Chapter 78: Cruel Victory
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 78: Cruel Victory

Mu Yun smiled coldly and said, “You do know something after all. That’s right, this is indeed a battle skill!”

The man inhaled sharply as he looked at Mu Yun with a greedy expression. Battle skills were highly treasured on the Tian Yuan Continent, and aside from the clans that spanned across multiple generations and experts, no other ordinary cultivator would have one. Although some cultivators came across some battle skills by luck, such occurrences were very few in Tian Yun Continent. If one didn’t have a profound destiny and extreme fortune, then the chances of getting a battle skill were practically nonexistent.

Although the man was a Middle Saint Master and was considered a strong expert in the Boundless Bandits, he still hadn’t grasped a battle skill yet. Just the sight of one had him drooling. Unfortunately for him, his strength didn’t reach the qualifications necessary to receive a battle skill from the bandits.

The middle-aged man lightly moved his right fist, and felt a flash of burning hot pain. But he did not have any anger in his heart, and was feeling quite excited instead. With his knowledge, one look was enough to distinguish that the battle skill that Mu Yun had used was highly advanced. Although he was a wind attribute, this did not stop the man from desiring the fire attributed battle skill at all. After all, battle skills were priceless treasures on the Tian Yuan Continent, and the stronger the skill, the more expensive it was.

“Haha, the gods have certainly been looking out for me today. Youngsters, your techniques will become mine!” The man laughed loudly with extreme excitement. To him, both Jian Chen’s secret speed technique and Mu Yun’s battle skill would be easily taken and learned.

“How arrogant! You look too highly upon yourself.” Mu Yun sneered. Raising his hand, the red sword immediately ignited as the flames lit up the night. Slashing at the man, the hidden aura of the sword spread out in every direction. However, the amount was so small that its aura was virtually undetectable.

But for someone like Jian Chen who had a powerful “Soul”, this faint aura could clearly be detected. The moment he had realized the source of the aura, his eyes widened in surprise.

Seeing the sword bring forth a blatantly powerful pressure, the man sneered, “Brat, although you have a special battle skill, your strength is still far too weak!” The moment the fiery greatsword made contact with the man’s clothes, he disappeared into an after image, causing Mu Yun’s sword to swish into empty air.

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