Chapter 84: Wake City
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 84: Wake City

Seeing the two remaining mercenaries act in such a way, everyone in the restaurant looked on in shock. Not long after, their expressions changed to a ‘just as expected’ attitude. There were all sorts of people in Tian Yuan Continent; some would rather lose their lives than to bow their heads and admit their errors. Others only clung onto their lives and were scared of death. These people would sooner sell off their brothers, and even their friends, when their lives were threatened.

Jian Chen slowly lowered his sword; the point of the sword now faced the ground. Staring coldly at the two people begging for their lives, Jian Chen’s brows furrowed as he gazed at the two with contempt. When it came to people who were afraid of death like this, he was disgusted by them.

Upon seeing Jian Chen lower his sword, the two mercenaries that were kowtowing really thought that he was letting them go, and they smiled in relief. But before they could be happy for too long, a single phrase made the smiles on their faces go rigid.

“I had already let you go before, but it’s a shame that you didn’t cherish it. The time for forgiveness is over.” A cold and indifferent voice came from Jian Chen’s mouth. Just as he finished talking, his right hand burst into motion, appearing like a hazy shadow. Immediately sweeping forward with an extreme speed, the Light Wind Sword transformed into a silver streak, stabbing the two people.

The Light Wind Sword moved so fast that the two people didn’t even get a chance to react. Slashing gently across their necks, small lacerations could be seen, and large amounts of blood began to pour out, dying their necks red.

If the two mercenaries had wanted to resist while Jian Chen wished to kill them, he would have had to expend a little more effort, and they could possibly have even escaped from Jian Chen if their luck was good. Unfortunately, they had already been intimidated by Jian Chen’s might, which had been demonstrated when he killed their two companions with a lightning fast speed. This blew away any notions of running away or resisting, making it easier for Jian Chen to kill them.

After effortlessly killing the two, Jian Chen turned around to look at the last terrified mercenary. Like a shining beam of light, the Light Wind Sword slashed at his neck as well.

Theft is never good, try looking at

The five members of the Desert Mercenaries had all been killed by Jian Chen before anyone could breathe more than a dozen times.

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