Book 05 Chapter 134: Vine World Calabash
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Everlasting Immortal Firmament Book 05 Chapter 134: Vine World Calabash

“Han Royal Dynasty citizens, we have run into a powerful enemy that desires to destroy the Han Nation today. We ask to borrow strength from all the citizens. Raise your right hand and lend us your strength. Protect the Han Royal Dynasty with us! Protect your family with us! Lend us your strength; raise your right hands!”

Gu Hai’s voice reached all the Han Nation citizens through the blessings cloud sea. At the same time, it also reached the Asura Path Secret Realm. The entire Han Nation Demon Army heard Gu Hai’s voice.

“Yes, Your Majesty!” everyone in the Han Nation Demon Army answered.


The Han Nation Demon Army members immediately raised their hands, and their energy vanished. It seemed like it reached the outside after traveling through the void.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

The Han Nation Demon Army soldiers slumped to the ground one after another.

Long Wanqing looked in shock at everyone who lent their strength.

Meng Tai, Gao Xianzhi, Chen Tianshan, and Gu Qin lent their strength. Even the Unborn Man lent his strength.

As the energy left them, everyone slumped to the ground.

The three-odd-kilometer-tall Gu Hai looked at the thirty-odd-kilometer-tall Ming He.

However, Ming He did not feel anxious. He just waited patiently as though giving Gu Hai time to reach his peak.

“The Han Royal Dynasty? Driving the power of a nation? There is one set of spiritual souls missing from the two hundred. It must be outside. Not bad! Not bad!” Ming He sneered.


Suddenly, a golden light flashed in the distance. Gu Hai’s final set of spiritual souls outside turned into an asura and charged in, carrying the power of the Han Nation.

Ming He did not feel worried. On the contrary, he boiled with anticipation.

Ming He waved his hand. “It is ending. It is time to leave. Hah! I will extract your spiritual souls to bring my divine body away. This ancestor no longer has any business in the Asura Path Secret Realm.”

When Ming He waved, the black river in Netherworld Blood Sea City floated into the sky. As it rose slowly, it coalesced into a giant ball.

“This is the physical body you forged using the Asura Path Secret Realm?” Gu Hai’s face sank.

The giant black ball did not give off much aura. However, how could it be something ordinary if Ming He valued it so much?

“Physical body? No, it’s a divine body. Right now, it is a clump of energy. It can take on many forms and produce and transform Divine Energy and life energy, the source of life. You will never understand, and you don’t need to. Hahahaha!” Ming He sneered.

As the black water ball floated in the sky, Ming He swaggered as if he already had victory in hand.

Suddenly, the beam of golden light at the horizon shot over, rushing towards the three-odd-kilometer-tall Gu Hai.


The two Gu Hais crashed into each other and merged, returning to one. The surging energy gathered in Gu Hai’s body.

Gu Hai’s figure quickly expanded.

“Hah! The Han Nation’s power? Receiving all the power of the asuras? The citizens in the Han Royal Dynasty’s sixty cities lent their strength to you. Oh? That’s right. Speaking of which, you also have a bunch of national beasts in Silver Moon City. Shangguan Hen? There’s also the strength of countless black tortoises? They lent you their strength? Unfortunately, that bunch of black tortoises is just a declined race. No matter how strong they are, there is a limit. It is limited. Hahahahaha!” Ming He suddenly guffawed.

“How do you know?” The face of Gu Hai, who was still enlarging, turned grave.

Ming He showed a ferocious expression as he said, “Do you think that we don’t know anything just because we are trapped in the Asura Path Secret Realm? Did you really think that we know nothing of the Divine Continent’s events? Did you really think that this ancestor would not investigate you after you have been here for three years?”

“How did you get your information?” Gu Hai’s face sank.

“While the Asura Path Secret Realm is a sealed realm, it is only sealed to prevent people from escaping. It is not sealed against people coming in. The souls of people with unpardonable sins in the world are sent into this realm at every moment. This ancestor is extremely clear on your Han Royal Dynasty’s situation, more so than anyone else. Hahahaha! Unfortunate. How unfortunate! You can only reach twenty-six thousand six hundred sixty-six meters tall at best. That is just right for this ancestor to snatch away. Hahahahahaha!” Ming He sneered.


Indeed, when Gu Hai reached twenty-six thousand six hundred sixty-six meters tall, his speed of growth suddenly slowed down.

Before the thirty-odd-kilometer-tall Ming He, Gu Hai was still shorter by a head.

