Chapter 184: Management Players
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Conquering OtherWorld Starts With a Game Chapter 184: Management Players

December 4, 8:30 p.m., Earth time, peak online period. In OtherWorld, it was four in the afternoon.

More and more undead had appeared beyond Indahl's west gate. Other than players in fixed teams grinding mobs and gold farmers addicted to farming gold, many players were attracted here by the battlefield preparatory quests.

"Wow, it's the famous Ou Huang!" A player doing a manual labor quest (expanding the prisoner camp) in the Weisshem encampment exclaimed and quickly tugged on his friend's sleeve. "Look, look, Ou Huang has also come!"

"Ehhh? For real?" His skeleton friend was surprised. "Isn’t it said that Ou Huang never does popular quests? Why is he gracing us with his presence this time?"

"Who's that with Ou Huang?" someone asked curiously.

"Don't you even know Boss Orange Cat? He's the top whale among veteran players. All the best equipment on the server has surely been in his hands before!"

"Only a top whale can be friends with Ou Huang. Is this how the world of powerhouses is like?"

"They even brought NPCs with them! The first player merchant group on the server definitely is impressive!"

The small merchant caravan composed of two players, four hired NPCs, and two wagons pulled by horned horses passed in front of the camp. Only then did Orange Cat, leading the group, reveal a bright smile… He really wanted to chuckle when the newbies were praising him earlier, but he held it in until now.

"We've finally fought our way over and our business is looking much brighter, ain't that right, Ou Huang? We don't have to sneak around any more," said Orange Cat cheerfully.

Ou Huang remained expressionless.

Orange Cat was long used to Ou Huang's laconic nature and didn't mind the lack of response, continuing to chatter away…

As the initiator of the server's first player merchant caravan, Orange Cat's recent gaming experience hadn't been very user friendly. The race setting of being undead was frustrating. He was clearly playing management mode, yet they had to avoid villages and select trading spots in the wilderness, cond

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