Chapter 88: Great Saint
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 88: Great Saint

“Hou!” Suddenly, the loud growl of the panther-like magical beast was heard. It leapt into the air with such force that its pawprint was visibly imprinted on the ground, as its entirely black body transformed into a black shadow that shot towards the youth ten meters away. While in midair, the black panther began to open its large jaw that revealed its sharp teeth that could fill a person’s heart with dread.

The youth smiled coldly as the silver white sword within his hand started to emit a faint white glow. With a single slash, the sword tip flew towards the black panther’s opened mouth.

The sword was traveling extremely fast, just like a flash of lightning. However, the black panther’s reaction was very fast, so when the sword reached its jaws, the black panther tilted its head to the side, barely dodging the incoming attack. However the sword was still traveling too fast to be evaded completely, so it grazed its head. It left a very noticeable wound on the black panther’s shaggy head.. However, the black panther’s speed did not slow down at all; maintaining its previous speed, it shot towards the youth in front of it.

The corners of the youth’s mouth tilted upwards, as if revealing a mocking expression. His eyes radiated a flash of killing intent. Hoisting the sword in his right hand, he immediately stabbed towards the black panther once more.

This speed was faster than before, almost bordering the inconceivable. The black panther wasn’t able to dodge the sword this time and so the sword speared through its throat before it could even react. Due to the panther’s momentum, the sword in its throat penetrated even more deeply. The sword only stopped after it was completely buried in the panther’s throat up to its hilt. The other side of the sword was already covered in blood as it pierced through the back of the panther’s neck. Blood started to drip from the inclined sword onto the back of the black panther.

The youth slowly pulled out his sword from the black panther. Afterwards, the blood on the sword strangely started to gather at the tip of the sword, and drip onto the ground. In the blink of an eye, the originally bloody sword had regained its original bright luster.

On the hilt of the sword were two words--Light Wind.

This youth was Jian Chen, who was adventuring around the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts alone. Unknowingly, he had already stayed in the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts for a month. This whole month, Jian Chen had remained in the outskirts of the mountain range, not going deeper in or farther out.

During this month, Jian Chen would explore the outskirts of the mountain range during the day, and cultivate during the night. During this period of time, he had focused primarily on improving his strength, unlike back in Changyang Mansion where he had to slow down his cultivation speed so that his performance wouldn’t be too outstanding. Because of that, Jian Chen’s strength had practically skyrocketed in the course of a month. He had already broken through from a Peak Saint to become a Great Saint.

In this short month, Jian Chen went from a Primary Saint to a Great Saint. If this speed was to be found out by the public, then it would send a huge shockwave throughout the continent. This was because for any regular person, it would take two or three years to go from a Primary Saint to a Great Saint. Even geniuses would need around a year, so Jian Chen’s frightening speed was unheard of. Unbeknownst to everyone else, he had already set a new record in the history of Tian Yuan Continent. But this would be a piece of history that would be buried deep, never to be heard about by anyone.

Since he had broken through to the Great Saint level, Jian Chen’s fighting strength had skyrocketed as well. The current him could easily hunt down a Class 2 Magical Beasts, and he had already set his sights on Class 3 Magical Beasts.

The Light Wind Sword dissected the black panther, before a bloodstained but white monster core came bouncing out, which was caught by Jian Chen.

Jian Chen casually used a handful of grass to wipe the bloody monster core clean even though he himself could care less about the amount of blood on it.

Looking at the single core in his hand, Jian Chen smiled and murmured to himself, “My luck today is not that bad, I’ve collected 12 Class 2 Monster Cores already.”

After grabbing the core, Jian Chen didn’t pay any further mind to the black panther’s corpse and left the area.

Jian Chen carefully trekked inside the mountain range. He was now a Great Saint, so it could be said that he was a lot stronger than before. However, he was in the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts so he didn’t dare to be careless. He knew clearly that while his position was currently in the outskirts of the mountain range, he would still be able to encounter some stronger magical beasts that came from the deeper parts of the mountain range, ones that Jian Chen currently wouldn’t be able to handle .

It could even be said that the current Jian Chen was very vigilant. Carefully looking around constantly, he had to be extra careful, especially with the hidden swamps since they were very hard to detect. From far away, the flatlands and swamps couldn’t really be differentiated. But the moment one walked over a swamp, they would be devoured by it, and wouldn’t be able to escape without another person’s help.

Right at this moment, Jian Chen’s ear twitched. He began to shout with a great big smile, “Water, I can hear the sounds of water! There’s water around here.” Jian Chen immediately headed towards the direction of the water with great speed.

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Not too long after, Jian Chen passed through some tall weeds and finally reached a small stream. This creek was only three meters wide and wasn’t too deep. Yet the water was so clear that the stones on the bottom of the river could be clearly seen.

Seeing this river, Jian Chen smiled with joy. This was the first time he had come across a water source since entering the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts. And after all the time he had spent here, the clean water he had in his Space Belt was almost all gone. If he hadn’t found a water source soon, he had considered leaving the forest.

Looking around the place, he inspected it to ensure it was safe, before pulling out a few canteens from within his Space Belt before kneeling down to fill them with water.

After a few more canteens were filled, Jian Chen threw off his clothes and jumped into the stream to wash away the sweat he had built up on his body.

Not even a few seconds after Jian Chen started to bathe, his face suddenly changed expression from a relaxed one to a battle ready expression in an instant. Immediately leaping up into the air from the water, he materialized his Light Wind Sword into his right hand, and stabbed downwards with it.

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