Chapter 82: Accident At the Restaurant
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 82: Accident At the Restaurant

Hearing what Lang Tian said, the mercenaries in the room all looked each other in the eyes with stunned expressions. None of them could believe what they had just heard.

Lang Tian continued to say, “Captain Bai Fei Yun, I am guessing that you suspect the mysterious stranger and Mu Yun are working together.”

Bei Fei Yun nodded, “If it were not for the fact that Mu Yun had leaked his battle skill at the same time the mysterious stranger showed up, I would not have linked them together.”

‘There’s logic in your words.” Lang Tian said. “If Mu Yun is really working with the mysterious stranger, then we definitely cannot make a move on him. Otherwise, we would be in grave danger if we were to run into the mysterious stranger.”

“That mysterious stranger would definitely be able to wipe us out with ease.” Bai Fei Yun said.

“Send the order that Mu Yun is not to be touched, and that everyone must pretend that they saw nothing.”


After he bid farewell to Mu Yun, Jian Chen took a stroll in Black Wind City. While it wasn’t a big city, it was close to the border fort. So for that reason, all four directions of the city were filled with the bustling traders and travellers, as well as caravans with mercenaries.

After arriving not too far away from the Mercenary Union, Jian Chen walked into a nearby restaurant since it had been a long time since he had last eaten meat. He had been rushing for so many days that the taste was almost forgotten to him.

After eating and drinking to his heart's content, Jian Chen was led to his room by a waiter.

Sitting on the bed, Jian Chen took out some Class 1 Monster Cores in order to cultivate. Right now, Jian Chen didn’t want to waste any time and cultivate slowly. He wanted to use every single monster core to help him cultivate to help him grow so strong, that even the Hua Yun Sect would be afraid of him. Then he would be able to return to his family with pride. Although he could secretly sneak back without the Hua Yun Sect noticing, Jian Chen was too prideful for that, so he wouldn’t do such

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