Chapter 183: Undead Friends
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Conquering OtherWorld Starts With a Game Chapter 183: Undead Friends

No one could say for certain when the slums appeared outside the west gate, but it was a known fact that the slum had been expanding toward the south gate. Buildings were older and more dilapidated the closer it was to the west gate, while it was the opposite toward the south.

Johan and his father were born in the slum. When Johan was young, his grandfather, who was still alive then, told him that his own mother, Johan's great-grandmother, had been among the earliest dwellers of the slum.

Johan's great-grandfather was once a self-sustaining farmer in Kain Town. When nobles started buying their lands at high prices and building farms, Johan's great-grandfather, tired of farming, sold the land and took his family to seek a living in the city of Indahl.

Johan's grandfather had been a citizen of Indahl in his younger days. Johan's great-grandfather used the money from selling the land to buy a house in the city and found a decent job. These were the good memories his grandfather always reminisced about and repeatedly told young Johan about.

If everything had gone well, Johan's family might have gradually become native Indahl citizens over the generations. Unfortunately, there were no such ifs—his great-grandfather, weary of a farmer's life but not vigilant enough for the city's more complex and vicious environment, soon got led into gambling. Not only did he lose his job, but he also lost the house his family lived in.

Forced by the pressure to survive, Johan's great-grandmother had no choice but to move to the "free living area" outside the city with her children. By that time, they hadn't seen Johan's great-grandfather for half a year… No one knew where he died.

Afterward, Johan's father and Johan himself were born in the slums. Since birth, they saw a chaotic, crowded environment filled with trash, where strong men took pride in being gang members.

Although they also worked in the city and knew how prosperous the districts within Indahl's walls were, they couldn't imagine ever living in such an environment themselve

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