“Humph! If Long Zhanguo were here, this ancestor might not have dared to risk it. However, you? Twenty-six thousand six hundred sixty-six meters tall? You are far from sufficient. Huh? You are still growing?” Ming He’s face suddenly sank.

Ming He’s calculations had been extremely precise, so precise that he could calculate how large Gu Hai would end up: twenty-six thousand six hundred sixty-six meters tall. However, Gu Hai was still growing?

Twenty-eight thousand three hundred thirty-three meters tall? Thirty kilometers tall? Gu Hai suddenly surpassed Ming He’s calculations.

“Why are you still growing? That’s not right. What’s that sound?” Ming He’s face suddenly sank.

“The Dao, if articulable, is not the eternal Dao. The name, if it can be named, is not the eternal name…”

The recitation of the Classic of the Dao and Virtue suddenly rang out in the Asura Path Secret Realm.

The blood mist filled the entire Asura Path Secret Realm. This was Ming He’s domain. However, the Classic of the Dao and Virtue’s recitation also filled the entire Asura Path Secret Realm.

In just a moment, the Classic of the Dao and Virtue’s recitation was like a resonant bell tolling throughout the realm.

“The Classic of the Dao and Virtue? Are you crazy? You ripped the Classic of the Dao and Virtue before you entered?” Ming He’s expression suddenly changed.

Gu Hai’s figure reached thirty-three thousand three hundred thirty-three meters before he stopped enlarging.

Now, Gu Hai and Ming He were equally tall, giving off equally strong auras.


Outside Borderless Heavenly Capital:

The Azure Emperor moved extremely rapidly, arriving outside Borderless Heavenly Capital in just a while.

“Oh no! He is back!” Zhang Sanfeng’s face sank.

“The Azure Emperor? Him again?” Dongfang Bubai’s face also sank.

The posture of the four cloud beast experts was as if a powerful enemy had arrived.


At this moment, nearly all the energy of the citizens in the Han Royal Dynasty had gathered in Gu Hai’s body.

Gu Hai’s body and spiritual souls were connected. With a gentle tug, the surging energy shifted from the physical body to the spiritual souls.

Just as Gu Hai gathered all the energy and was about to enter the Asura Path Secret Realm, his soul body suddenly paused.

“Ancestor Ming He? We nearly got careless,” Gu Hai’s spiritual souls muttered softly.

Then, he took out the Classic of the Dao and Virtue.

As Gu Hai looked at the paper with the “Classic of the Dao and Virtue” written on it, he remained silent for a while, feeling somewhat reluctant. However, his eyes hardened with determination the next moment.


Gu Hai ripped apart the Classic of the Dao and Virtue.

The instant Gu Hai ripped the Classic of the Dao and Virtue, surging noble spirit rushed into his spiritual souls. At the same time, voices rang out in all directions.


Gu Hai stepped into the Asura Path Secret Realm.


While the Classic of the Dao and Virtue could not enter the Asura Path Secret Realm, the surging noble spirit continued pouring into his spiritual souls, and the voices continued chanting in the air.

“The world is not benevolent, mowing down all things like dogs. The sages are not benevolent, mowing down all things as dogs…”

Supernatural beings recited the scripture, encasing the entire Borderless Heavenly Capital.

The Classic of the Dao and Virtue was much more incredible than “Bring in the Wine” or “Song of Noble Spirit.”

As the incredibly solemn recital rang out, golden words manifested out of nowhere, surrounding the entire Borderless Heavenly Capital. The words glowed, appearing holy.

“Gu Hai, how dare you tear our Classic of the Dao and Virtue?!” the Azure Emperor roared furiously.

The Azure Emperor threw a palm strike at Borderless Heavenly Capital.

A towering palm appeared out of nowhere, smashing down with a destructive might.

“Oh no!” The expressions of countless experts in the city changed dramatically.

Just then, the Classic of the Dao and Virtue’s golden words suddenly burst out with bright golden light.


The countless golden words manifested a powerful barrier, clashing with the Azure Emperor’s colossal palm.


The clash kicked up surging windstorms in the surroundings. A conflagration appeared in the sky at the site of the clash.

Borderless Heavenly Capital shook slightly, but the golden barrier protected the city. The Azure Emperor’s palm strike did not do much.

The Azure Emperor narrowed his eyes.

“It lives up to being the strongest scripture in the world. To think that just the remnant energy from being ripped could have such power. Humph! So what? It has already been ripped. It can only dissipate. The golden word barrier will only weaken. Let’s see how long it can last!” A ferocious look flashed in the Azure Emperor’s eyes.

