Chapter 86: Hunting for Poisonous Scorpions
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 86: Hunting for Poisonous Scorpions

Although Jian Chen had killed quite a few Class 2 Magical Beasts in Kargath Academy before, the ones in the Magical Beast Mountain Range were on a completely different level. The Class 2 Magical Beasts in Kargath Academy were not even equivalent to some of the Class 1 Magical Beasts in this mountain range. Moreover, the magical beast that he had encountered was one indigenous to the Magical Beast Mountain Range.

Just as Jian Chen was distracted, the poisonous scorpion didn’t give him any time to relax, as its six powerful legs began to scamper across the ground. In a blink of an eye it covered dozens of metres and arrived in front of Jian Chen as its poisonous green pincers widened menacingly and pincered towards Jian Chen’s head.

Encountering a local magical beast for the first time in the mountain range, Jian Chen did not dare to be negligent. He had learned the hard way in his previous life that being careless only led to disaster.

Jian Chen’s expression immediately grew solemn. He tilted his head, dodging the giant scorpion’s pincers by a hair’s breath. He then gathered strength in his feet and pushed off the ground, leaving a deep footprint in the ground as his body burst forwards towards the poisonous scorpion’s much smaller head. The Light Wind Sword in his hand was once again enshrouded in that hazy white light as Jian Chen aimed it straight at the scorpion’s tiny eyes.

The eyes, throat and heart were three of the most fatal and weakest parts of the body. That much Jian Chen understood, but this poisonous scorpion had a neck that could not easily be pierced due to the angle. Not only was the neck rather short, but it had scales that were interwoven with each other to protect it. Under this circumstance where it was impossible to determine how tough the scales protecting its neck were, Jian Chen had decided to attack its eyes.

Although Jian Chen was very confident in his precise and powerful stab, the defenses of some magical beasts were also just as tough. Thus, he wasn’t 100% sure that he would be able to

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