Chapter 80: Blue Wind Empire
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 80: Blue Wind Empire

Jian Chen took a deep breath and slowly tried to control the emotions in his heart. After he had calmed, he immediately closed his eyes and began to cultivate the World Qi around him. However, there was a difference between the time he had absorbed World Qi in the past compared to now; Jian Chen was able to differentiate the special energy from the World Qi and absorb that specific energy into his body.

Although in theory this was rather simple, it required an extremely strenuous amount of effort when put into practice. However, to Jian Chen who had practiced how to use his “Soul”, this wasn’t that hard; it would only require more concentration than usual.

To the Jian Chen who was strong in spirit, he could detect the special energy mixed in with the World Qi. Aside from Radiant Saint Masters, no one else would be able to detect it. After he had detected the special energy, he immediately used his “Soul” as a vacuum to wildly bring the special energy towards him. As it gathered, Jian Chen absorbed it into his body.

Jian Chen understood that once the special energy had condensed to a certain degree, it would emit a faint white glow. To prevent this from happening, Jian Chen absorbed the energy extremely slowly;almost at a snail’s pace.

After Jian Chen absorbed the special energy into his body, a reinvigorating sensation immediately spread throughout his body. It traveled so quickly that Jian Chen felt as if a ball of warmth had enveloped him. Being bathed inside with this pleasant sensation, Jian Chen’s face let loose an expression of satisfaction.

When the special energy fused with Jian Chen’s serious injuries, they started to heal at an extremely fast rate, so fast that Jian Chen was flabbergasted and couldn’t believe his eyes. With this, Jian Chen finally understood how fearsome a Radiant Saint Master was when they used their light attribute Saint Force to treat other people’s injuries.

“The books said that not only could high level Radiant Saint Masters regrow arms, they could even revive the dead. It would appear that this wasn’t a lie. If they could heal injuries like this, then perhaps the Radiant Saint Masters who stood at the peak have truly transcendent skills.” Before, Jian Chen had doubted that Radiant Saint Masters could regrow an arm and revive the dead, but after seeing the effectiveness of the energy they used, Jian Chen firmly believed that this was the truth.

While riding, Jian Chen continued to use his Soul to take the Light Saint Force from within the World Qi, before slowly absorbing it into his body. As a result of this constant absorbance, Jian Chen was enveloped in a strange misty fog; it was the special energy that Radiant Saint Masters used. Although there were countless mercenaries nearby, some of them being Great Saint Masters, none of them had noticed Jian Chen’s strange appearance.

This Light Saint Force was a special type of energy that, aside from Radiant Saint Masters, no other cultivators would ever be able to perceive. Even if there was an expert at the peak of the Heaven Saint Master level, they wouldn’t be able to perceive it. Because of this, Radiant Saint Masters were exceedingly rare within the Tian Yuan Continent, since every single Radiant Saint Master had to be born with this innate ability. From birth, their spirits had made special contracts with the Light Saint Force. Thus, Radiant Saint Masters were able to perceive its existence. And as their “Souls” grew, they would gradually be able to control the energy.

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When the concentration of the Light Saint Force grew to a certain degree, it would become milky white in color. At this point, a cultivator would be able to see the existence of it with their eyes. However, they would not be able to see the Light Saint Force like they would see the World Qi; the Light Saint Force would only be seen as a blank space.

The night went by quickly for the caravan and its mercenaries. For the entire night, no one slept at all. If they were not trying to clean their wounds, they were trying to heighten their concentration to detect movements in their environment; no one wanted to be ambushed by the Boundless Bandits once again.

Under the tense environment of the mercenaries, the night quickly passed and became day. However, the mood did not lighten at all. Although they had long since departed from their previous resting spot, they weren’t safe yet. In this area, many different bandit groups could still attack them.

If the mercenaries were in their prime conditions, then they would not fear any bandit group. However after the Boundless Bandits, they were all heavily injured, and had lost many of their numbers. With their current strength, if they were to come across another bandit group, then they would only be able to put up a bitter struggle.

Although they knew that abandoning some of their goods would help them stay alive, the things that they were delivering were quite precious. Unless it was a last resort, neither the mercenaries nor the merchants were willing to make such a decision.

