself?”

Shang Jing: “I’ve my eyes on a cat.”

He Jiang: “... Then keep it.”

Shang Jing: “It’s now beside the rubbish bin.”

He Jiang’s eyes were half-closed. “So?”

Shang Jing: “Can you help me catch it? Please…”

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He Jiang: “Can’t you do it yourself?”

Shang Jing shivered in fear. “I can’t touch it. I’m afraid it will run away.”

Shang Jing was speechless for two seconds. Remembering how Shang Jing handled things today, he would rather be the one catching the cat. After all, he would not want to search all three levels of the house for a cat that can run faster than crabs.

“What do I owe you to deserve this?” He Jiang climbed out of bed, still feeling irritated, and put on a top. He ordered, “Go get a box.”

Shang Jing happily went to the shoe rack and pulled out a shoe box. After removing He Jiang’s premium leather shoes from it, he lined it with a few layers of tissue paper. “Let’s go, let’s go!”

Under Shang Jing’s lead, He Jiang found the black shivering plastic bag beside the rubbish bin. He put on a pair of disposable gloves and opened the bag.

Inside was a big black rat stuck to a sticky mouse board.

Shang Jing, who was standing behind him, peeped over his shoulder to look at the situation. “What’s the situation?”

The veins on He Jiang’s temples thrummed. Without hesitation, he removed his gloves and threw them into the bin. Fury tore through him as he roared, “Shang Jing! You did this on purpose?!”

Shang Jing covered his ears. Out of guilt, he spouted, “Hubby, I’m sorry.”

He Jiang: “...”

I’m going to go crazy.

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