Chapter 11.1: To Boost Your Brain Power (1)
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Gaining A Husband After a Memory Loss (BL) Chapter 11.1: To Boost Your Brain Power (1)

He Jiang: “Don’t call me Hubby, we are even now.”

He had made Shang Jing cry twice and been tricked by him twice today. He only wanted to get over this quickly.

Shang Jing trailed behind him. He explained, “It wasn’t on purpose! I really thought there was a kitten in there. How could there be rats in our neighborhood? Could it be that we have some crawling in our house too…”

He Jiang replied with absolute confidence, “There isn’t.”

He had combed through his entire villa today. There was not even a cockroach in sight, much less a rat.


He Jiang stopped in his tracks.

If I continue to allow Shang Jing, this kitchen idiot, to prepare the meals with his careless ways, there is a possibility he might leave things lying around and not take the trash out on time.

He would not be surprised if the house was infested with the community’s cockroaches and rats within three days.

He Jiang scrunched his eyes together. Why is it so hard to demand some payment from this rascal for their cohabitation?

Seeing as He Jiang was not saying anything, Shang Jing took the chance to butter him up. “Mr. Landlord, what do you feel like having tomorrow? I will follow the recipe to the T and not skimp on any steps.”

“Forget it.” He Jiang turned around and stopped Shang Jing in his tracks with a finger to his forehead. “From now on, stay away from the kitchen. You are not allowed in there.”

Shang Jing: “Why?”

He Jiang tactfully avoided revealing the reason, “There’s no reason for that. Don’t you hate cooking?”

Shang Jing: “Right, I don’t like it.”

He Jiang: “That settles it.”

That night, Shang Jing searched the internet for solutions to ‘How to cheer your angry husband up’ while lying in bed. It was not because he was returning back to his humble and pitiable self, but because there were times he had gone overboard accidentally in his quest to make life difficult for He Jiang. He needed some tricks at hand as back up to keep his life intact in those situations.

Plus, to sustain a life of crazy antics, the skill to suitably please someone was necessary.

Shang Jing opened the suggested solutions one by one, hungry for knowledge. However, by the time he exited the forum, he was disappointed.

Drats, why does every reply contain ‘cook him his favorite dishes’?!

He Jiang always got angry at me whenever I cooked.

The rest of the options were to act pitiful and dress up well.

All of them were not applicable to his situation.

Shang Jing flipped over in bed and pressed his face against the pillow. His eyes exuded frustration and helplessness. Suddenly, he sat up and keyed in the words ‘How to cheer your angry wife up’ into the search bar.

【Wake up earlier to make breakfast for your wife.】

Shang Jing: This is pissing me off!

He puffed out his cheeks and read on.

“Buy your wife an expensive necklace.”

“Buy your wife a handbag.”

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These solutions were not helpful at all. He was too broke to buy expensive gifts for He Jiang.

Shang Jing continued to search for solutions till he fell asleep. Before he finally entered dreamland, he thought in a daze…

It is so much harder to please someone as compared to pissing them off. Before I gain the ability to calm him down, I should refrain from going overboard.

The light from his phone casted a shadow of his long and thick eyelashes on his soft and delicate eyelids, like a thin layer of beancurd skin sitting on top of a white porcelain plate rippling outwards after a swallow sliced through its surface with its tail.

It’s owner was already deep asleep but his phone was still stubbornly shining in the dark. On it was a list of recent searches.

How to cheer your angry landlord up?

How to cheer an angry superstar up?

How to calm your to-be-ex-husband down?

The next day, Shang Jing woke up at 9AM. While checking the time on his phone, he noticed a WeChat message from Dr. Bo that was sent to him at 8AM.

Dr. Bo said that he had shown his medical records to a chief physician and the advice given was for him to explore things, places and routines he was previously familiar with, and to be more socially active so as to provide stimulation to the nerves in his brain. As for medical treatment, it was still not advisable to receive any until they could ascertain the cause of his amnesia but he would continue to monitor his situation. If anything arises, he would notify him accordingly.

At the end of the message, Dr. Bo had listed some medicine that would help in the recovery of his brain.

【Thank you, Dr. Bo. I’ve noted your advice. Sorry for the trouble. I wish you a smooth workday today.】

After sending out his reply, Shang Jing re-read Dr. Bo’s message three more times to commit it to memory, especially the names of the medicine he had suggested, then cautiously deleted their conversation records.

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