As the bright, red sun rose overhead, Jian Chen, who had sat without moving for the entire night, finally opened his eyes. Jian Chen could feel a very pleasant and joyous sensation within as he stretched his limbs.

After a single night of therapy, Jian Chen’s body, which would have normally taken five or six days to heal from the grievous wounds, had been completely restored. Even his nearly used up Saint Force had reached a level of saturation that put Jian Chen back at the peak of his strength.

Not only that, but Jian Chen could clearly tell that his Saint Force was even bigger than before.

“I didn’t think that I would be able to control Light Saint Force like a Radiant Saint Master could!” Jian Chen cheered internally. He was quite ecstatic to discover this, as it was a pleasant surprise to him. Equipped with this special power, his life would gain an additional source of protection. No matter how serious of an injury he would get in the future, he would be able to quickly heal it at any given place or time.

While being happy at this discovery, Jian Chen was also greatly shocked at how effective the Light Saint Force was at healing. If he were to use herbal medicines, then it would have taken him four or five days to completely heal from his wounds. But using the Light Saint Force, he had been completely healed in a single night. In addition, Jian Chen had been absorbing the Light Saint Force slowly; he didn’t want to speed up his absorption rate just in case it was revealed that he could do such a thing.

However, Jian Chen knew that he could only use the Light Saint Force as a last resort. It was better to keep it a secret. He had considered this issue very thoroughly. There was a possibility that his ability to control Light Saint Force would raise unexpected issues during a critical moment. Although Radiant Saint Masters were highly revered in Tian Yuan Continent, this empty glory meant nothing compared to what he wanted for his life.

Meanwhile, the road was relatively peaceful for the caravan. There was nothing aside from the occasional weak magical beast; they didn’t come across any bandits or stronger magical beasts. With the increased traveling speed, they traveled what would have taken ten days in six, and after the third day, the caravan had finally passed the dangerous roads into a peaceful one. They were finally at the border fort of the Blue Wind Empire.

Seeing the huge faraway walls, every single mercenary let loose a smile, as if a huge burden was lifted off their backs. Although they still had a ways to go, the usually unruly road seemed relatively peaceful., There were few cities that were scattered about Blue Wind Empire’s vicinity. The caravan would be able to hire some new mercenaries at each of these cities to replenish their battle strength.

“We’ve reached the Blue Wind Empire, we’ve finally reached the Blue Wind Empire!”

“We’re safe now, we don’t need to worry about the Boundless Bandits chasing us.”

Many of the mercenaries started to cheer out loud with joyous expressions. Even Jian Chen couldn’t help but smile faintly. At this moment, his heart felt lighter; after all, he was still quite weak, so if he were to leave the mercenaries and get attacked by bandits, then even he would be in dire straits.

Although the massive wall could be seen in the distance, there was still five thousand meters of road. On the way, many people and caravans could be seen traveling about.

The caravan finally arrived at the gates to the border fort. However, a guard soldier blocked their path.

“Halt, where did you all come from?” He asked as his eyes swept over to look at the head merchant representative.

This type of event was already prepared by the merchants, who immediately had one of the mercenaries negotiate with him. At the same time, the mercenary flashed a few glittering, golden things, and carefully placed them into the guard’s outstretched palm.

The guard inspected the items in his hand closely before smiling widely at him. With a wave of his hand, he said, “You may enter!”

Afterwards, the caravan finally passed through the giant gates of the border fort and entered the Blue Wind Empire.

After passing through the border fort, Jian Chen immediately calmed down quite a bit. At the very least, he had escaped from the powerful grasp of the Hua Yun Sect. Although they held a formidable amount of power within the Gesun Kingdom, Jian Chen was convinced that their powers did not stretch over to the lands of the Blue Wind Empire.

Not too long after passing through the border fort, they came across a decently sized city. The merchants stopped to rest, and the mercenaries disbanded in order to rest. Two of them remained to guard the goods.

The marketplace had allocated a place for goods to be parked, so the merchants all dropped off their items there. Since they had a few strong experts to ensure the goods were protected, the mercenaries had no need to worry about the possibility of the goods here being stolen by bandits.

In actuality, no mercenary would dare rob from this place; otherwise, they would be unable to exit through any of the city gates, and would be surrounded by the city guards.

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