As the Azure Emperor spoke, he waved. Then, an azure calabash appeared in his hand.

“Treasure, please wrap around!” The Azure Emperor waved.


A vine suddenly shot out of the azure calabash. When the vine appeared, it suddenly split into countless more, covering the entire Borderless Heavenly Capital.


The vine immediately wrapped up Borderless Heavenly Capital and was still multiplying. One to ten thousand, ten thousand to one hundred million. They were endless, turning Borderless Heavenly Capital into a colossal azure vine egg.

The azure vines that erupted from the calabash wrapped around Borderless Heavenly Capital and suddenly extruded millions of thorns.

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

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Sizzling sounded all around Borderless Heavenly Capital. The poisonous thorns on the vines corroded and melted the golden barrier.

“One Vine Birthing a World? This is the Vine World Calabash that is as famous as the Immortal Slaying Calabash?”

“It is in the Azure Emperor’s hands?”

“The Azure Emperor has the Vine World Calabash? Something as famous as the Supreme Ascendant Dao’s Eight Trigram Calabash?”

Loud exclamations came from the surroundings. Aside from the Azure Emperor, countless other people targeted the Classic of the Dao and Virtue. However, they had not figured a way in yet, so they waited in Borderless Heavenly Capital’s vicinity.

Unexpectedly, they saw the Azure Emperor take out the Vine World Calabash, which immediately wrapped the entire Borderless Heavenly Capital in vines. Everyone had only one thought: Borderless Heavenly Capital is finished.


At the same time, in Heavenly Court City:

Long Zhanguo was currently holding the heavenly assembly when Mo Yike and Long Wanyu entered the assembly hall.

“How bold of you! Do you think you can barge into the assembly hall any time you want?” Sima Zongheng glared.

“How presumptuous!”

“How audacious!”

A group of Qian Nation officials furiously reprimanded Mo Yike.

“Shut up!” Long Wanyu glared, causing the officials to stop immediately.

Long Zhanguo looked at Mo Yike coldly. “Mo Yike, are you aware of the offense you committed by encouraging Wanyu to barge into our assembly hall?”

Mo Yike bowed solemnly and said, “Reporting to Qian Heavenly Emperor, this humble one had no choice this time. My emperor ordered this humble one to report immediately to Qian Heavenly Emperor that His Majesty has already finished everything.”

“Oh?” Long Zhanguo narrowed his eyes.

Then, Mo Yike held out a letter. “This humble one does not know what His Majesty intends by this, but he left a letter with me before he went. There were restrictions placed on it. This humble one does not know its contents. However, His Majesty instructed that this humble one was to hand it immediately to Qian Heavenly Emperor the moment I received word from him, no matter where or when.”

An attendant quickly received the letter and brought it to Long Zhanguo.


Long Zhanguo squeezed gently, immediately breaking the restrictions on the letter.

Although Long Zhanguo did not speak, his cold gaze already said everything. If the contents of the letter did not satisfy him, he would not spare Mo Yike and even Gu Hai.

All the civil and military officials could make out Long Zhanguo’s intention, so they did not interject. Instead, they carefully watched Long Zhanguo.

Long Zhanguo opened the letter and read it with narrowed eyes.

“To Qian Heavenly Emperor, Gu Hai was fortunate and obtained the Asura Path Secret Realm’s entrance. It is now in my possession, and I have already cleared it out. Now, I gift the Asura Path Secret Realm to Qian Heavenly Emperor as thanks for all of Qian Heavenly Emperor’s assistance. I wish Qian Heavenly Emperor success in defeating Heaven.”

All the officials stared at Long Zhanguo. Then, they saw Long Zhanguo’s pupils constrict and his expression change.

“Huh?” The officials were shocked.

What could be in the letter for His Holy Eminence’s expression to change like that?

“Mo Yike committed no offense. Lifespan Beiming, come with us!” Long Zhanguo suddenly stood up.

Long Zhanguo grabbed Lifespan Beiming with his left hand from a distance. Then, he swiped with his right hand, tearing a hole in space.


Long Zhanguo and Lifespan Beiming immediately entered the spatial tear.


Everyone saw what seemed to be a stream of energy shoot out instantly, leaving the assembly hall in the blink of an eye and disappearing into the distance.

His Holy Eminence and Lifespan Beiming vanished?

The officials in the assembly hall felt startled. No one spoke for a long time.

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