Chapter 77: Battle Skill
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 77: Battle Skill

The man’s wild attacks were pushing Jian Chen to his limit. After all, Jian Chen was still using all of his might to use his barely proficient knowledge of Tai Ji Jian to deflect the man’s moves. Each time Jian Chen had blocked and diverted the enemy’s Guan Dao, a large part of his Saint Force was used up. With the both of them fiercely fighting it out, they had already used up more than half of their Saint Forces’. Since Jian Chen had a serious gash across his chest, he was starting to feel quite weak as time went on, even just blocking was getting harder now.

Jian Chen’s beginning Saint strength was able to contend with a Middle Saint Master thanks to his higher expertise with the sword and his past experiences from the countless number of battles he had been in his past life. If it was another person with Jian Chen’s strength, then it would be hard to say if they would be able to last 10 rounds against the man’s storm-like blows.

After all, the difference between a Saint and a Saint Master was huge; there were at least two levels separating the two.

The cyan colored blade ripped through the air once more as it slashed down towards the Light Wind Sword. At last, Jian Chen wasn’t able to deflect the Guan Dao’s frightening power, and his sword was sent recoiling backwards. While the Light Wind Sword wasn’t hurt in any way, it had been forced back into Jian Chen’s chest with a loud bang.

The crash caused Jian Chen to be sent flying backwards 10 meters, before falling onto the ground. He spat out yet another mouthful of blood, filling the sky with droplets of it.

“Brat, I can tell that you don’t even have the energy to escape from my blows now. Just be obedient and come along with me.” The man sneered. Without waiting for Jian Chen to answer, he moved once more, and in a flash, he appeared 10 meters ahead where Jian Chen was. He reached out, and grabbed at Jian Chen neck with both hands.

Coldly looking at the man come closer with his hands outstretched, Jian Chen’s eyes flashed with a dangerous glint as he inwardly

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