Book 05 Chapter 135: Purple Sky Heavenly Lightning
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Everlasting Immortal Firmament Book 05 Chapter 135: Purple Sky Heavenly Lightning

Asura Path Secret Realm:

Both Gu Hai and Ming He reached thirty-three thousand three hundred thirty-three meters in height, equally tall, with equally powerful auras.

“The Classic of the Dao and Virtue? Excellent! Excellent! Excellent! Indeed, a person who can establish a royal dynasty in such a short time has to have an uncommon ruthlessness. To think that you ripped the Classic of the Dao and Virtue without hesitating!” Ming He said ferociously.

Ming He took out a sword as he spoke. The sword gave off a dazzling crimson light.

“Ming He? We do not dare to underestimate you.” Gu Hai extended his hand and took out a saber.

Although this saber was not one of Gu Hai’s four sabers, it was made of the energy of this world, so it was strangely tough.

The two stood a distance apart as murderous intent rushed out.

“That’s good. Your current spiritual souls are strong enough to bring out this ancestor in my entirety,” Ming He said coldly.

As Ming He spoke, he unleashed a powerful aura.


The entire Asura Path Secret Realm trembled as that horrifying aura rushed at Gu Hai. An intense energy flame appeared, immediately surpassing Gu Hai’s aura.

“What? Your aura?” Gu Hai’s face sank.

“Did you think you would be a match for this ancestor after you slaughtered all of the asuras in the Asura Path Secret Realm and gathered all the Soul Energy? You are still far from sufficient. This ancestor has emptied this Asura Path Secret Realm thrice. Can you even compare to that? Watch as this ancestor suppresses you and takes over your spiritual souls!” Ming He swung his sword with a ferocious expression.

The crimson sword in Ming He’s hand did not move quickly. However, as it approached Gu Hai, it seemed to compress space, creating immense pressure in Gu Hai’s surroundings and making it difficult for him to move.

“Cycle Saber Technique…” Gu Hai swung his saber ponderously.


Plenty of saber qi appeared in the surroundings, forming what looked like a large Go board.

“Humph! The Fifth Cycle? You already used it earlier. Even if you are stronger now and can make this move more powerful, so what? It is not enough! Simply not enough!” Ming He sneered.

“…Sixth Cycle!” Gu Hai shouted.


All the saber qi gathered in the manifested saber. The manifested saber gave off a dazzling golden light, which lit up the entire world.

The saber’s blade seemed to carry a destructive might capable of destroying the world, like heavenly punishment rushing at Ming He.

“You held back?” Ming He’s expression changed.

The sheer ferocity of the saber strike forced Ming He to change his tactics. He quickly raised his sword and swung at the sky.


The sword and the saber clashed.

The ground below Ming He shook, and thousands of gorges appeared, spreading out in all directions.

“One hundred times stronger than the Fifth Cycle? How can this be? Gu Hai, you tricked me?” Ming He said with a ferocious expression.

While Ming He’s expression changed suddenly, so did Gu Hai’s.

This was the Sixth Cycle, something Gu Hai’s physical body could not handle, as it placed too heavy a burden. He would die before his opponent did.

Gu Hai could send out this attack only because of his asura body.

To Gu Hai, this attack should have been unrivaled. He even believed that if the Azure Emperor were here, this attack could easily deal with the Azure Emperor. However, Ming He managed to block it.

The saber and the sword contended, pushing against each other in a stalemate.

Gu Hai’s full-power saber strike could not do anything against Ming He. However, he had managed to restrain Ming He, preventing Ming He from retracting the sword. The moment Ming He did, the saber attack would land on Ming He.

Even though Ming He was extremely strong, he could not withstand such a powerful saber strike.

The two maintained a stalemate, showing ferocious expressions.

“Excellent! Excellent! Excellent! Gu Hai, this ancestor did not expect that you had hidden so much just to deal with me. Excellent!” Ming He said with a ferocious expression.

While Gu Hai had managed to pull off a stalemate, how could Ming He just stop here after waiting for so long?

Suddenly, a black figure rushed out of Ming He’s face. That figure went past the locked blades, flying straight for Gu Hai’s head.

“Gu Hai, be careful! Ming He’s consciousness is attempting a takeover!” the Unborn Man cried out from below.

