Book 05 Chapter 133: Facing Ancestor Ming He
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Everlasting Immortal Firmament Book 05 Chapter 133: Facing Ancestor Ming He

Ming He had plotted and schemed to forge strong spiritual souls so that he could take over their consciousness and escape this realm.

The Gu Hais’ faces turned serious and sneered, “Ming He, are you so sure you will defeat us?”

“Hahahahahahaha! Am I sure of defeating you? Can you even struggle?” Ming He shouted coldly.


Four hundred eighty million bloody divine offshoots suddenly charged at Gu Hai.

One Gu Hai could barely deal with one bloody divine offshoot. Now, there were four hundred eighty million. How could Gu Hai resist?

“Gu Hai!” Long Wanqing suddenly cried out in fear.

“Your Majesty!” The expressions of the Han Nation Demon Army attacking Netherworld Blood Sea City changed.

It would be easy for Ming He to kill the Han Nation Demon Army. Against this many bloody divine offshoots, the entire Han Nation Demon Army would not stand a chance.

“Who told you to stop?” one of the Gu Hais shouted coldly.

The expressions of Gu Qin, Gao Xianzhi, Chen Tianshan, Meng Tai, and the others changed. Then, they lowered their heads and resumed their slaughter.

“Kill! Continue killing!” Gao Xianzhi shouted.

Ming He displayed boundless might. Everyone despaired. However, when Gu Hai gave his command, everyone trusted in him without hesitation and continued killing.

“Humph! Go on and kill! Go on! I’ll come and kill you all after I take over Gu Hai’s spiritual souls. Hahahaha!” the four hundred eighty million bloody divine offshoots guffawed as they charged at Gu Hai.

The one hundred ninety-nine Gu Hais’ faces turned grave as they looked at the flood of bloody divine offshoots. Then, two Gu Hais suddenly crashed into each other.


The two Gu Hais exploded into surging black energy. Then, the two soul bodies merged. The black energy did not scatter but coalesced into one body.

“Merger in sets of twos?” an Unborn Man below said in shock.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The Gu Hais merged quickly, producing a much larger asura body.


Suddenly, a multitude of bloody divine offshoots charged at the Gu Hais. All the Gu Hais disappeared under the horde.

“Gu Hai!” Long Wanqing appeared flustered.


The bloody divine offshoots seemed to form asura pyramids, trapping the Gu Hais in the middle.


Just as the Han Nation Demon Army felt worried, a shout came from the sea of blood.


The tens of thousands of bloody divine offshoots covering the Gu Hais suddenly got blown away, scattering in all directions like tossed petals. The immense force shattered many bloody divine offshoots, kicking up an overwhelming wave in the sea of blood.


The bloody divine offshoots exploded, revealing Gu Hai in the center. The one hundred ninety-nine Gu Hais had already merged. From three kilometers tall, he was now three thousand three hundred thirty-three meters tall.

Gu Hai’s power shook the sea of blood.

Energy rushed at the bloody divine offshoots, causing their figures to pause.

Gu Hai completely suppressed all the bloody divine offshoots with his strength.

The Han Nation Demon Army asuras raised their heads and saw the three-odd-kilometer-tall Gu Hai. They cheered in excitement, “Long live Your Majesty! May Your Majesty live for ten thousand years!”


The Han Nation Demon Army turned frenzied. Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill!

It became even more ferocious in killing, slaughtering nearly all the asuras in the Netherworld Blood Sea City.

“Ancestor, save me!”

“Ancestor, save me!”


The asuras shouted in horror. However, Ming He did not care. In Ming He’s eyes, these asuras existed to be killed in the first place. Why would he save them?

Now, Gu Hai turned into a three-odd-kilometer-tall giant showing ferocious might. The most important thing was to deal with Gu Hai.

“Ming He, why haven’t you shown yourself yet?” Gu Hai shouted.

Although the bloody divine offshoots were strong, they were no match for him. It was just somewhat troublesome to kill them.

“Hahahahaha! Merger of the souls! Excellent! Excellent! This should be the way. This ancestor does not want incomplete spiritual souls!” Ming He said coldly.

A black figure suddenly came out of the black river below.


When that figure appeared, Gu Hai sensed the entire Asura Path Secret Realm tremble. Space shook as an extremely horrifying aura arrived. Even the three-odd-kilometer-tall Gu Hai’s expression changed.

The black figure soared through the sky, moving towards Gu Hai.

The four hundred and eighty million bloody divine offshoots in the sea of blood suddenly started pouring into the black figure.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

Just like the Gu Hais merging, the four hundred eighty million bloody divine offshoots merged as they poured into the black figure, becoming one.

The churning sea of blood surrounded that black figure. It seemed like the black figure was the overlord of the world. An even stronger aura spread out, rushing at Gu Hai.

The asuras below trembled under the aura as though they were being pressured to kneel.

“Kill!” Meng Tai roared.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The one-sided slaughter continued until all the asuras in Netherworld Blood Sea City were dead.

