Chapter 81: Traveling At the Borders
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 81: Traveling At the Borders

After storing away the merchandise, the mercenaries went off to enjoy their freetime, and the merchants went to reorganize their military strength. After spending many days and nights constantly rushing without stop, everyone was tired. So the moment they were disbanded, they immediately headed towards the nearest inn and started to sleep. Those who were injured headed off to a place to heal their injuries.

Jian Chen tied his horse to the stable area and looked around, only to see a single person wearing regular clothes standing around. After another sweeping glance, he quickly walked towards that person.

Arriving behind the person, Jian Chen whispered, “Mu Yun, your battle skill is already known to many mercenaries. Take advantage of this opportunity, and quickly leave. Otherwise, I fear that they might try to do something to you.”

Hearing Jian Chen, Mu Yun turned his head around and smiled at him, “Don’t worry. If they want to take my battle skill, they’ll find out that it won’t be that easy to do.”

Jian Chen frowned as he looked at Mu Yun carefully, “If it’s like that, then I won’t speak of it anymore.” He paused in thought before asking again, “But now that we’ve reached the Blue Wind Empire, it is nearly time for me to separate from the mercenary group. From this road on, we will no longer be walking the same one. Brother Mu Yun, please take care of yourself.” He cupped his hands together respectfully. Although Mu Yun and him had only just met, they were on good terms with each other. Plus, Mu Yun had revealed his secret battle skill for the sake of rescuing Jian Chen, so in his heart, Mu Yun was a decent guy. However, this wasn’t enough for Jian Chen to consider him a good friend.

“You take care of yourself as well!” Mu Yun cupped his hands together in response.

“Are the two friends here preparing to leave already? Everyone is exhausted, and so we’ve prepared a top rated restaurant for everyone to enjoy. It’d be better to come eat and drink with everyone first.” At that moment, a deep voice spoke out towards

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