Unfortunately, the Unborn Man had lent his strength and was already spent; he could not help.

Ming He’s black figure consciousness approached Gu Hai.

Gu Hai’s face sank. “Ensnaring Performance! Ensnaring Performance, where are you?”

“Don’t bother with your officials. If you pull your saber back, my sword will strike your body. If you do not, this ancestor’s consciousness will take over your spiritual souls!” the black figure consciousness said with a ferocious expression.

Pull the saber back?

Gu Hai would not pull his saber back. If he got severely injured by Ming He now, he would lose all opportunities to counterattack.

“Mas…Master, I’m here! But…I…I can’t defeat him!” Ensnaring Performance stammered in horror as he looked at Ming He.

“Insignificant thing! To think that you even dare to think about it?” Ming He said coldly.

“Who wants you to defeat him? Sing for us! Sing!” Gu Hai said with a ferocious expression.

“But I cannot put up a sound barrier now. Don’t you…,” Ensnaring Performance said worriedly.

“It’s fine. We have heard it a few times before and gained some resistance. Sing for Ming He to hear! Hurry!” Gu Hai glared.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Ensnaring Performance immediately flew before Ming He.

“What are you doing?” Ming He’s face sank.

“Right now, I have two hundred bodies. I can sing as a choir! In that case, I shall happily compose ‘Asura Chorale’!” Ensnaring Performance said with some excitement.

Are you crazy? Singing at this moment? Ming He now ignored Ensnaring Performance.

Ensnaring Performance started singing.


“Hah! Hey!”

“Hah! Hah! Hey!”

“We have come to the happy asuras, asu-asu-asuras! There’s a lovely Ancestor Ming He. He wants to play games with us…”

When Ensnaring Performance started singing, Gu Hai’s expression suddenly congealed as he got goosebumps. His hands shook, and he nearly lost his grip on the saber. “Asura Chorale”? What the heck is that? It’s too horrible!

Previously, there was just one Ensnaring Performance, and that was already horrible. Now that he is singing as a choir, it is two-hundredfold worse.

Although Gu Hai had heard Ensnaring Performance sing many times, he found this chorale somewhat unbearable.

Below, countless Han Nation Demon Army soldiers gazed at Ensnaring Performance in stupefaction.

This felt even more unbearable than getting killed by asuras. Simply too unbearable.

“The Dao, if articulable, is not the eternal Dao. The name, if it can be named, is not the eternal name…” The Han Nation Demon Army soldiers chanted the Classic of the Dao and Virtue with sweat covering their heads.

What an internal demon! A great mental barrier! This was even worse than the mental effects from killing asuras for several months.

Even Gu Hai could not endure it, what more Ming He? Furthermore, the song was about Ming He.

Ming He suddenly shivered as he looked at Ensnaring Performance in horror.

“You demon! Shut up!” Ming He roared while glaring.

The black figure consciousness rushing towards Gu Hai suddenly turned its head and looked at Ensnaring Performance.

However, Ensnaring Performance ignored everything around him, continuing to sing.

As Ensnaring Performance sang, churning dark clouds suddenly appeared above his head, apparently drawn over by his singing.

“Huh?” This slightly startled Gu Hai.


A purple lightning bolt suddenly came from the dark clouds, streaking towards Ming He.



Ming He suddenly let out a miserable cry.

“What?” Gu Hai appeared shocked.

The purple lightning did not damage Ming He’s body; it had blasted the black figure consciousness that came out of Ming He.

The black figure consciousness that wanted to enter Gu Hai’s body instantly exploded and seemed to catch fire.

“Purple Sky Heavenly Lightning? The legendary Purple Sky Heavenly Lightning?” the Unborn Man exclaimed.

“Mister Unborn Man, what is Purple Sky Heavenly Lightning?” Gu Qin asked out of curiosity.

“Purple Sky Heavenly Lightning does not harm the body, only the mind. It is one of the strangest kinds of heavenly lightning. It has not appeared for tens of thousands of years already—no, for eight hundred thousand years. If not for one of my lines of inheritance having records of it, I would have thought it did not exist. It actually does exist? Furthermore, Ensnaring Performance’s singing drew it out?” the Unborn Man said in horror.

“Indeed, your singing incites lightning and thunder! Ensnaring Performance, continue singing! Sing!” Gu Hai shouted ferociously.

