Chapter 76: Using Taichi Against the Enemy
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 76: Using Taichi Against the Enemy

Jian Chen retreated 20 meters before stopping. There was no longer an easy-going look on his face. Instead, he was now deathly pale.

There was just too much of a difference between their strengths. Jian Chen could only compete on even ground in terms of agility, but he had just taken a huge loss from the collision between their Saint Weapons. Although it hadn’t done too much damage to him, the middle aged man’s Saint Force was many times stronger than Jian Chen’s, and that blow alone had caused his Light Wind Sword to transmit a huge shock wave which caused some minor internal injuries.

The man steadied himself as he stared down Jian Chen. This had been the third time he had nearly taken damage, so he didn’t dare belittle Jian Chen anymore. Although Jian Chen was weaker than him, he was relying on a speed that was faster than the man’s own. This was a major threat to the man, and he had acknowledged that Jian Chen was stronger than someone of the man’s level.

However, as he looked at the state Jian Chen was in, he suddenly understood what had just happened and began to laugh, “Brat, I admit that you are very fast, but your strength is just far too weak.” Without even waiting for Jian Chen to catch his breath, he immediately flew forward with his 2 meter long Guan Dao ready to cleave him in two.

Because of the collision between the Light Wind Sword and the Guan Dao, Jian Chen had suffered some damage. Since his opponent was two levels higher than himself and had reached Middle Saint level, the impacts of these light injuries were fatal. After all, Jian Chen had been able to use the Profound Steps to fight against his opponent during his peak state only. But now that he was in an injured state, he was no longer capable of being so nimble; dodging attacks had already expended his energy.

As the man continued to exchange blows with Jian Chen, he had realized that the threat Jian Chen originally was to him was slowly decreasing, causing his guard to similarly slacken. Using all of his strength, he struck out towards Jia

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