Chapter 79: Picking Up the Pieces
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 79: Picking Up the Pieces

At that moment, two shadowy figures came running back, only to stop in front of a group of mercenaries. These were the mercenaries that had chased after the middle aged man.

The two males looked to be around 30 or 40 years old. Both of their faces were covered with blood and their bodies were filled with wounds which dyed their clothes scarlet with blood. However while their faces were pale from their fatigue, their eyes were still full of vigor.

Seeing the two come back empty handed, it was clear that the middle aged man had escaped.

“Ai, that guy has a wind attribute, so he had an advantage over us in speed. Although our strength was better than his, in our current condition, we weren’t able to chase him, so he escaped in the end.” One of the two said, his voice was brimming with regret.

“Forget it, if he ran, he ran. I didn’t think we’d run into the Boundless Bandits, no wonder they were so strong. If it weren’t for our mysterious benefactor in the shadows, then I’m afraid we wouldn’t have been able to come back. For him to save our lives, he is definitely a trusted person.” An older person said as he stood next to the brilliant flames, already his skin was starting to look a little tanned.

Hearing the man talk, the other mercenaries who had returned after killing some bandits all were stunned. From their faces, all of them had some joy but some still had some lingering fear.

“Captain Lang Tian, are you okay?” A mercenary went up to the man and asked with a worried tone.

The newly named Lang Tian slowly looked down on the various wounds before shaking his head, “I’ve some wounds, but nothing that’ll kill me.” He looked at the few mercenaries around him before sighing. With a sorrowful voice, he said, “It’s a shame, Yun Bai Mu, the captain of the Desert Shadows Mercenaries was killed by the experts of the Boundless Bandits.”

Hearing the announcement, many of the mercenaries started to grieve, especially the mercenaries of the Desert Shadows. It was a heavy blow to their mood, however, for travelers of the Tian Yuan Continent, seeing someone die was an experience many of them were used to. After a small period of mourning, many of the mercenaries had already become peaceful once more.

“My comrades, although we managed to beat back the Boundless Bandits, this was only just a small group. If we were to come across a larger group or even their elites, then we will die on the road. So we cannot afford to stay here for long, hurry up and dress your wounds and bury our dead brothers. We will have to leave immediately afterwards.” Lang Tian announced.

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