Chapter 83: Desert Mercenary Group
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 83: Desert Mercenary Group

Upon hearing Gan Hou’s words, Jian Chen’s originally nonchalant face turned into one full of killing intent. Although Jian Chen was currently rather weak, that did not mean he was easily intimidated.

Gingerly putting down his chopsticks, Jian Chen’s lips moved slowly as he spoke, “With your paltry numbers, you don’t have the right to make me move from this table.”

Gan Hou looked stunned at this answer for a moment before sneering at Jian Chen coldly. There was a hint of undisguised killing intent within his eyes; it appeared that Jian Chen didn’t know what mercy was when it was given to him, Gan Hou wouldn’t mind teaching him a lesson. To Gan Hou, Jian Chen’s weak appearance along with his young age made him look like someone who wasn’t an expert.

“Kid, you really don’t know kindness when it’s handed to you, so why don’t you let brother Gan Hou teach you a lesson! Be sure to remember it!” He immediately swung out with his palm towards Jian Chen’s face. His palm was traveling so fast, that before it had even reached its destination, a fierce palm wind blew across Jian Chen’s hair. This signified that Gan Hou’s hand was not lacking in strength at all.

Jian Chen’s eyes flashed dangerously as his right hand grabbed onto the chopsticks and stabbed into Gan Hou’s outstretched palm.

Jian Chen’s right hand moved so fast that no one could see his movements. Before Gan Hou could even react, Jian Chen’s right hand had already made contact with Gan Hou’s palm. All people could see was Jian Chen’s chopstick stabbing deeply through Gan Hou’s palm, piercing through it as easily as if it were a hot metal knife cutting through butter.

“Ah!” The intense pain from his palm caused Gan Hou to cry miserably as he held his injured hand. His screams echoed throughout the restaurant, causing everyone to hear him clearly.

Immediately afterwards, the restaurant was filled with gasps of shock. What happened was very different from what they were expecting, causing everyone to look at Jian Chen in surprise. However, those who were slightly more discerning saw Jian Chen use a single chopstick to stab through Gan Hou’s hand, their faces became heavy and hardened. The following looks towards Jian Chen also slightly changed; quite a number of them carried deep shock.

To use a flimsy wooden chopstick to stab someone’s hand, just how strong did someone have to be to do that? At the very least, no one in the restaurant would be able to perform such a feat.

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