Chapter 87: Survival In the Mountain Range
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 87: Survival In the Mountain Range

Looking at the thumb sized monster core, Jian Chen couldn’t help but smile, “It really was a Class 2 Monster Core; look at the purity of the energy inside! Not only that, this Class 2 Monster Core is much better than the ones I found at Kargath Academy. It really is true that the magical beasts in the Magical Beast Mountain Range are stronger than the ones in the Kargath forests.”

After collecting the monster core, Jian Chen lowered his head to look at his body that was now dark shade of green. However, his body wasn’t injured at all. Since he had been refining his body since he was young with the special techniques from Ziqing’s Law of the Sword, his physique was really strong. So even though the poison caused his body to feel some pain, it couldn’t get past his skin and enter his body. The majority of the damage was being counteracted with his inner Saint Force. So while his entire body was tainted with a green poison, the only symptom he felt was a slight burning sensation.

Jian Chen looked around himself and listened attentively, “There probably isn’t a water source here, so I won’t be able to to wash this off. I guess I’ll have to handle this roughly.” Plucking a few tree leaves, he began to wipe off the excess venom while pulling out a new change of clothing from within his Space Belt. Although this place was extremely large and there wasn’t be anyone around, Jian Chen had no hobby of walking around naked.

After changing his clothes, Jian Chen walked away from where the carcass of the scorpion lay without a care at all for it. Although magical beasts had many important parts that could be harvested and sold off for a high price, this scorpion was just a Class 2 Magical Beast. If he were to sell this, he wouldn’t be getting much since it wasn’t a precious type of material, plus, Jian Chen had plenty of Purple Coins to spare, so the him today did not care for such a little sum of money.

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While the beasts that were born and grew in the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts were much more powerful than those in Kargath Forest, they were much rarer than the ones in Kargath Forest. After all, while the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts may not be the largest in the Tian Yuan Continent, it was still vast in its own right. The magical beasts in the mountain range were all scattered about, so meeting a magical beast was not impossible, but rather quite rare.

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