Chapter 84: Wake City
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 84: Wake City

Seeing the two remaining mercenaries act in such a way, everyone in the restaurant looked on in shock. Not long after, their expressions changed to a ‘just as expected’ attitude. There were all sorts of people in Tian Yuan Continent; some would rather lose their lives than to bow their heads and admit their errors. Others only clung onto their lives and were scared of death. These people would sooner sell off their brothers, and even their friends, when their lives were threatened.

Jian Chen slowly lowered his sword; the point of the sword now faced the ground. Staring coldly at the two people begging for their lives, Jian Chen’s brows furrowed as he gazed at the two with contempt. When it came to people who were afraid of death like this, he was disgusted by them.

Upon seeing Jian Chen lower his sword, the two mercenaries that were kowtowing really thought that he was letting them go, and they smiled in relief. But before they could be happy for too long, a single phrase made the smiles on their faces go rigid.

“I had already let you go before, but it’s a shame that you didn’t cherish it. The time for forgiveness is over.” A cold and indifferent voice came from Jian Chen’s mouth. Just as he finished talking, his right hand burst into motion, appearing like a hazy shadow. Immediately sweeping forward with an extreme speed, the Light Wind Sword transformed into a silver streak, stabbing the two people.

The Light Wind Sword moved so fast that the two people didn’t even get a chance to react. Slashing gently across their necks, small lacerations could be seen, and large amounts of blood began to pour out, dying their necks red.

If the two mercenaries had wanted to resist while Jian Chen wished to kill them, he would have had to expend a little more effort, and they could possibly have even escaped from Jian Chen if their luck was good. Unfortunately, they had already been intimidated by Jian Chen’s might, which had been demonstrated when he killed their two companions with a lightning fast speed. This blew away any notions of running away or resisting, making it easier for Jian Chen to kill them.

After effortlessly killing the two, Jian Chen turned around to look at the last terrified mercenary. Like a shining beam of light, the Light Wind Sword slashed at his neck as well.

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The five members of the Desert Mercenaries had all been killed by Jian Chen before anyone could breathe more than a dozen times.

Jian Chen didn’t react at all to the five deaths; instead he pulled out a few gold coins from his Space Belt and placed them on the table. “These gold coins are for you to clean up this place.” With that, Jian Chen left the restaurant unhurriedly.

The Tian Yuan Continent was a cruel place where disputes and murders ran rampant. So murder was a common thing that everyone was used to. Even though a murder had happened within the restaurant, the other customers wouldn’t care. As long as they weren’t involved, they would treat it as a good show to watch, without it having any affect on their appetites.

The other customers watched Jian Chen leave and the entire restaurant descended into an odd silence. At this point, every person had forgotten about their food and just stared blankly at Jian Chen, and then back at the five dead mercenaries. They didn’t believe what had just happened in this restaurant.

For a while, the odd silence permeated the restaurant before a loud sigh of admiration could be heard--

“What a fast sword, they couldn’t even react to it. And what precise control he had! I’ve traveled the Tian Yuan Continent for many years and never have I ever seen anything like that!”A middle aged man wearing blue robes said. He was one of the few that could catch a glimpse of Jian Chen’s movements.

“That man looked to be quite young, yet quite strong. His movements were also vicious, and each blow was a fatal one. If he isn’t from a major clan, then he must have an excellent master backing him up.”

“I don’t know what his name is, but with his strength, it’d be nice if he could join my mercenary group. If he does, then my group’s strength would increase.” A male said.

Another male youth spoke out in reply to him, “Don’t even dream about it; he looks much younger than you, yet he has this much strength. These kinds of people would not have a simple background. We are just a small mercenary group that has no chance of attracting such an expert. Not only that, he just killed five mercenaries from the Desert Mercenaries; their group won’t take this offense lying down. So even if we were to be able to bring him into our group as a member, it is quite possible that we’d also attract huge trouble. After all, we’re still an extremely tiny and weak group in comparison to the strong, thousand man Desert Mercenaries.”


After leaving the restaurant, Jian Chen arrived at the Mercenary Union in order to find a mission to protect some caravans. Since they were all going to cities that were close by, Jian Chen could take these missions despite his low mercenary level.

Wake City was a third class city, but despite its ranking, the city walls were on par with a first class. This was because the nearby mountain range was filled with many strong magical beasts. Those magical beasts would often raid the city with an all out frontal assault, so while Wake City wasn’t very large and could only be considered third class, the citizens had constructed an extraordinarily strong and secure wall to protect themselves from the magical beasts.

In the afternoon, the fierce sun started to release a strong glow, and that intense illumination prevented everyone from lifting their heads. Many of the mercenaries on the road had started to squint to prevent their eyes from being hurt by the sun’s rays.

Outside of Wake City, a caravan group of two or three hundred people slowly trekked towards the city gates.

“The weather can go and die, why is it so hot? How can people survive this weather?”

Within the caravan group, a ** year old cursed out loud. Grabbing his water canteen, he ruthlessly chugged away at it.

Not too far away from the thirsty man, a youth with simple clothing sat on top of a white horse with a serene face, looking as if he were sleeping.

The youth was rather ordinary looking, and had a very common appearance. From his looks, he seemed to be around twenty years old or so.

Despite the fact that the scorching sun was currently high in the sky, this youth was tightly wrapped in clothes. The material wasn’t very thick, but a normal person still wouldn’t be able to take the heat in such a state. The most astounding fact was that there was not a single drop of sweat on the youth’s forehead.

Compared to the mercenaries and merchants in the caravan that had either naked torsos or were sweating furiously, this youth’s appearance was clearly strange. Although quite a few of the mercenaries and merchants had cast peculiar looks towards the youth, they didn’t attempt to strike a conversation with him.

This youth was Jian Chen.

Jian Chen slowly opened his eyes and indifferently looked at the large city wall in front of him. During the past 2 days on the road, he had followed the caravan and finally arrived at Wake City. Jian Chen had specially chosen Wake City as it was a good place for himself to stay; he planned on living in Wake City for a period of time. That way, he’d be able to diligently improve his strength by a whole new level with the help of monster cores from the nearby Magical Beast Mountain Range.

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