Indeed, as more Purple Sky Heavenly Lightning struck the black figure consciousness, Ming He’s figure wavered. His firm grip over his sword loosened somewhat.

“You demon! Shut up! Otherwise, I’ll kill you!” Ming He roared.

However, Ensnaring Performance did not stop. The more he sang, the happier he was (the more horrible it sounded). This made the Han Nation Demon Army soldiers recite the Classic of the Dao and Virtue even faster.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Purple Sky Heavenly Lightning repeatedly lashed down on Ming He’s black figure consciousness, blasting it. It burned and seemed to sustain severe injuries.

However, Ming He remained ferocious as he looked coldly at Ensnaring Performance. He knew that he could not do anything about Ensnaring Performance now.

“Humph! Evil demon, watch how this ancestor deals with you later!” Ming He roared with a savage expression.

As Ming He roared, he endured the terrible singing and the severe injuries from the Purple Sky Heavenly Lightning. The black figure consciousness resumed rushing towards Gu Hai.

“Your Majesty, be careful!” the officials immediately exclaimed.

“That’s still not enough? Watch me sing you to death!” Ensnaring Performance said extremely anxiously.

Ensnaring Performance did not dare to get closer. Any of the shock waves from Ming He’s body could injure him. He could only sing from afar and use the Purple Sky Heavenly Lightning to injure the black figure consciousness.

Soon, Ensnaring Performance had burned away ninety percent of that black figure consciousness.

“Even if this ancestor uses ten percent of my consciousness, it won’t be something you can compare to! Hah!” The black figure consciousness arrived before Gu Hai and rushed towards Gu Hai’s face.


The black figure consciousness soon touched Gu Hai.

“Break!” Ming He shouted.


Gu Hai felt his spiritual souls shaking, and his mind nearly turned dazed.

“What? Your spiritual souls do not contain just the accumulations from the past few years? Mortal soul? That’s right. Why is your mortal soul so massive? Oh, yes. You have been to the Human Path Secret Realm. Did you strengthen your mortal soul in the Human Path Secret Realm?” Ming He roared with a ferocious expression.

When the black figure consciousness reached Gu Hai’s mortal soul, it got blocked.

“The Human Path Secret Realm? Could it be…” Gu Hai’s expression suddenly changed.

Previously, Gu Hai had coitally cultivated with Bing Ji, Chen Xianer, and the Grand Mohist in the Human Path Secret Realm. It seemed that doing so had drawn the soul fragments in the sky into their bodies then.

Those soul fragments strengthened my mortal soul?

“Humph! So what if your mortal soul is strengthened? This ancestor can break it if I want!” Ming He said, scowling ferociously.


Gu Hai felt like his spiritual souls were about to explode. Ming He’s consciousness ferociously rammed his spiritual souls.

Ensnaring Performance felt extremely anxious as he sang. Purple Sky Heavenly Lightning continuously struck Ming He’s black figure consciousness. However, Ming He was simply too ferocious and ruthless. He was determined to take over Gu Hai’s spiritual souls even if both sides ended up injured.

Charge! Charge! Charge!

Ming He went mad. Exhausting half of its remaining strength, the black figure consciousness finally managed to infiltrate Gu Hai’s mortal soul after one final spurt of effort.

“Break for this ancestor! Gu Hai, you lost! Hahaha!” Ming He guffawed ferociously.

Gu Hai felt his mortal soul tremble as though something had wormed its way in.

Then, something in Gu Hai’s mortal soul suddenly released a bright blue light.


The blue light immediately knocked back the black figure consciousness.

“Ah? What is that?” Ming He exclaimed.


The blue light blasted the remaining black figure consciousness.

“The Mortal Soul Register?” Gu Hai’s expression suddenly changed.

It was the Mortal Soul Register, which Gu Hai obtained in the Human Path Secret Realm. However, it immediately dimmed significantly after it blew up the black figure consciousness.

After Ming He’s consciousness sustained severe injuries, he suddenly shuddered, and his eyes glazed over. The hand holding the sword went lax.

That short moment of weakness resulted in a fatal opening.

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“Sixth Cycle!” Gu Hai shouted.

Golden light illuminated the entire world again. At the moment of Ming He’s distraction, Gu Hai’s saber struck the top of Ming He’s head and bisected Ming He vertically.


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