“Your Majesty, your subjects have killed all the asuras!” Gao Xianzhi shouted to the sky.


The four hundred eighty million bloody divine offshoots finished merging into the black figure.


The sea of blood exploded, turning into a boundless blood mist that encased the entire Asura Path Secret Realm.

A thirty-three-thousand-three-hundred-thirty-three-meter-tall giant, Ming He, suddenly appeared before Gu Hai—ten times larger than Gu Hai—showing an aura more than ten times stronger.

Gu Hai’s face sank.

“Hahahahaha! Didn’t you want to see my true body? This is my true body! This ancestor’s spiritual souls!” the thirty-odd-kilometer-tall giant roared.

Then, an intense pressure pressed down.

When the sea of blood exploded, Long Wanqing got freed.

“Gu Hai, sorry!” Long Wanqing said sorrowfully.

However, Gu Hai held on to Long Wanqing.

“You are fine now. That is good. Wanqing, go to the Unborn Man first,” Gu Hai said as he held her.

“But…” Long Wanqing looked at the thirty-odd-kilometer-tall Ming He with worry.

Ming He was also an asura—a half-black-and-half-crimson asura. His aura made Long Wanqing feel suffocated.

“Go!” Gu Hai said.

As Gu Hai spoke, he tossed Long Wanqing to the Unborn Man.

The Unborn Man extended his hands to catch her.

“Gu Hai, be careful!” Long Wanqing only managed to shout this final warning.

The Unborn Man felt joy in his heart as he looked at Long Wanqing. However, there was still guilt on his face; he did not dare to say much.

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Ming He looked at Gu Hai with ridicule flashing in his eyes.

“How about you give it a try?” Ming He sneered.

“Fifth Cycle!” Gu Hai suddenly stepped forward and swung his saber at Ming He.

Many saber qi appeared around Gu Hai, chopping down towards Ming He with the manifested saber. However, Ming He just extended his hand.


Ming He grabbed Gu Hai’s Fifth Cycle, utterly immovable.

“Fifth Cycle? Hahaha! This is somewhat interesting. Unfortunately, it is far from sufficient before this ancestor. Is this all you have?” Ming He said coldly.

“Ming He, since you want to see it, very well. I still have something else. You had better hope that you can deal with it,” Gu Hai said.



At the same time, the blessings cloud sea above Borderless Heavenly Capital suddenly churned.

In the restricted area’s ritual array, the soul body that Gu Hai left behind in the land of the living suddenly shouted.

“Han Royal Dynasty citizens, we have run into a powerful enemy that desires to destroy the Han Nation today. We ask to borrow strength from all the citizens. Raise your right hand and lend us your strength. Protect the Han Royal Dynasty with us! Protect your family with us! Lend us your strength; raise your right hands!”


As the blessings cloud sea trembled, Gu Hai’s voice spread to all sixty cities of the Han Royal Dynasty, reaching the ears of all Han Nation citizens.

The expressions of many officials in Borderless Heavenly Capital changed.

“An external enemy? Where?”

The officials and citizens felt very curious, but no one doubted their emperor. Everyone immediately raised their right hand.

“Your Majesty, please use this subject’s strength!”

When the officials raised their right hands, all their energy seemed to leave through their right hands. Those officials slumped to the ground after lending their strength.

Countless officials in other places also raised their right hands, lending their strength.

The citizens likewise raised their right hands.

“Your Majesty, take this humble citizen’s strength!”

“My entire family can cultivate because of the Han Royal Dynasty. Your Majesty, please use this humble citizen’s strength.”

“The Han Royal Dynasty has brought much wealth to my life, and its taxes are very low. Without the Han Royal Dynasty, things would go back to the way they were before. Your Majesty, quickly take my strength!”

“Use mine!”

Citizen after citizen raised their right hand in Borderless Heavenly Capital.

All the citizens in the Han Royal Dynasty’s sixty cities raised their right hands simultaneously and lent their strength.

Golden energy streamed into Borderless Heavenly Capital’s sky, looking like meteors rushing over as surging energy poured into the blessings cloud sea, then transferred to the ritual array in the restricted area.

The power of the Han Royal Dynasty continuously gathered in Gu Hai.


Outside a city of the Han Royal Dynasty:

The Azure Emperor’s true body arrived with a group of subordinates.

“Imperial Lord, there seems to be energy gathering in Borderless Heavenly Capital from the surrounding cities.”

“Imperial Lord, does Gu Hai know that we are here? Is he driving the power of the Han Nation?”

“Imperial Lord, our movements must have been exposed!”

The subordinates cried out in alarm.

The Azure Emperor’s face sank. “Humph! Driving the power of a nation? So what if a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator like you does that?”

As the Azure Emperor snorted coldly, his figure flashed.


The Azure Emperor immediately shot into the distance, leaving his subordinates behind. Moving rapidly, he arrived outside Borderless Heavenly Capital with little effort.

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