Chapter 85: Lone Break Magical Beast Mountain Range
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 85: Lone Break Magical Beast Mountain Range

After successfully escorting the caravan to Wake City, Jian Chen left the caravan and headed straight towards the Mercenary Union to register the completed assignment. With this, he was able to earn a bit of reputation and a small amount of money.

Because Wake City was so close to the Magical Beast Mountain Range, the number of mercenaries that stopped to rest here were much greater than any other city. The majority of the mercenaries had their eyes set on the favorable living conditions here, and tended to stay around for a long term period. It was extremely convenient to enter the Magical Beast Mountain Range and hunt magical beasts in exchange for money.

Although the dangerous factor of hunting magical beasts was much greater than escorting caravans, it was also an extremely profitable task. There were many people who lost their lives to magical beasts daily. But because the monster cores had such great value and were in high demand, many mercenaries were willing to risk their lives for the profits gained from hunting magical beasts.

After all, monster cores were simply too precious in Tian Yuan Continent. Since almost everyone needed them, the amount they required was quite large. After gaining monster cores, they could directly absorb the energies within them to quicken their cultivation rate. In addition, even if one didn’t personally use them, one could easily exchange the cores for a considerable amount of money.

The mercenary union was extremely noisy due to there being many mercenaries inside. A union as large as this was filled with hundreds of people. The majority of the men had naked torsos, and their robust builds could clearly be seen from their bare muscles. It seemed as if they displayed their bodies to demonstrate how powerful they were.

Under such blistering hot temperatures as well as the poor ventilation system within the union, the sour odor of sweat pervaded the air and assaulted the nose. It made Jian Chen, who very rarely experienced this type of odor, knit his brow, and use a hand to lightly pinch his own nose.

After leaving the mercenary union, Jian Chen went around the city to replenish his supplies. He bought a map of the Magical Beast Mountain Range, and then headed straight out of Wake City. Under the scorching sun, he advanced forward alone to the Magical Beast Mountain Range.

The Magical Beast Mountain Range was only about 30 kilometers away from Wake City. After rushing towards the mountains on horseback, Jian Chen finally arrived at the edge of the Magical Beast Mountain Range two hours later.

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