Chapter 80: Blue Wind Empire
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 80: Blue Wind Empire

Jian Chen took a deep breath and slowly tried to control the emotions in his heart. After he had calmed, he immediately closed his eyes and began to cultivate the World Qi around him. However, there was a difference between the time he had absorbed World Qi in the past compared to now; Jian Chen was able to differentiate the special energy from the World Qi and absorb that specific energy into his body.

Although in theory this was rather simple, it required an extremely strenuous amount of effort when put into practice. However, to Jian Chen who had practiced how to use his “Soul”, this wasn’t that hard; it would only require more concentration than usual.

To the Jian Chen who was strong in spirit, he could detect the special energy mixed in with the World Qi. Aside from Radiant Saint Masters, no one else would be able to detect it. After he had detected the special energy, he immediately used his “Soul” as a vacuum to wildly bring the special energy towards him. As it gathered, Jian Chen absorbed it into his body.

Jian Chen understood that once the special energy had condensed to a certain degree, it would emit a faint white glow. To prevent this from happening, Jian Chen absorbed the energy extremely slowly;almost at a snail’s pace.

After Jian Chen absorbed the special energy into his body, a reinvigorating sensation immediately spread throughout his body. It traveled so quickly that Jian Chen felt as if a ball of warmth had enveloped him. Being bathed inside with this pleasant sensation, Jian Chen’s face let loose an expression of satisfaction.

When the special energy fused with Jian Chen’s serious injuries, they started to heal at an extremely fast rate, so fast that Jian Chen was flabbergasted and couldn’t believe his eyes. With this, Jian Chen finally understood how fearsome a Radiant Saint Master was when they used their light attribute Saint Force to treat other people’s injuries.

“The books said that not only could high level Radiant Saint Masters regrow arms, they could even revive the dead. It would a

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